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  1. Ah yes that makes sense. Have found this image below, think I will give that a try. Thanks for your help. https://amp.reddit.com/branch-redirect?creative=HeroImage&experiment=amp_link_post_to_app&path=%2Fr%2Fespresso%2Fcomments%2Fegxgks%2Fmy_solution_for_preheating_my_breville_from_bed_d%2F&variant=treatment
  2. This is interesting, I'd not come across these before. A little expensive to integrate with Google Home/Alexa etc as from what I can make out, it needs the hub (£40) and switch (£25). I take it from this, that a simple smart plug by itself doesn't work?
  3. Hi there, Quick question for anyone with a Sage Barista Express, will it function with a smart plug? I'm wondering whether I'll be able to set it to switch on and warm up at a certain time so it's ready to go when I come downstairs for work. You can test if it will work by switching the machine on, then turning the plug off at the wall. When you turn it back on at the wall, if it starts up then this means it'll work with a smart plug. Apologies if this is something that has been asked/discussed before but I did have a look and couldn't find it. Thanks in advance for any answers.
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