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  1. Daugaard

    Mara X

    Wow! Well I guess it's less water than you would have used for a cooling flush on other HX machines but still...
  2. Daugaard

    Mara X

    Good point! I must play the waiting game then. Or maybe just settle and pick up the Profitec 300 if this lockdown ends up blocking Italian export for a long time
  3. Daugaard

    Mara X

    I'm living in Denmark (but the UK coffee forums are so much better than ours). So a Profitec 300 is around 1170 GBP locally https://www.kontracoffee.com/profitec-pro-300 and a MaraX can be ordered from Sweden (in stock now apparently) for 1100 GBP https://www.kaffecompagniet.se/103353
  4. Daugaard

    Mara X

    Hi all, Newbie here who's been eying the MaraX for some time as a replacement for my old overheating La Pavoni Stradivari. How would you compare this to a similar prices machine such as Profitec Pro 300? What would be the key selling points of the MaraX? It seems like you can get a similar sized dual boiler with great build quality for the same price.
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