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  1. Hi everyone, Sorry on delay. So I have been using the JE Plus for 5 days now, and without doubt it is a great hand grinder. I've got some photos to go along with my experience of the grinder. Grinding action is smooth, I have only noticed a few turns where there was a bit of jarring. It takes me around 50 seconds to grind 17g, I think it could be quicker if I put some more effort into it. Grind consistency is great and even changing 2 clicks either way you can taste the difference in the shot. The ability to make very fine changes make it very forgiving when dialing in and saves a lot of time. My early issue of retention has no disappeared, it was just a case of static and the chaff as @MWJB suggested. I weigh 17g of beans and get out 17g of grind consistently. I am using the bottomless attachment in place of the standard as it makes transfer to the basket so much quicker and tidier. The magnetic locking between the burr chamber and the grind collector is great too. I initially thought this a bit of a gimmick, but it again makes transferring so easy and quick. In my opinion the grinder is great quality with consistent grind results. It is on the pricey side but is a massive improvement to what I had previously. I am sure I will keep it for some time.
  2. Yes had to pay £38. To be honest the retention might be more my error in not turning the handle enough to clear the burr. Will update in full tomorrow.
  3. So just got my 1zpresso JE Plus. I’ll put some photos up and a more detailed review in the coming days. First impressions. So far I’m impressed, grind looks good and espresso is far superior. One niggle is a large amount of retention in the burr. 1. Seems great quality, good weight and materials feel like quality. 2. Assembly and disassembly is simple enough once you do it the first time. looks to be easy enough to clean. 3. In the pack you get a bottomless bottom parts to allow you to grind direct into your baskets. Cleaning brush and blower as well. 4. First grind of 17g took around 40 seconds. Which was smooth and had no grinder jarring. This was effortless and twice the speed of my previous Rhinoware hand grinder. It took a while to set the adjustment as you do this counterclockwise, and you have to do a number of revolutions of the adjustment dial to get to begin grinding. My first grind was good enough for an espresso and has already transformed the taste and the look of the espresso. The Extraction now takes a lot longer to begin blonding compared to previous grinder. 5. Seems to retain a bit of coffee grind, which leads to falling grinds all over the kitchen. Hopefully the retention will be greatly reduced once it has been worn in a bit. will update later in the week.
  4. Not that I’m aware of. On the invoice it states “No tax” added.
  5. Ahh that’s good. I see it on 1zpresso’s website.
  6. Couldn’t get the JX Pro had to get the more expensive JE Plus. Has the same adjustment fineness and burr as pro, just has some additional coating, which they have marketed as specialised for espressos. So hopefully it’s the same quality.
  7. @Jony just ordered direct from 1zpresso. Will give a summary once I’ve used it a few times. Looking forward to getting it now.
  8. Thanks @terio from your recommendation and @DavecUK review I’m going to get a JX pro. I’ll get an electric, but also have the hand grinder.
  9. Thanks @Gubbo89 if you do not sell it let me know.
  10. Very true 🤦🏼‍♂️ Would you recommend one of the hand grinders over the SGP?
  11. Did you have any issues with the SGP for espresso? Im now torn between second hand SGP/Eureka and Aergrind/JX Pro. Only thing that makes me think twice about hand grinder is I have my morning espresso very early 5am before work usually and not sure I can deal with dialling in beans with a hand grinder at that time of the morning.
  12. I think I’ll go for one of the hand grinders, as space is a little limited and I usually only have 1 cup in the week (when not on lockdown) and about 3 a day on the weekend. The Niche has been recommended to me several times now, and will probably be the next upgrade, along with a good dual boiler. Oh yeah and probably best to get a bigger kitchen first.
  13. @Gubbo89 what’s your experience of the sage grinder pro? Gaggia Classic nice machine. I had to settle for a sage. But that will be “learning espresso” machine and then I’ll look at a nice dual boiler, like a lelit or similar. Im similar to you in my coffee volumes. So not sure if a electric would be over kill. But as mentioned above, the dialling in of the grind becomes a bit long winded and a pain with hand grinder. I have a rhinoware and it’s a real pain and inaccurate. Takes over a minute for double shot, and if that isn’t right, I have to do it again.
  14. I’ll be doing as the Romans do haha, having a couple of flat whites in the morning and a neat double espresso in the afternoon. Thank you for the tips, my current scales aren’t precise enough. So ordered so replacements.
  15. Thanks @grumble I’ve seen some of yours and others earlier comments on the feld will take a look. I’ve seen a few moans about the lidos being a bit cumbersome.
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