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  1. I have the mignon manule and its fine,. Would be a faf going from one to the other, but then i also have a wilfa svart, you could get one of those for 60 to 80 used.
  2. 400 is fine for what you need, will want a decent key for the primer/paints to stick
  3. Cuprajake

    Espresso Grinder

    @Black Cat Coffee sort this man a mignon asap
  4. But you could get this lol
  5. No you cant with the sage.
  6. Stick to double n split the shot. Singles are arguably harder to pull
  7. Try them as americano, someone's bright taste is another person's sour
  8. Why buy twice though, a sage is 340 new and will sell for 200 used
  9. dunno the vid @Northern_Monkey posted looked like a ball ache, or he has girly arms hehehehe
  10. a la pavoni your pulling the shot by had, and by the looks you need some force to do so, if the mrs is making brews too then that would be a massive no from me
  11. try pulling a 40s shot, see what happens, 9 times out of 10 were all under extracting without knowing it
  12. or go insane trying to use it, like i did i nearly smashed mine up with a hammer haha
  13. go for the lelit elizabeth, yes its a grand but buy once and be done. then buys a mignon grinder £300 or a niche £500 and your set for life
  14. I found pulling a tad longer helped too So 17g in 40g out around 35 to 40 sec
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