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  1. I've done all manner of searches and found a few like that yep, some in hungarian too no blue ones though. I have a vague memory that when I first got it I found an identical one online but that appears to be gone
  2. Just a note to say thanks all for replying so usefully to a newbie, really nice to find a load of people who are just interested and helpful
  3. Model is "GC 2000" Which is annoying as it could be Gaggia Coffee, Classic, Cubika ? I've only found very few pics of the same layout online and they're all chrome - I've never seen another blue one anywhere. Maybe I need to sell to the (imaginary) Gaggia Museum?
  4. Thanks again, I cannot get the dispersion to shift so I think it's the 'long m5' trick I read about at some point! I had it serviced a few years back and they said it needed a new boiler so they may have stuck a classic one in rather than the right one. I wish I had seen the old one now. yeah I agree about the OPV T thing, it was the only option as that was the only bit that had a pipe where any overpressure could run off. I suspect I'll be leaving all that alone and just trying to improve technique and fixing any obvious/easy bits for now. Sometimes when I turn it on it sits there quiet and gets hot, others it chunters and drips water and makes funny noises. It's a slightly tempremental old thing. I would be interested to understand that bit
  5. Further looking it seems the tube that goes back into the reservoir on mine doesn't come out of the over pressure valve right by boiler as on most of the vids, there's a T junction metal bit above the pump which does that. Interesting. Wonders of being stuck inside and ever fussier about coffee https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Gaggia-Classic-Brass-Shower-Block-Conversion-Kit/m-5018.aspx think i'll get on with that before i start worrying about whether my pressure is right.
  6. Thanks allikat I thought i'd replied but mustn't have clicked 'post' or timed out or something. If I do think of letting it go I will let you know. I thought the brass coloured bit on mine looked too small compared to the vids and pics i have seen online. I'll investigate further. I stuck a pic up there does that look right to you? I was messing around earlier and I think i have located source of spraying with bottomless portafilter - theres a bit of a jet coming out I hadn't noticed when I run the machine without the portafilter on. The longer it runs the worse the spraying gets so i guess it's sorta channelling. I think perhaps a new shower screen, gasket and a brass disperser thingy might be in order and try again. I think this is going to get expensive and time consuming
  7. Thanks Dave! i think it will end up being given to someone with nothing or put away in a loft somewhere 😕
  8. Yeah I was thinking of an upgrade for quite a while, more sentimental value than anything now It was bought 2nd hand for my 30th so that's quite a while back now! It'd clearly not been used for ages either. I should have said it has ' GC 2000' on the bottom
  9. Hi all, I was bought this machine quite some years ago now by my parents (nearly 10 years i think). I always assumed due to the similarity in design it was Gaggia Classic in blue, but it isn't! I was told it was a Classic for the Italian market, but not sure how true that is. The insides are different (I can't find the expansion valve mentioned for adjusting pressure for example) and whereas my parent's Gaggia classic has the down tube at back of drip tray there isn't one on mine and neither is there a connection for it. I can't find any info on the machine, hopefully i didn't miss anything on the forum. I'm having varying degrees of success (Blowing money on a grinder made a huuuge difference but recently got frustrated) and the coffee has always come through too quick so thought I'd begin to do the suggested improvements - starting with adjusting pressure. I think i'm stuck before I even start as the components aren't the same. I'm sort of half guessing that it was a cheaper version made to look the same with cheaper internals but i'm not sure really. Can anyone shed any light on what the machine is and whether I should attempt to move forward with this or just look to get a new machine? I had it serviced once which needed a new boiler, it semed OK for a while after but now it chunters and parps and drips water sometimes when it's on so it's not too happy. Couple of pictures so you can see the machine itself, and also you can see that there is no expansion valve as described in lots of videos, and also there appears to be some leaking out of the gasket
  10. There's an optimal pressure for pulling espresso it seems. I've got a kind of Gaggia and am told 9-10bar is best - the way they've installed it allows the operating pressure to be watched. A lot of machines come out the factory with too high a pressure I'm recently finding, and it can be tweaked on some machines
  11. Hi folks, Late 30s, live in St Albans, my coffee equipment quite basic and i want to get closer to the taste from good independents shops. It's already far nicer than the big chains, but i want to get better. Will be (like most i assume) investigating the forum for espresso machine reviews, and my first post will be about my Gaggia Classic thats not a classic i've been struggling to find info on!
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