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  1. Ok, found some answers: Which for me makes the Royal a non-starter and the Major a maybe...
  2. Behmor HQ tech are pretty responsive, but getting 240V bits requires ordering from (Andy Freeman [email protected]) coffeesnobs in Australia! Not that I've had to get more than a replacement exhaust gas burner (like a toaster element that sits in the ceiling of the roast chamber) in 10 years. Is your woofer an Airedale perchance?
  3. I notice that this presumably earlier Royal states '15 min MAX' whereas your other, newer one states '35s ON/60s OFF'. Was there a change in kit or just a fire at some point?? On a more practical note, do you happen to know the dimensions of this and those of the Major?
  4. According to [email protected], the 220/240V Behmor is in Centigrade. Not possible to switch between temperature units.
  5. I've been using a 1600 for about a decade now, usually 2 consecutive, different 150g single origin roasts per fortnight and really enjoy it. I like the built in manual controls to change heat settings on the fly as the roast progresses, though the built in profiles are a good start. I see the new one has an audible warning which would have saved a few roasts from getting terminated too soon, invariably along with a few profanities. Before the Behmor I roasted in the oven, in a pan on the stove, in a tin can over charcoal with a friend who worked out in Ethiopia and came back with all
  6. Even saw the video for a £3.5k Ceado E37Z (that's supposedly designed as a zero retention beast) recommending using a spritz bottle to wet the beans! 3' in... https://youtu.be/nhtxX_ozWfw Good luck with M!
  7. I wonder if the plastic walls of the standard dosing chamber help to mitigate static? Have you tried stirring a touch of water into your pre-ground beans? Worked for me on a Mazzer Mini.
  8. Interesting project. Do you use this for grinding quantities at a time rather than single dosing? I'm surprised you are getting grounds escaping upwards. I often grind a single dose with the lid off so I can blow the last of the grinds out and don't seem to get escapees. Do you think the new funnel is adding static somehow? Have shown the standard doser for comparison.
  9. Hi there, did you find replacment parts in the end? I have just bought an old mini vivaldi 1 with rather worn connector which has got ptfe tape wound around it to bulk it up slightly. I've lubricated that slightly and also removed, descaled and refitted the female valve from the tank. All ok so far, but I would like to replace those parts if possible... Jules
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