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  1. Its the perception of taste - ie lever shot (thick)vs the turbo shot (pi$$) total different mouth feel
  2. i thought it was to do with watering down espresso as americans didnt like the taste?
  3. I always thought it was the way you add the water Americano is water to espresso Long black espresso to water. Usually more water added than americano too
  4. Try dropping the steam pressure I have mine set at 1.5 bar and with the 4 hole tip its still more than enough to do two full milk drinks worth
  5. What temp is the steam boiler set to?
  6. yeah they do a waffle too, but it must wash the peaks away first and it just makes such a mess of the screen, it cant be good for the bianca
  7. Got this last week The wavey tamper base for the force tamper, imo total gimmick. All it does is make the shower screen a hell of alot more messy, needlessly to say i went back to flat
  8. Love those style wands, if i were buying thats the style id go for Nice setup there 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  9. This the Pears. peaches and pineapples? very temped myself
  10. Yeah, tp link. Been very good.
  11. I use the kasa smart plugs. Really good
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Compak-PK-100-multipurpose-commercial-espresso-coffee-grinder-/194273413200?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 I know this will take £1400 as they sent me a best offer. Its a £3k grinder
  13. But personally if i had your budget id be looking at a lagom grinder. Yes its single dose but presicion.
  14. Mazzer make some top notch grinders in your budget. Theres the new mahlkonig home grinder. Ceado etc With all hopper fed though you will need to purge some grinds
  15. Im only going off the force tamper vids about pressure. I find its a good consistent way to tamp. The decent tamper i had first wasnt as good as you would get grinds left loose in the basket
  16. Its a force tsmper 58.5mm. got it from hit coffee in france but bella barista have just started to stock them Tsmp pressure john at decent said anything over 15lbs didnt really make a difference 🤷
  17. Not a cheap bean to be losing then, Id sugget getting a kilo of cheaper stuff like choc point from black cat just while your messing with the machine. Fwiw i struggled with redbrick also, in the past
  18. Can i ask what beans your using? And how fresh they are? How they are stored
  19. Any will do. Just get strong rubber coated. Rectangular ones would be even better.
  20. The tamper is adjustable, from stock they arrive set to about 15lbs but i turned mine down to around 12 for use with my londinium. Pf wise - i dont store the pf in the group. It pokes out to far so i have a pf holder on the wall, this pf was in for about 3mins before the shot so wasnt wet. Second pf is for the mrs who has a sweetner in hers so the shot imo doesn't have to be bang on 🤣😁
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