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  1. Or maybe you could buy my hardly used Smart Grinder Pro and you get a full grinder instead of the burr
  2. They are still available and price includes shipping. Size Approx 35cm X 25cm X 9.5cm and 3kg
  3. Yeah that tamper comes with Elizabeth... How come?!?! A machine worth £1200 and you get a £5 plastic tamper usually given to £50-100 machines. It's a shame in my opinion 🙄
  4. Same here, using Niche Zero again. I'm using VST 18g, IMS E&B Lab 16-18g and IMS Ultra-fine 16-18g. At 94°C Ultra-fine almost always stuck, E&B Lab sometimes, VST bit more often. At 92°C it's a bit better. Most of the time I use 18g.
  5. I've had a MaraX for half year and now bought an Elizabeth couple of months ago. For now I prefer my lovely Lizzy. Why? Temperature control. With the MaraX I wasn't sure about the temperature. Especially after I attached a thermometer to the head. It's a really good machine I definitely loved it but the temp stability was an issue for me. Also changing it... At Elizabeth you use the screen and the boiler/tank is above the group head so it's more accurate. Also you can choose preinfusion. I loved MaraX's leveler and its more pro home barista looking and I would buy it again if Elizabeth wouldn't exist My only issue with it that the puck stuck so many times to the shower screen and can't figure why.
  6. I'm selling two brand new knock box drawers in silver colour. Wrong colour delivered (requested black/white) I do not need silvers. £50 / drawer inc. delivery Also collection in W or NW London
  7. Just make sure (read reviews maybe) you will receive black. I thought ordering 2 silvers was my mistake but it's clear I bought a white and black but they shipped silver. Better if you contact seller before ordering.
  8. Hi, These are from Alibaba not AliExpress. As every single other drawers on the net with printed brand names Actually, 'potayto, potahto', same unbelievable low price and ridiculous expensive shipping cost and tax. My price is negotiable and includes DPD Next delivery
  9. Sorry I see you already mentioned Manchester. I have a Sage Smart grinder Pro in perfect condition.
  10. Hey, Are you still after a grinder? Where are you based?
  11. Alright, you are taking at asking price and happy to pick up, I accept it. Go PM.
  12. I'm selling my Eureka Mignon Specialita 16CR 55mm Matt black/Chrome grinder. Bought from Bella Barista a month ago (I'm just out of return time..) it comes with fully transferable warranty. In perfect working condition I just can't dial in always for a new bean (can't always do so small movements with my fingers/hand) and also got another one instead of the Specialita. There is one little surface damage on the edge, no idea if I received like that or I scratched it. Spotted just now when taking pictures. Visible on the last photo. Price £300 Collection is more than welcome in Brent Cross area London. VID_20210317_114719.mp4
  13. Hi, I'm selling my two brand new knock box drawers. Originally I thought ordered a black and a white item, but received two silver drawers. Made a mistake at ordering. Sending back is a mess so I decided to sell them in buying price. Both are silver Approx 35cm X 25cm X 9.5cm and 3kg Brand new but I open the box and bubble wrap to do a quality check. Price: £60/drawer I can post them but also collection is more than welcome in Brent Cross area. (Uploaded stock photos too. So I didn't have to destroy the full packaging but aim to do so and send more pics if someone interested)
  14. Good afternoon, Did anyone change the screen shower yet or doesn't really matter using the original one or a new IMS for example? Also did you ever try to use it with an external water tank or do you always fill it up? My Elizabeth just fit under the cupboard and need to pull it out and push it back when the tank is empty. I thought I maybe could use an external one what is standing next to the machine and easy to refill.
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