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  1. not tried it tbh, but from dialing in, it should be ok for a v60
  2. tbh the timers kinda pointless, as if its a hopper full of beans, as they get lighter, and age the grind goes off so it wont be 100% accurate
  3. specilita for the small price difference there 55mm vs 50mm burrs
  4. see, my manule never clumped for me, its not worth the change, maybe as yours is older then perhaps look at this https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/eureka-mignon-facile-matt-black.html £275 vs the £345 of the specilita one thing that hit me with the zenith was the purging, daily purge of atleast 4g, adds up quickly
  5. 5mm, personally nope dont bother i sold my manuale to get a zenith 65e, then sold that due to size and bought a specilita as no stock of the manule - id personally save the £100
  6. in the v60 i was toward the ss of aeropress with the clever brewer im at the er of aeropress
  7. and theres a handling fee too from the freight company
  8. So does the machine have some form of ozone generator in it to drop the orp of the water?
  9. Hi everyone, In the near distance future, should the mortgage ever go through!! We will be moving house and i fancy treating myself to a new machine, But how do i value my machine. Its a la macatec elba a rebrand of the 969 coffee from the use, its a e61 hx machine. Heat-Exchange Boiler Brewing and steaming are handled by a 1.5 liter copper heat exchange boiler. At 1500 watts https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/969-coffee-elba-3-espresso-machine#product-details I got the machine and fully serviced it, new silicone group seal, all new seals inside the group
  10. ive used my special bronze powers to ignore this thread, does it only show if im tagged @DavecUK
  11. doubt you'll find any deals on them as there getting out of stock due to numerous lockdowns, but give it a month and ill prob sell mine then buy another......
  12. the migons will dose perfectly fine, but ideally they are hopper fed, if you want single dose, then the niche really is the only one made for the job around £500
  13. First try of square mile redbrick this morning, fisrt shot went to shit lol second much better.
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