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  1. ^ gather thats a bad idea
  2. @dfk41 it was only a few days use, but it was a seasoned grinder. Wether i a dud im not sure?..
  3. @SuffolkDoug Couple of vids for you Bear in mind, my machines in an echo chamber and camera mics can exaggerate noise
  4. What fitting bigger burrs? Thw motor wont have the torque to turn/grind bigger burrs with beans
  5. Im being really fussy sound wise, its just like any vibe pump, its me more than the machie, warm up wise silent bar a tiny bit of heating noise, but that you need to put an ear to. The pump will run for a second or so if a boiler needs filling. The family coming round was what swayed me to the minima, massive boilers.
  6. Bought this brand new around april Would imagine its had about 2kg through it. Not sure i still have the box actually Whats it worth
  7. Bought these a while back and not really been doing much in the way of pour over They dont have the rubber mat and show signs of use but do have the box etc
  8. @Ando id love s decent but they keep going up in price the more he refines his design 😂😂
  9. @dfk41 it was 12 months old, so well seasoned Like i say im not having a dig, im allowed to not like something you know, we can have a difference of opinion. Im very sound sensitive, and the mazzer is not very invasive, that and it grinds 18g in like 8 seconds single dosed. I totally get the arguments regarding size etc. The mazzer is a beast but then most grinders with 60mm plus flats are going to be 😂😂😂
  10. @Mrboots2u the irony is ive ordered from them twice these are actually the third different cups ive had, The genware are cheaper then the Churchill and better quality 😂 These are what we have now
  11. @Mrboots2u seems to be the case with quite a few cup sellers sadly, nisbits are the same. Ideally i wanted 3 espresso, 4 latte and 4 cappuccino
  12. Ive never knocked the grinder, far better coffee people than me sing its praises, When i bought my niche, after using is a few days i wasnt overly impressed with the grinds it produced, alot of chaf, even with the nfc disk, i also got two beans stuck under said disk. I so wanted to love the niche as i bought into all the hype aswell. You righly point out it has or had, still may have the market cornered, i dont think many are out to ruin the guys living, more trying to just state theres other grinders about for the same money. Not everyone wants single dosing,
  13. Second time this one hasnt sold As i was tempted to buy it
  14. I understand everyone loves the niche and we cant say a word against them, or we will be condemned to hell..for me there the iphone of the coffee world. All in my opinion of course
  15. I think the two go hand in hand, theres alot of polished vid on YouTube/Instagram Most of it is just regurgitated, its just a platform. They make money from it, ive seen exactly the same in the aquarium and reef trade.
  16. So i decided to replace the rocket blower with something a bit better looking.
  17. Every man and his dog on Instagram.
  18. Hi, Ive found it really good I dont always use the steam either. I was told best way to run it was only use steam when needed anyway, so my kasa timer plug turns the machine on half hour before we get up, then should i need steam then i flick it on, tskes 5 mins if that to get up to temp. I just run some water out once a week, but tbh as i make my own water, it cant physically scale 🤣🤣 For its price imo theres nothing to touch it.
  19. Agree the niche is marketed fabulously, its with every major influencer on line
  20. If you're budget conscious then look at the mignon facile/manule Very good grinders for the 240 they cost.
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