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  1. Some Nepali coffee would be cool, only because I've been there and loved it
  2. I'm similar unusually find 16 in 36-38 out works well for me.
  3. Dang, that's a bit steep Worth sending them an email maybe, they were very quick to respond when I sent them a query.
  4. My dog and hat subscription had a coffee from Colonna with no valve (and a sticker on saying 'valveless design'). It was quite puffed up but I just opened it and drank the coffee, which was delicious. I read on here a few high end roasters are stopping using the valves.
  5. I tried doing an 80% hydration white. The crumb is actually quite open and it tastes delicious but I screwed up the shaping I think. I couldn't really get it to keep its tension without excess sticking and it's ended up expanding more outwards than upwards. I'm wondering if I need a higher protein flour or if it's just my technique (or both). Going to try some Canadian 14% flour and see if it makes a difference.
  6. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    And which set of terms is the more prevalent in this thread? Despite apparently it only being the left that uses reductive terms to shut down debate. I'm breaking my rule again, I'm out. Enjoy.
  7. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    That's what you want to believe. Whereas to you the left and far left are one and the same right? The term Marxism gets bandied around a lot by people who have no idea what it even means. It's a buzzword, like snowflake, virtue-signalling, libtard, leftist, etc. Using these terms is a good indicator that someone is a fool, at best.
  8. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    Why don't they have the right to express their opinion about your post being out of order to a moderator then? That's not covered under your version of freedom of speech. How convenient for you.
  9. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    So you won't be offended when I tell you this is over-privileged drivel, based on nothing other than misleading tabloid headlines and your own bias.
  10. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    You got edited for swearing, and you admitted to trolling, so I'm not sure why you are playing the victim here.
  11. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    You enjoy annoying people = trolling. What does that have to do with virtue signalling?
  12. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    Maybe other people just actually have more virtue than you, and those are their real opinions? Did you sign up just to do this Jordan Peterson tribute act?
  13. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    Yes it's so vitally important that grumpy reactionary middle aged white men get to endlessly pontificate about their opinions and their rights. We just haven't had enough of that.
  14. grumble

    Freedom of Speech

    Isn't making blanket statements about 'the left' and 'virtue-signalling' an attempt at shutting down debate. But only the left do that eh? Honestly it's getting very Daily Mail comments section around here, how sad.
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