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  1. Dave double bean


    Self explanatory
  2. Sorry the rules mean I have to accept to the 320 sorry
  3. If those are the rules they are the rules , another guy was trying to work out if it would fit and clearly needed some time, nothing is underhand . If the rules state it's 320 then 320 it is
  4. Well everything is out in the open my end I've reduced the price to 340 considerable loss to me There is an offer of 320 will me paying the courier I'll take that if nothing else comes in by tomorrow
  5. Oh the DMs They were only to ask about dimensions
  6. Ok I'll take the 320 providing no one offers asking price by 8 am tomorrow, a couple of DMs have come in and they can have a chance to review
  7. Hi It's pretty much flat see pic up against a table leg
  8. @The Systemic Kid Please change your edit of this listing the price has changed
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