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  1. Cheers everyone for your help and advice on this. Ended up going for the Kinu M47 Phoenix which arrived from Germany within 3days! Great service. Didn't want to go down the cheaper hand grinder route and end up upgrading within a year and also liked the idea I could take it camping etc. Bought some cheap beans to get an idea of settings as I will be using it for espresso and aergrind, let the fun begin.
  2. Mark92


    Welcome, I'm sure you will find alot of information as I have to carry on your coffee journey.
  3. Mark92

    Starter Grinder

    Should of added that I'm happy with a hand grinder if anyone I selling.
  4. Sorry I posted a reply at the same time. I will look into the grinders listed thanks.
  5. With that in mind are there any other hand grinders worth considering as realistically I am only making a few cups of coffee a day so the hand grinder route may work well for me. Also apart from the manual aspect are there many other draw backs of a hand grinder such as quality of the grind? Thanks for all the advice upto now as the comment above grinders make much more sense now especially regarding grind retention.
  6. Just read it and some very valid points unfortunatley if you want quality you have to pay for it if not understand the limitations of the equipment. I will keep and eye out and wait for a Eureka Mignon to come up thanks for your help.
  7. Great thanks for your help. I think I will save up abit and go for something around the £200 price point as after doing some research I dont want to be upgrading again to quickly. I like the look of the Eureka Mignons, are there any others worth looking out for?
  8. I'm looking for a starter grinder and have seen this listed locally on facebook. It says excellent condition rarely used £120. I was wondering if anyone could identify it for me and any advise if it's a worthwhile purchase. It will be used for espresso. Thanks in advance
  9. Mark92

    Starter Grinder

    Im looking for a starter grinder for espresso, budget upto £100 based in North Wales. Thanks
  10. I dont have a SGP but I have recently been looking into them. When they demonstrate them online if you remove the bean hopper apparently there are more adjustments? May be worth checking out some youtube videos.
  11. Hello, I'm currently subscribed to a online coffee subscription which I get pre ground espresso coffee delivered. I'm now looking at getting a espresso grinder to use alongside my delonghi espresso machine (pressurised baskets). Im happy purchase second hand or look at hand grinders as I normally only make a couple of cups a day. Any options or recommendations would be great my budget would be upto £100. This would be the first up purchase then in the next few months I'm hoping to get a second hand Gaggia Classic. Thanks in advance. Mark
  12. About a month then got round to joining!
  13. I've subscribed to blue coffee box which I really enjoy. You can completely taylor the subscription to your needs such as how often its delivered, grind type theres also no contract so you can adjust the frequency at any time. If you look around you can normally find some promo codes off your first order I got 3 packets for the price of one.
  14. Hello, I've just joined the site, this is a very good guide.
  15. Hello Everyone, Just joined the forum but have to say I have been a lurker, hoping to learn and improve my coffee making. I currently have a Delonghi EC271.b which I got for £20 off Ebay 2 years ago, it certainly isnt the best machine but has served me well along with a Delonghi KG79 which unfortunately did'nt last long. I am also subscribed to Blue coffee box which I really enjoy. Cheers
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