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  1. johnb80


    I had this problem, use the double wall basket for pre ground coffee and the difference was amazing, loads of pressure, everything working as it it should and the taste mmmmmm!
  2. My fresh beans from Rave were due to arrive today but as yet theyre not here. Just made another cup with Costa beans and it all worked really well. J
  3. OMG, Wow, I cant believe the difference. Yesterday I was somewhat disappointed with the £400+ coffee machine. After following the advice on this thread and using the double wall basket instead of the single wall one the difference is incredible. The pressure was up at the 12 oclock position, the coffee really creamy going into the cup. I also watched this video and learned a lot, the milk aspect especially so Thank you all for the advice and help Ive been given in such a short time, hopefully, one day, I can help others too. J
  4. I've read this thread with interest, I have the same machine, delivered yesterday with the exact same issues. Im going to try all of the solutions suggested, thank you all!
  5. Thank you everyone, I've placed an order for 3 different beans from Rave. Looking forward to learning to use my machine and the coffee. Thank you all J
  6. Understood and it's this sort of advice I was seeking, I thank you all. Costa was my example, thats what I like but I'm sure there will be others. I'm going explore all the ones suggested and see where my journey takes me. J
  7. I'll give it a try thank you. So much to learn about the beans, the machine and the technique. J
  8. Hehe, I had a similar advice given when we asked about the best way to cook river fish when on holiday. J
  9. LOL, I know Im maybe a lightweight in the coffee world, I do enjoy Costa though, usually when I'm on a journey, it's good to keep me awake. J
  10. I understood Costa no longer sell their beans. Regards - J
  11. I'm a newbie here so please be gentle with me. Im about to retire and have bought myself a Sage Barista Express following reading a few reviews. I like the taste of COSTA Latte's and thats my aim, can anyone recommend suitable beans to get close to this flavour? Many thanks in anticipation, any advice greatly appreciated. J
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