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  1. Thanks all. I know slightly off topic, but does £250 sound like a good price if I'm good condition? Will have to try and find some space in the kitchen! Thanks. A
  2. Hi Just after some advice. A few months ago I purchased a used gaggia classic from 2003, cleaned it up, put on the rancilio wand, changed the group gasket etc. I've been offered a 2008 Gaggia TS for £250. Condition looks OK. Just wondering if it is a significant step up from the Classic? I usually make about 2-3 milk based coffees a day, and have a Mazzer Super jolly as my grinder. Any advice much appreciated Thanks Amit
  3. Hi @jimbojohn55 not sure if I'm too late but I would love to join the queue for the hood and lid. Hope I'm not stepping on any toes! Thanks. Amit
  4. Hi @monish It seems that the plastic gears on the motor are getting worn out, so will fail soon, and a replacement motor will be required. Seems to be a known issue, even with light use. You should contact CoffeeHit for a free replacement, or even Baratza. See this video, which seems to be the same issue you have. The guy got a free replacement motor. Thanks Amit
  5. Hi @Ilaher just sent you a pm with my details. Apologies for the delayed response everyone. Thanks. Amit
  6. Hi @M_H_S the cups arrived today. Perfect! Thank you. Amit
  7. Hi @No big name! I'm still interested. Was waiting for you to come back on postage options. Thanks. Amit
  8. Thanks NBN - let me know what you find out about the postage options. Thanks. A
  9. Thanks NBN. Is the lid for the doser missing?
  10. Ha! Assuming photos check out would you do £135 insured?
  11. So sorry to hear you've been furloughed Gaz. It's tough out there for so many people sadly. Not sure if this has already been excluded as an option; I'm interested in the grinder if there is a collection by courier option. I live in London, but would be happy to organise a courier at my cost, whether from @Greenpottereror @ShameImpala if that goes through Hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes.
  12. Hi @No big name! Do you know how much postage would be to London? Some pics would be great. Thanks. Amit
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