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  1. My piccino came with an 8mm group seal as standard. I've always bought my spares directly from Fracino but do give them a call as i do recall reading somewhere their postage charges are cheaper over the phone rather than buying online from their website which uses a Fixed price postage charge.
  2. I removed the shower screen, brass plate and seal on my machine Sunday, gave it a good clean and reassembled with a new 8mm group seal where previously it had an 8.5mm. I did notice I was able to fully tighten the shower screen screw with the 8mm seal where previously with the 8.5 it would distort the seal if too tight. Also when I removed the old seal there was quite a lot of water behind it, not sure if this would contribute to it slipping? I've only pulled around 5 shots since changing the seal and it hasn't slipped at all so time will tell although the handle now goes way past the 6 O'clock position and onto between 4-5 O'clock before it tightens. Interestingly I had the original Piccino with the two seperate switches on top and never had this problem in over 13 months of use, it wasn't until I got the new Piccino with the single button (power switch now on front underneath) that this problem surfaced within the first week.
  3. Foz When Fracino returned your machine as 'fixed' did they tell you what cause's the PF to unscrew and what they did to rectify it? Mine played up again this morning, first 3 shots the PF unscrewed and had to be held in place however the fourth shot was fine, the PF didn't move at all. My machine went back to Fracino around a year ago so that's why they may have said they had not heard of the problem, maybe.
  4. I have the same problem with my Piccino, it can go for weeks, even months without a hiccup then out of the blue it will come undone. I have spoken to Adrian at Fracino about this on several occasions and even sent my machine back to them for inspection where is performed flawlessly for 2 days and pulled over 200 shots without missing a beat!! I have noticed that mine can also come undone after washing the group head with a wet brush so not sure if water is getting behind the seal causing it to rotate when under pressure? Mine also comes undone when pulling shots or back flushing. Not sure if this is of any help but on my machine there appears to be a sweet spot when tightening up the shower screen screw (the shower screen and brass dispersion plate hold the seal in place). If this screw is not tightened sufficiently the handle will not stay in place likewise if it is too tight it can distort the group seal not allowing the PF to seal correctly and lock in place. When my PF does start to come undone I find if I tighten the shower screen screw between half and one full turn it usually rectifies the problem for a while. Perhaps the shower screen comes loose slightly every time you undo the PF? One thing I might suggest is anyone who is affected by this problem contact Fracino and make them aware, firstly they are extremely helpful and as others have said on this forum their customer service is second to none but secondly when I last spoke to Adrian regarding this concern he informed me mine was the only machine they were aware of that suffers from the PF coming undone under pressure.
  5. Hi all New to all this forum stuff but thought I would sign up, say hi and tell you a little bit about myself. I've been into coffee for a while now having bought a Gaggia Baby Class about 2 years ago and got hooked. I recently upgraded to a Fracino Piccino but was disapointed with the results, this was mainly due to using off the shelf ground coffee. This week the piccino had to be returned to Fracino as it developed a fault but I managed to get a good price on the Piccino grinder which was posted out when the machine was returned. I've only spent a short while dialing in the grinder but what a difference already, the shots now have a rich velvetly crema and the taste is amazing. I sure with a little more time and care I can dial in the grinder even more and with some better coffee beans (using supermarket beans currently) I can improve my coffee experience even more. I feel a whole new love affair with the Piccino coming on. Anyway, fab site with lots of useful information! Dazza
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