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  1. Same place I found then. Shame they are quite a bit more expensive than MaxiCoffee. And I'd rather the Pro1 and Pro2 to be honest.
  2. Thanks Tom. I'd agree on your sentiments regarding Mr Hoffman's review. Thanks for the offer, but if rather try sell as a complete package for the moment
  3. Managed to dial the grind in pretty quick with my Aergrind. Seems pretty forgiving. Even worked well with Lavazza espresso from Tesco
  4. No idea about the Gaggia, but far far better than my Aeropress (with the fellow prismo) Its a really impressive bit of kit for the money.
  5. Purchased at the beginning of the year and used a handful of time since, but am now looking to take my espresso making further at home. Absolutely brilliant bit of kit which has definitely got me into the whole espresso thing. Original RRP is £69.99 for the Nanopresso and carry case, plus £32 for the barista kit Complete with carry case https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nanopresso-Portable-Espresso-Protective-Minipresso/dp/B0752XV66X https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wacaco-Nanopresso-Accessory-Portable-Espresso/dp/B078GM6FFH/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1IBIOZUFZEMOE&keywords=nanopresso+barista+kit&qid=1585043480&s=kitchen&sprefix=nanopress%2Ckitchen%2C144&sr=1-2 Will do the pair for £65 posted within the UK.
  6. Any local shops offering online sales? My local one is fortunately.
  7. Inverted 16g freshly ground with my Aergrind 50ml water 1min bloom Further 150ml taking the total to 200ml.
  8. Happy with my Aergrind.
  9. Morning all, Long time lurker, finally starting to get the ball rolling with my purchases. Keen to purchase a Flair Espresso machine due to its size and my limited space. Given the current situation with importing etc, can anyone recommend somewhere to buy one? Bella Barista are all out of stock and Maxi Coffee aren't exporting outside France it would appear. Any other suggestions please?
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