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  1. Finally got my despatch notification from DPD 🙌🏼
  2. Still waiting on my notification, hoping tomorrow at least! Status on Indiegogo still says 'Contribution Locked' 😭
  3. Awesome! They've made such a great place, you can be proud 🙌
  4. Just received this from eBay, looks like they were scammed, then
  5. Yeah, that's my thinking. Very clever, mind!
  6. The account had over 600+ feedback so very interesting indeed.
  7. I buy 1kg bags and would say I could get around 35/40% of the bag in my 1.2l. Which is fine tbh as I seal the rest of the bag up until my Atmos is low.
  8. Very nice, glad it came through! Definitely going to buy another one, such an essential
  9. Hahaha yes! Don't know why this has grind (pun intended) on me so much, just hate seeing people getting scammed, especially for that sort of money
  10. I messaged them out of curiosity (already got mine in the Feb drop) and asked them in quite a few messages if they were genuine and each time they just said 'brand new'... so clearly a knock-off version. Perhaps from the same factory? or from someone that worked within that factory maybe? Feel for the people that bought them, though - definitely knock-offs or part of a wider scam.
  11. Would say Niche Zero has become the new leader going by what I see on Reddit and Instagram! I've got a Specialita but just bought a NZ in the February drop.
  12. New tamper from Normcore, really pleased with it after initial use
  13. Campbell & Syme - looking forward to opening these up over the weekend
  14. Likely down to your tamping/distribution being different. Just keep practicing and working on that consistency.
  15. Absolutely worth it mate, nicest coffee glasses/cups I've owned. I'd definitely pay a bit more for them, anyway!
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