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  1. Please don't add any unnecessary electronics, lights, bluetooth etc... as I feel is the case with the Wilfa Uniform. I'd rather have something more 'basic' with high quality components that will last a lifetime, and that is easy to take apart to clean and reassemble . The more accessories it has, the higher the chance something will break and while it might possible to get it repaired at the moment, you never know where the world is at in 10 years time. I guess that is why I still prefer manual window cranks in my car...
  2. Traditionally they are pounded with a pestle and mortar(I think to Turkish grind), then boiled for a few minutes, set to rest so the grounds can settle and then poured in the serving vessel I believe to which all sort of spices can be added (e.g. saffron, clove, ginger, cardamom). Some of the spices you can also just boil with the coffee, depends on your preference. I do believe some people add date pits as well.
  3. I have tried the Yemeni coffee from Clifton and highly recommend it, I have tried several different Yemeni coffees over the years and have developed a high affinity for them. The prices are steep but for me worth it for special occasions. For me, it is not only about the taste but also about the history of coffee. My wife has Yemeni ancestry and I am very interested in their culture as well. So if you just want a good tasting coffee, it might not be worth it but if you want to sip a cup of coffee while reminiscing about history this is definitely a coffee for you as there is nothing like it. Interestingly, Yemeni coffees are always roasted quite dark by third wave roasters but Arabs for the Arab peninsula roast their coffee extremely light, not even until the first crack.
  4. Hi everyone, While I have been lurking for a while, I feel it is only appropriate to quickly introduce myself. Originally from Belgium, but currently living in Edinburgh. I was shocked to find out coffeehouses here stay open till 8-9 in the evening, where as in Belgium everything closes at 5. Mainly been drinking aeropress coffee and the occasional kalita wave pour-over with the preference for African beans. Lately I have been drinking a lot of 20min steep clever dripper brews with South-American coffees. Thanks to coffeechap on the forum, I have also recently acquired a La Pavoni professional but have not been able to get consistent shots yet. Just ordered some bags of coffee from our sponsor 'black cat coffee' and really loving them so far! Arabidopsis
  5. Really looking forward giving these coffees a try! Insanely fast service, ordered yesterday and arrived this very morning. Now which one should I try first...
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