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  1. @Kilburn_kidMore than likely the pump/opv starting to go... London tap water? Not too difficult for a reasonably technically minded person to replace, but the OPV in particular is a bit of a wait to order from Australia
  2. All arrived setup and functioning - thanks so much all and @caipiao for organising this round!
  3. If it's coming from the ball joint, it's a common issue with DBs and relatively easily fixed - however yes if it is under warranty then perhaps get it sorted by them first! How did it pan out?
  4. What grinder are you using? And are the following consecutive shots all around 45 secs? If they are then it's probably retained grounds from the grinder rather than the DB - the DB is quite consistent in terms of water pressure and flow, even if something is wrong with the internals, I can't think of much that would make it behave in the way you are describing aside from possibly the flow meter or OPV having loose scale or debris (but unlikely to be that consistently inconsistent) - the Oracle is different in that you have the built-in grinder and tamping mechanism to contend with...
  5. Can be a little tricky, the smallest dose I managed to get out of it was about 19.5 g into a 18g basket - I now realise I think that's how Sage manage to get decent coffee (and crema) by slightly overdosing consistently - not a problem but just an FYI... the other thing I ended up doing just to get less caffeine per cup was change to a 15g basket.
  6. Just a quick one to say beans don't generally store very well in the hopper over any length of time, so unless you are making a lot of coffee you might be better off just filling to 300g 3 times rather than putting all your beans in at once, even if you could. The top of the Oracle gets quite hot (due to the cup warmer hot element) and that can't be good for the beans, not to mention oxidisation, as the hopper, whilst it is kind of sealed, isn't really air tight (definitely doesn't have any kind of breathing valve on it)...
  7. Hi there So adding my name to the list! Thanks! 1. caipiao 2. Kannan 3. 4. 5. 6. Please do not add your name to the list unless you are able to pay as soon as you receive the invoice, as it could hold up getting the Osmio being sent to the other buyers.
  8. DBs aren't, in my experience any more or less reliable than any other consumer grade machines, the attitude of Sage UK with regards to parts availability in the UK is questionable and I also think that hard water/scale and relatively novice users putting tap water in exacerbate problems with Sage machines generally... In other words I suspect they probably aren't as well looked after as their more enthusiast purchased counterparts. They do consist of more plastic parts than say a Gaggia but these don't tend to break or fail that often. And that definitely isn't normal btw! For sure talk t
  9. Sage Oracle for sale OK so after lots of deliberation, I’ve decided to put my Sage Oracle up for sale. I was originally going to give it to my daughter for Uni but that’s kind of on ice now, so I figured by the time it’s next academic year (2021 probably now) it will have sat around unused for many months. So in the meantime perhaps someone out there really wants to make some half-decent coffee for themselves! Background if anyone wants to know: — (Warning, boredom alert) Personally I loved my original Oracle for many years (prior to this one), it was a replacement f
  10. If it still works fine that’s fair enough... 28 bucks for postage!!! Wow! Ok
  11. $20AUD delivered in 2 weeks or 2 months wait to use my coffee machine with a warranty part... hmmm ... Surely it's worth it even if you then have a spare?
  12. It will take about 2 weeks to arrive but this is probably still quicker than from Sage UK... http://outwestcoffee.com.au/index.php/product/breville-bes-900-series-inner-shower-screen/ Surprised they went so quickly, my original Oracle's didn't go after 5 years' regular daily usage...
  13. I think it’s unlikely the burrs have worn in that period unless you are running a coffee shop! More likely they’ve seasoned and therefore create less fines (speculating here)... you’ll probably find it settles from here on...
  14. Wow! Actually if I had seen that, I’d have just replaced the motor before (selling it or) anything else...
  15. Yeah that was my grinder and fortunately it wasn’t a troubled one - agreed, a decent (if a little loud) grinder, aesthetically pleasing and really accurate and convenient weighing if that’s something you needed...
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