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  1. Loving this bean, will get more 13g in and 26g out on my trusty modified La Pavoni
  2. I use this grinder It's trial and error yes but when the most sensible thing to do is keep it simple, increase temp first than move from there
  3. Ps reason I ask is you may be buying locally and roast may be light, make sure it's a medium roast leave for 10 days after roasting then raise the temp a bit until you get a nice taste
  4. I pop 3 or 4 beans in the single dosing tune in the morning and that's it, just get some fresh in and push out some old, I don't obsess behind that Single dosing it's about 0.1g retained only every time now
  5. Left this for almost couple of weeks and it's banging ( was ok day 1 tbh )
  6. Dave double bean

    Ceado E92

    Ok thanks , think I'm just too limited in space
  7. Dave double bean

    Ceado E92

    Hi, sorry, just too deep , I only have a narrow worktop where I make coffee, just a little bit too big
  8. Dave double bean

    Ceado E92

    Ok thanks I'll have a proper look tomorrow Dave's review gives the full measurements
  9. Dave double bean

    Ceado E92

    Thanks , can you take a measurement height wise with the single doser and the hopper need to see if it will fit cheers
  10. Dave double bean

    Ceado E92

    @adamkovacs1126 Can you clarify, does this have the single dosing mods plus a hopper? Could you take pics with both ? Cheers
  11. Dunno mate I just got it to stop the kettle getting black
  12. Another sneaky kilo ordered, Fazenda this time
  13. Nah just send address mate I'll cover it stick a tenner in somewhere
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