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  1. well, they might be interchangeable. I'll try with another brand, that matches barista express. Also I am not really sure if the solenoid is the problem, as I do not have any pressure in the machine...
  2. of course, Tom. The exact model is available in Russia only. The price is about £95. I've also contacted 2 of the companies that are supposed to import CEME in the UK. Both of them answered they cannot supply that exact solenoid.
  3. Neither one doesn't match the solenoid I have: CEME V799VN15PAIF Serie 588
  4. @CocoLoco, thank you for your comment. Yeah, I think that's my problem. I've tried to contact SAGE on https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/home/index.html and they redirected me to an official service called "Coffee Service". I've got in contact with "Coffee Service" and they gave me a price for the solenoid valve - £30. However, they refused to sell that valve to me. Instead they offered either sending the machine to their service center via the post and they replace the valve for me (£30 per hour for the labor) or they send someone to my home, where I pay £80-100 per hour for the replacement. Needles to say I refused that offer and turned back to sageappliances.com/uk and asked to sell that solenoid directly to me. The response I got was exactly the same as the first one: "Since you are outside warranty, I recommend that you contact Coffee Service at...". Tried to explain I don't wanna pay for the service and just need the valve, so I can replace it by myself (the coffee machine is disassembled already, so the valve replacement is easy job now), but they keep answering the same (it is not an automatic email, as every single answer is phrased differently, but says the same). At this point I am really disappointed by SAGE and their service, so I have 2 questions for you guys: 1. How and where could I get that solenoid valve from, so I get my machine fixed? Once the machine is fixed I plan to give it to my brother and buy another one, which won't be SAGE for sure, so my second question is: 2. What machine should I buy? What is the best I can get for about £400-500? I appreciate any opinion on my issues. Thanks, Peter
  5. Hi everyone, that's my first post here. I know there is a lot of knowledge around, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's wrong with my coffee machine. The story goes like that: I have that SAGE Barista Express (BES870UK) from 2 years already and it was working fine just until recently. One morning, I powered it up, waited about 40-50 seconds to warm up, ground the coffee and when I hit the single shot button it kinda exploded. Not like a real explosion, but more like something under high pressure broke up. Since then the pressure gauge arrow doesn't move and nothing but few drops is coming out of the PF. Also I can see some air bubbles in one of the hoses (in the video at 0:43-0:45). Apologies for the wrong direction of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9UkfjMDH4w Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers, Peter
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