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  1. I do. The distribution tool does definitely tamp slightly due to the depth and weight of the thing, but I still tamp to compact further. There’s just less force needed to get to the point of resistance I’m used to if that makes sense?
  2. I have the DTP and I use between 17-18g depending on the bean. Can vouch for the Chinese distribution tool also. Haven’t had the motta to compare but it’s been great for me at the lowest setting.
  3. Welcome from a fellow Manc👍🏻 you sound well versed and setup as a newcomer! Similar to myself equipment wise with the addition of a sage DTP and Aergrind... been looking at grinders myself lately. There’s loads of info on here to help you with that.
  4. Ordered one of these off the back of this thread at end end of May... delivery expected mid July but it arrived today! Very impressed with the quality and seemed to work perfectly at the lowest setting. Thanks for the suggestion @CocoLoco
  5. From what I’ve read it seems that the commandante isn’t the best for espresso. Others who own will advise on this I’m sure!
  6. When I first started with espresso, I couldn’t get the light roasts right at all and it put me off for a while... but since I loved the bright fruitiness that you get from a v60, I’ve been back and thoroughly enjoyed light fruity beans with milk - or espresso. I think this has come from my skill improving and figuring out what notes/profiles I enjoy. Blueberry was one of the first and still one of my favourite flavours. Cartwheel’s Misspent Youth is a great blend that worked well for me no matter the method - I’d certainly recommend that (as have others on here)
  7. Looking like a great (and costly) thread to follow. Just ordered some fruity numbers from Neighbourhood but might have to place another order elsewhere for a funky pineapple batch
  8. djam

    Water Filter

    So you guys advise against a descale? Have the DTP for a month and wondered if it should be something I do quarterly. Water is soft here and so I've either used brita filtered water (which then went through the sage filter) or Volvic.
  9. You guys finding that this makes much difference / improvement? Feel like I'm getting a fairly even distribution by using a dosing funnel to shake the grinds about gently before using WDT.
  10. For my DTP I've been turning on at least 10 mins before I intend to use with the portafilter in place. If it's been longer and the machine goes in to standby, I just press the Steam/Hot Water button to wake-up. 2 x double shots to warm up further, with the second staying in the cup until ready. Even if I'm not adding milk I run the steam wand for around 20 secs also.... not water efficient at all 😆
  11. I do now... but you don't know if you don't ask. Appreciate that @JK10 I'd be happy to pay the £25
  12. Hi @JK10 I'm interested! Would you accept £20?
  13. I know right.. the detail really is quite something! And sorry yes, 352g in. I do like this recipe for 1 cup and tend to go for James Hoffman's 30g brew (which is on youtube) if I'm making for 2
  14. I enjoy this recipe for 1 cup... quite a large cup albeit! - https://coffeeadastra.com/2018/11/30/brewing-better-coffee/ To summarise: - 22g - 352g out (1:16 ratio)
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