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  1. My Rancilio Silvia Pro reaches 94°C in about 5 minutes but I don't pull the shot, always leave it minimum 35-40 minutes. Elizabeth is quicker but give her at least 20 minutes. Yes I realized my mistake and I will do this next time
  2. Thank You again. A watched these but tbh I didn't know that time that I am going to buy the machine. I thought I remember what I read and watched. Looks like not 😁 There are no disappointments, I knew it must be myself and I definitely remember 4-5 minutes warning up time. Anyway. Lucky there are very friendly and helpful people here and we can ask and these people can tell off us very politely 😁😁
  3. 18 mins? That could be the reason. Now I feel silly... It always happens after 5-6 mins when says 'OK'. I trust the display too much even if I knew maybe more time needed. Using the machine too early in the morning But it's a new system for me and they said it's quick. Actually it is, but the first one isn't hot enough.
  4. You're right I don't really understand it yet 😁 Of course I do and will read/watch that review and the manual too because I want to change settings but had no time to do it yet. Settings: I thought there are already some factory settings for the two buttons as they act differently straight out of the box. Then I guess they do some changes at Bella Barista when checked the machine. Do you say that I'll find the solution of the only warm first shot if I re-read/re-watch Dave's review? I do it hundred times I'm sure as I did previously with Mara X as he has deffo useful articles.
  5. Good morning everyone, I've just received my Elizabeth few days ago (after deciding I don't need espresso machine and sold my Mara X in December... 🤔 ) and I like it but there is one weird thing straight: I switch on the machine and pull my first shot with the second (steam?) preinfusion button when it says 95° OK (didn't change any factory settings yet) It normally takes few minutes only. The weird thing is the first shot (~17in 34out ~35s) is warm only. I mean not even hot. Warm like I'd left it for 10 mins on the table. But it's straight after pulling it. Also much less cr
  6. •tamp mats X2 £10 - SOLD •Motta distribution tool red 58.5mm £15 -SOLD •Motta tamper flat 58.4mm £15 -SOLD •Kruve Propel glasses £30 (collection only as it's fragile) -SOLD •Yagua scale Timer, 1kgx0.1g £10 (pen isn't part of the deal:) ) -SOLD Still for sale: •Rhino push tamper flat £30 •Group head cleaner (Espazzola copy, brand new, never used £10
  7. Cool, finally we can make a business £20 (£15+5) with postage works for me after prepaid (Monzo, PayPal, bank transfer)
  8. Okay, I can do it at £15 posted after you prepaid (Monzo, PayPal, bank transfer)
  9. Even better for you. You will enjoy it much better
  10. Your offer is accepted Let's go private
  11. I'm based near Brent Cross underground station
  12. Alright, first in first served I think now we can do private messages
  13. Some left over products after I've sold my machine: •Rhino push tamper flat £30 Please don't make offers in private message, follow the local rules and offers here first. Thanks I prefer cash and collection (London - Golders Green, Brent Cross, Willesden, East Acton area) but also can post them if needed and agreed after prepaid PayPal or bank transfer.
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