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  1. I've found the Extract coffee blends very easy to get a good cup out of. If you buy a kilo with the WELCOME30 code they are great value too.
  2. Seems to still work multiple times
  3. Very much enjoying the Colombian El Carmen but the Belalcazar is even nicer, lovely balanced sweetness/acidity - nice one.
  4. Looks great, is it not mega spicy? Sounds like quite a lot of gochujang. It is good stuff though. Thanks for the detailed info jpd99 think I will give that a try as I've started feeding my starter quite regularly and it generates a fair bit of discard. This loaf was made with 20% Wakelyn's YQ wholemeal and 20% Kamut. I'm using a dutch oven at the mo but I am finding it a bit tricky sometimes loading it without burning myself or messing up the loaf.
  5. Good post @jpd99 - interesting about the yeast water, do you have a link to a good tutorial/info about it?
  6. This is interesting - my mum's partner is on medication for a heart condition (not sure what it is exactly) and he can't get along with some of the funky natural lighter roasts. I have read other people talking about 'farmyard' type tastes with very light roasts and I think I know what they are talking about but I don't get it in an unpleasant way.
  7. 20% Kamut Khorasan My best looking and tasting loaf so far
  8. Just seen this elsewhere and not tried it but seems legit. www.sageappliances.com Using code: GlobalCoffeeFestival-KWNRtm5u
  9. And my usual pain de campagne type thing
  10. Made some middle Eastern style flatbreads and ciabatta in the Ooni today 😋
  11. Hehe I also went to QES and left a bit over 20 years ago 😳 I was in the same year as Anthony who originally set up Kircabi roasters before the Royal Barn people took it over. I've actually not tried it since as I barely go anywhere these days! I'll have to give it a go. I'm enjoying the grinder btw @NJD1977
  12. Hi there, I'm in Kirkby Lonsdale. so pretty close. Rinaldo's just outside Kendal is good for coffee also, and there's various other nice food businesses based there.
  13. Sorry that's also with 125g of 100% hydration starter 50/50 white/wholemeal
  14. I normally do 25c for around 6 hours. 75% hydration, 60% v strong white, 30% heritage white, 10% dark rye. They recommend 27c+ actually, not sure why I've been doing lower. I did ramp up the temp to 30 for the last hour or so as I was going out and wanted to make sure I got it done
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