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  1. I can appreciate he helped a lot of people but personally I found him a bit odd. I am interested in technical stuff but I couldn't help just glazing over reading most of his posts for some reason.
  2. grumble

    Mara X

    So given that my grinder still works, I should be grand right?
  3. grumble

    Mara X

    Oops. Thanks peeps.
  4. grumble

    Mara X

    I just got a Mignon which is my first electric grinder, are you saying the grinder needs to be 'on' (as in button pressed in and whirring) when you move the adjustment wheel? I did not know that!
  5. What's the issue with red brick? I've never tried it. Just that it's the go to choice for people trying to 'do speciality coffee'?
  6. Pretty much anyone drinking non mass-market coffee could be accused of being a hipster. There are some places that feel very 'try-hard' at being cool, where the coffee isn't amazing but it's 'hipsters' making the most interesting/best coffee I've had. I think it's quite hard for a lot of places to offer something that has mass appeal (my parents claim to love good coffee but only really want super-dark roasted stuff) which is also interesting enough for connoisseurs. It would be good if more places could offer a choice of different beans but you can see how that's logistically tricky in som
  7. The whole concept of Black Friday (which now seems to be at least a week) is pretty sickening tbh. Not saying I'm immune to the lure of getting a bargain but it's not like we need more encouragement to buy stuff we don't need.
  8. Interestingly Sweden had a compulsory sterilisation eugenics programme right up until 1975. I'm all in favour as long as I'm in charge of selection 😛
  9. Oh cool, another Daily Mail non-story for people who don't actually care in the slightest about RADA's curriculum or the name of their theatre, but are desperately looking for something 'woke' to be offended by. Excellent. BTW I studied a restoration comedy at school - can't remember the name of it now but it was dreadful.
  10. I was aiming for 500C but my infrared thermometer only goes up to 350 so had to guess a little bit. The ooni recipe has you getting it as hot as possible then switching off the flame just before putting them in. You can see them rising super fast. Leave it cooking on the stone for 5 mins then put the heat back on low to finish cooking for another 6-7 mins. You have to be careful not to get them too burned on top but a bit of charring is quite nice for my tastes. I've done the same recipe in a normal oven and these were miles better, bit of a game changer. I'm gonna slow cook some b
  11. Made sourdough ciabatta rolls in the Ooni Koda for the first time, they've turned out really nice.
  12. Makes your soil more acidic which helps make hydrangeas go a cool blue colour which is very rare in nature. Apart from that, doesn't seem to do much IME. https://www.gardenista.com/posts/magic-trick-how-to-make-your-hydrangea-change-color/
  13. I can't really work out the outrage about Rave's branding, can't say I'm mad keen but it doesn't bother me either. I'd be interested to know the environmental cost etc compared to other options but I doubt it's a night and day difference to other methods that don't seem to get the same scorn. I don't generally mind 'hipster' type stuff as I appreciate smaller batch, handmade stuff with good design, uniqueness etc - Dark Arts are painfully try-hard though. I'm puzzled as to how packaging can be 'woke' though - as in environmentally friendly?
  14. Not sure if this is the done thing to leave feedback but I received the grinder but it was all easy and straightforward and I'm very happy with it.
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