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  1. I generally find most roasters just kind of say: 30s, 1:2. It's not very informative imho as I feel this is the general starting point for most coffees that people will use. I much prefer a slightly more personalised message(which highlights any quirks) as in e.g. This coffee really shines in a long 1:3 and don't feel afraid to pull a little hotter/colder, Grind a little bit finer than usual for this one.... . Most coffees will be fine at 30s 1:2, but some might taste delicious with a more unusual variables.
  2. Got mine Saturday and had the first pour over today with my Kalita Wave. Once cooled down, it tastes like tropical fruit, caramel and a red berry/pomegranate acidity. Very tasty as a pourover, curious how it will behave as an espresso next week. Thanks for the great offer!
  3. While I would highly recommend 'Chocolate point' from Blackcat coffee, I just recently opened a bag of 'First Light' from another forum sponsor @Crownandcanvasand it has blown me away. To me it tastes like melted dark chocolate, very thick and rich. Both are really great coffees, so might be worth giving both of them a go and see which one hits the spot. I believe both are a blend of mainly Brazilian coffee with some Colombian, but the Chocolate Point has some additional Robusta to give it more of a classic Italian flavour. I for sure love both!
  4. Arabidopsis

    Crown & Canvas

    Only great things to say about him! He has gone out of his way to provide me with excellent coffee on time during the holidays and they are delicious. They might not be for people who like ultra light Scandinavian style roasts but I greatly enjoy the perhaps slightly more developed style of roasting (without being over roasty). Of course, roast levels are a bit subjective so take what I say with a grain of salt. Great coffees, affordable pricing, excellent customer service.... you cannot ask for more honestly! Black Cat coffee and Crown&Canvas are definitely become the bread & butte
  5. Shout out to our forum sponsor @Crownandcanvas helping me out to get me some coffee as soon as possible after New Year as I was out of beans. I told him I like my coffee well rested (10-14 days), so he was so kind to go out of his way and provide 2 bags of +- 10-14 days while the other 2 are freshly roasted. This gives me ample time to finish those 2 bags straight away while the others get some well deserved rest. Just outstanding customer service, cannot ask for more.
  6. When I was cupping this coffee, I got a lot more acidity (although more red fruit like) than I did using my kalita wave in which the nutty (I got toasted almond, hazelnut might fit the bill as well) caramel/brown sugar taste really shines. Everyone has a different reference taste panel. It is interesting to see how preconception might influence what you taste. I wonder how biased we were knowing the first person posted 'low acidity, probably indian or indonesian'. A lot of people did seem to agree on the chocolate and red fruits. Thanks again @Crownandcanvas for organizing this, real
  7. Been drinking these beans for a few days in the Kalita wave now. Behaves quite different than on the cupping table. To me it tasted a bit like one of my favorite childhood pastries: ‘a mokka crème au beurre pastry with toasted almond’. This tastes like the liquid version. It got a lot sweeter(caramel) and this toasty almond taste crept up together with a buttery ‘mokka’ taste. Delicious! Very confused what it is now.... excited to find out.
  8. Today I ran into the neighbour, she told me she found a package the other day about 30m from our place down some staircases which was completely soaked by the rain and ripped open. She saw it had our address on it so dropped it in.... already the second time this happened. Was home all day, not sure what I ever did wrong to the postman... Anyway.... ripped open the bag and set up a small coffee tasting with some leftover coffees (Kenyan and Indian). I get red fruits, dark chocolate and something I cannot put my finger on, a slightly funky vanilla-ish background and thick body. Looking at wh
  9. I wonder if the postman here decided to brew it up himself! No sign of life yet, which is unusual... now I am resorting to tea to not go into caffeine withdrawal. On the upside, the coffees will be ready to go for some delicious chocolatey espresso!
  10. Was hoping that it would have arrived by today, hopefully tomorrow morning will be the lucky day! Really looking forward to it and thanks again for organising this. Please do recommend whether it is most suitable for filter or espresso.
  11. A fellow student here in the institute is from the Philipines. He had talked about Liberica coffee and the marketing issues it faces. I’ll ask him if he knows any online sources. I also know that is grown, although very limited, in Zanzibar although I haven’t seen it and the quality is probably questionable as the island is basically a coral reef.
  12. Sent a message to forum sponsor and member ‘black cat coffee’. He will help you out with some good beans! Fair price and excellent quality. For espresso, I highly recommend the chocolate point.
  13. Ordered! Very curious to see if I can have any clue of which origin it is, this will be my first 'mystery' coffee ever.
  14. I would want to recommend our forums Black Cat Coffee's Chocolate point, really enjoyed that one with my La Pavoni. Probably my favourite espresso so far!
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