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  1. holybean

    Mara X

    newbie here. based on advice here and elsewhere i upgraded my grinder from a rocky to a ceado e5p. I also added a pid to my silvia. espresso quality improved dramatically.
  2. holybean

    Mara X

    Okay, I can only read and watch @DavecUK's brilliant review so many times. I'm in the U.S. awaiting shipping on a MaraX and am looking for experiences to feed my fantasies about the machine. For those of you who are putting it through its paces, how do you like it? What do you like? What don't you like? Etc. Thanks.
  3. holybean

    Mara X

    any idea if rancilio silvia naked pf would fit this machine? if not, which pf might you recommend? thanks.
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