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  1. id guess about 22-2500 or more
  2. @dfk41 i never said they were better, i stated they were better than the ones that came with my used machine.. ones for the generic group. Like i say i went silicone for longevity, As for the white knight not really mines an 8 yr old machine, hardly a new model. Sadly we cant all afford to chuck crazy money at machines some of us just make do🤣
  3. Even £40 for the seals on my machine which was £1300 used isnt a lot, really in the grand scheme. Although i agree the shipping is crap, The non gen seals that came with mine were no good. These cafelet have been fine since. I like the fact that most if not all parts are available and listed, and accessible. Which is more than can be said for a lot of machines. You just dont like the owner 🤣
  4. £30 worth of seals on a £3k machine, my heart bleeds 🤣 You can buy the cafelet silicone seal kit, same price, Or you can buy copy seals for less but there crap quality.
  5. @dfk41 which bits are expensive?? I thought most of the readily available spares are really well priced.
  6. Yeah coffeehit on ebay it was like £9
  7. Hi, 58.5mm fits perfectly. Better than the lid as it stops popcorning
  8. cracking grinder. im tempted to put a small hopper on mine as im not moving from bean to bean atm
  9. the the option with water is potassium bicarbonate Dr. Pavlis made a recipie that will never scale used with rodi water(zero water)
  10. Ive used ups via interparcel. You pay for it but they cover the full value, and payout as ive had 2 things broken
  11. @Rob1 it still had all the original packaging
  12. Yeah going well now ive learnt how to use it. Its a 4 hole tip, ive tamed it now
  13. @Jony street below🤣🤣
  14. Well today we said goodbye to our house, been there 15yrs, two children later, we needed a bigger house. So new coffee corner.
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