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  1. I have a few concerns regarding Bluetooth connectivity: 1) is it actually necessary or is it a solution to a problem that doesn't exist? Everything is capable of connecting to Bluetooth these days but just because it can be done doesn't mean it should. My toothbrush can connect to Bluetooth, why??? It doesn't make my teeth any cleaner, it will have increased the purchase cost and it's an extra thing to go wrong without adding any useful functionality. I care about single dosing, minimal retention, quality of the grind, and a simple, clean workflow. I think adding connectivity just distracts development time and costs away from the grinder's main purpose. 2) the UI of the apps that go with most Bluetooth connected equipment is terrible. It would be a shame if I ended up disliking or avoiding buying an otherwise decent grinder just because a peripheral app was annoying or buggy. I know I'm not alone in wanting to avoid messing around with Bluetooth connectivity before I've had coffee or breakfast in the morning. It takes about 10 seconds to set up a recurring reminder on my phone for maintenance/cleaning etc. If I had to setup a new app to do the same task, it would be a waste of the developer's time and mine. 3) it creates a rod for the backs of manufacturer/developer. Once it has Bluetooth connectivity, you need to provide support for the lifetime of the machine if the machine is going to keep all of its functionality. There are grinders and espresso machines that are decades old and are still going strong because they are simple, reliable, and repairable. Will that be the case for many of our Bluetooth connected devices?
  2. That's what I got from it too. While I understand his position, I'm not convinced it is helpful for his goal. If he refuses to say when a bad product is bad, people will lose trust in his reviews. Just because a product is specialty does not mean it is good and a bad experience with a bad product is more likely to turn someone away from good coffee than draw them in to it. If he doesn't review something from a small company now, does that imply that he hated it but won't tell us? If he gives a positive review of something from a small company, is it because it's great, or does it mean he is only mentioning the positives while keeping the negatives to himself? When he reviews equipment, he always seems to try to be fair. He will point out the negatives in an otherwise positive review and vice versa. Some of his reviews are a bit rushed and would benefit from spending more time to reach an informed opinion but he is generally very open about what he has and has not considered, allowing the viewer to make their own judgements on the relevance of his review to them and whether the negatives will apply to their use case. If he stopped his equipment reviews, a lot of people would turn to some of the other popular channels like Whole Latte Love or Seattle Coffee Gear for reviews, which are closer to an infomercial than an impartial review. I think it is going to be business as usual for his equipment reviews, it sounds like the changes are going to be limited to drinks reviews. I took his reviews of coffee drinks more as a bit of light hearted fun than serious reviews. I'm not sure how important his opinion is on whether someone tries one of these drinks, which is likely to be an impulse purchase when at a coffee shop. It's not like an espresso machine or a grinder which is a serious investment where all the pros and cons need to be weighed up before you purchase. I probably wasn't going to purchase any of these drinks after seeing his reviews but I probably wasn't going to purchase any of them before either, I'm not their target market. I am, however, aware of a lot of them, which I wasn't prior to his videos. Even him saying he hates one of these drinks might make more people notice them in the store and possibly give them a try.
  3. Update: The Assembly Raimutin is one of my favourite beans of the year. Really sweet and boozy in a V60 and a mokka pot and goes well with milk. Reminds me of the Christmas cakes my grandad used to make (he used to start feeding them alcohol in January). I haven't ordered from Assembly before but they were on my list of roasters to try. I will definitely be ordering from them again. I'm liking the Sitio more in a V60 than I did in the cupping. It's more on the comfort end than the Raimutin, it's working well as my first drink in the morning with my breakfast.
  4. I usually make a blend by mixing them with some beans from the next bag as long as they look likely to play well together. I've made some really tasty coffees this way. The downside is that it's a one off so I never get to taste them again. I do this on the V60 which is a lot more forgiving than an espresso, where you might end up throwing away more beans. The other thing I occasionally do is do a cupping with the old beans and the new beans which can help with dialing in the new beans.
  5. I decided to go ahead with an order despite the roast dates. A few extra days got added on as my order spent a few days bouncing around various royal mail depots for some reason. I figured it would be a relatively inexpensive mistake if they turn out to be no good. Today I tried cupping Assembly's Timor Leste Raimutin natural and Craft House's Brazil Sitio Cachoeirinha natural. Both were roasted 12 weeks ago. I have another couple of bags that were slightly older again that have gone in the freezer. I think I'm going to really enjoy the Raimutin, tastes of a boozy plum jam. I was less convinced by the Sitio Cachoeirinha so far.
  6. Done. A bit of feedback: some questions, such as how do you brew your coffee, only allowed one option to be selected when it would have been helpful to be able to select multiple options. I suspect most people on here regularly brew via multiple different methods.
  7. I don't think a yes/no poll is a useful metric on the issue so I won't be voting. Partly because I don't think it asked the right question but mostly because the comments that people have posted in this thread tell you much more than yes/no could.
  8. I'm not interested in the political threads here. Political threads can be a positive if they remain civil and if people discuss topics with an open mind, allowing their positions to be challenged and being prepared to change their position when presented with compelling evidence or arguments. None of this happens in the political threads here. Opposing sides talking at each other before descending to increasingly thinly veiled insults adds nothing to the forum as far as I'm concerned. The apolitical off topic threads do add something to the forum in my opinion. My preferred solution: 1) Add a Politics subforum to the Off Topic Forum. People who enjoy the political threads can continue to do so. People who don't enjoy them don't have to see them. 2) Add the ability to include/exclude specific forums/subforums from the Activity Feeds. I don't think this exists already? Apologies if it does, I couldn't find it.
  9. SDM

