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  1. @Mudlark13 did you bother plugging the screw hole after removing the insert? I figured it doesn't really make any difference either way.
  2. Yup, it's amazing how much finer I can grind now with the non pressurised basket. Can up the dose a bit also.
  3. I've read about ppl buying a spare portafilter and cutting off the bottom, not seen an actual bottomless one but I've not looked hard.
  4. It's been a really big upgrade for me btw. Well worth doing.
  5. I've used this one successfully with a Delonghi E685R https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163606477210 You have to unscrew at the bottom of the portafilter and take out the plastic insert. I had a quick look and couldn't see filter size for your machine listed but I'd be surprised if it's different to mine. Edit: looks like the one I posted is the same basket as the above link
  6. There's a James Hoffman vid where he tries it with 'speciality instant' - he reckons you can't really do it with espresso.
  7. I'm on a Delonghi Dedica and hand grinder and definitely have upgraditus, not helped by this forum. One thing I did that seems to have improved things is got a non pressurised basket which means I can grind finer without it choking up.
  8. If you spend much time on this forum your budget will skyrocket! I speak from experience.
  9. If hadn't just had my entire summer of work cancelled (wedding photographer)... Such a sexy machine.
  10. Hehe indeed. Mine is pretty shocking so far also. I will say the 200ml cups are quite small for latte art - definitely more of a flat white/traditional capp type size to me. I'm thinking of getting some 300ml ones in the new colour.
  11. Law of diminishing returns. But yeah, I get where you're coming from. I suspect like many of us I've quite an obsessive perfectionist streak and this is a good hobby to let it out on. Apart from maybe some excessive spending it's a fairly harmless and pretty fun way to spend time. Has a social/sharing element to it as well - people close to me are far from nerdy about it but they appreciate a good coffee (even if it's taking time with some to lead them away from very dark 'burnt tire' roasts).
  12. I have two of the gunpowder 200ml and they are really nice but that blue looks even nicer. They said early April apparently so should be up on their site soon I think.
  13. Probably don't combine them together then 😛
  14. It's a new colour but I think he's managed to get it a little early.
  15. How did you get that!? Not on the website as far as I can see. They do look great.
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