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  1. SDM

    UK Based Roasters

    Saints Coffee are a new roaster based in Northampton. They have plans to open a coffee shop but this has been delayed due to covid so they have opened as online only for now. I haven't tried them yet, will give them a go once I have used up some of the backlog in the freezer.
  2. I had this glass 02 V60 decanter which I find useful for making coffee for two. It broke after I knocked it gently with the kettle. Hard to believe that such light contact could break it, maybe it was just bad luck. Does anyone know of a plastic decanter or server that fits an 02 V60? All the ones I can find are glass but I would prefer plastic to prevent any future pre-first coffee of the day accidents.
  3. Thanks @Coffee by the Casuals, they arrived today. I'll let know how I get on with them in a few days once I've finished my current bag. I couldn't resist tucking straight in to the fudge though, delicious! Thanks for the blend tip too, I'll be sure to give it a try and let you know what I think. On a semi-related note: the courrier knocked on the door while I was in the middle of making a V60 with one of the forum's spring favourites, Pineapple Candy (I couldn't resist stocking up and freezing a couple of bags). This meant I ended up doing a super long bloom of about 3 minute
  4. @Coffee by the Casuals: just put in my first order. Been meaning to since you opened but I've been working through a backlog in the freezer. Today's discount gave me the nudge to finally put in an order. I'm looking forward to trying them. Little bit of feedback on the website for the tea and fudge pages: Fudge - I presume from the pictures that the fudge is sold in 100g packs? It doesn't say anywhere in the text and you have to zoom in quite a lot to read it from the photos if on a phone screen. Tea - There is no mention of: a) the quantity of packs (I realise you answered this
  5. A bit late to the party due to a backlog of beans but I finally tucked in to mine this morning. Been looking forward to them after reading the comments. Creamy strawberry sweetness, maybe a hint of orangey acidity and a boozey finish that I can still taste 15 minutes later. Most excellent!
  6. Have the alternate skins stopped working for everyone else? I use the brown (coffee sack?) skin. But a few days ago, everything changed to a harsh white and light grey colour scheme. Unless I'm being blind, there doesn't seem to be an option to change skins anywhere now?
  7. I haven't tried it but Crankhouse have a few interesting looking beans on at the moment. Can't justify buying any more beans right now, the freezer is already full. The beans I've had from Crankhouse before have all been good.
  8. It isn't as good as the new posts page or the old activity stream but the Posts banner on the right hand side of the homepage has a few of the latest posts.
  9. Thanks all for these. I finally finished mine today after having frozen half of them. They were less fruity than I often go for and the contrast to the more fruity/funky beans I have had on the go has been very enjoyable. I think having that contrast has allowed me to get more out of both beans.
  10. Here's a link to the video and the more in depth article I mentioned on gas flushing: https://www.sevenmiles.com.au/editori...
  11. Nitrogen flushing keeps the beans fresher for longer. There are 3 main options for packaging: 1) Just pouring the beans in to the bag. The bag contains oxygen and moisture from the air, which will oxidize the beans, causing them to stale quicker. 2) Vacuum packing. You remove the air from the bag so staling is slowed down. But inside the bag is low pressure, so the air tries to get in through any weakness in the seal or the bag which allows the beans to stale again. It is hard to make a seal that will hold a vacuum for very long. 3) Nitrogen flushing. You fill the bag with nitro
  12. I'm loving this too... Good thing, as I don't normally buy kilogram bags, being the only coffee drinker. The other bag I have open at the moment is the Black Cat LSOL. The contrast between the flavour of the two beans complement each other well. The Black Cat is much more subtle, Unkle Funka has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. I think 3 cups a day of the Unkle Funka could get a bit overwhelming.
  13. I usually go coarser for cupping with the Svart. I think about the "A" of Aeropress. My usual V60 grind is about the first "E" in Aeropress and that is definitely finer than the grind size sample.
  14. 1. MinesAbeer 2. hhgclark 3. ratty 4. Marcros 5. Rapid 6. Jollybean 7. tsouthwell 8. Zeak 9. higbert 10. ArkellvsPressdram 11. catpuccino 12.ronan08 13.earthflattener 14. Xabi17 15. EricC 16. Jackabb 17. Sdm 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.
  15. Safely redelivered this morning. Postman's surveillance skills must be failing.
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