    Trump or Biden?

    If you wanted to be super selective on timing, you could have got 12/1 leave and 13/1 remain separated by just a few hours on the evening of the vote!
  10. You're in for a treat. Definitely a contender for my favourite bean of the year.
  11. SDM

    BBC Tv Licence

    If it looks, swims and quacks like a duck? When ludicrous conspiracy theories with zero evidence or grounding in reality get reported, no good can come from treating them as if they have any legitimacy. Whether it should have been reported full stop is a different matter. That clip was base sensationalism and I agree it was rubbish reporting/journalism.
  12. SDM

    BBC Tv Licence

    I haven't watched a live TV program in years. I have occasionally watched BBC shows on catch-up but could happily go without this (or wait until they sell their shows to Netflix etc). 90% of the BBC's content is of no interest to me but 90% of Netflix's content isn't either and the other services have even less of interest. I do sometimes listen to 6 music/radio 4/radio 2. I continue to pay the TV licence and would consider the loss of a publicly funded broadcaster to be hugely damaging to the country. Having 2 news sources with a brief of balanced reporting is essential when most of the news people consume is thinly veiled lobbying by Murdoch/Harmsworth/Barclay/Lebedev etc or deliberate misinformation by Russian bots. The BBC and Channel 4 fail to achieve impartiality but the fact that they even attempt it is important.
  13. 1. ZBK 2. EricC 3.Mark 70 4.hhgclark 5.SDM 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  14. I suspect you are right. I used to see very few reusable cups used at Waitrose until they banned the takeaway ones.
  15. There are two separate points that the article is making and the first one has little, if anything, to do with the reusable cup discount. If they have decided that £3.00 for a drink is the price point that gives them a reasonable profit, they have assumed that the price must be £3.00 if using a takeaway cup and £2.50 if using a reusable so they are losing a lot of profit. If they made it £3.25 for takeaway and £2.75 for reusable, they have maintained their profit margin and have kept the discount. Their argument isn't that the takeaway cup discount should be removed, it is that cafes should be charging more for their coffee. This could be achieved with or without a reusable cup discount. The second point regarding the environmental damage of takeaway vs reusable cups is more interesting and is an issue in all industries. With the lack of lifecycle transparency of the different options, it is hard for the consumer to accurately judge whether the supposedly more environmental alternative is actually better for the environment or not. If the goal is to reduce the cafe's overall footprint, I suspect the most effective ways would be a big increase in the price of drinks containing cow's milk and doing anything they can to reduce the power consumed by the espresso machines throughout the day.
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