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  1. Welcome aboard, and as you've probably read on forums the journey has many highs and lows, but the highs are worth it. I plunged into this arena last year by buying a Gene Cafe CBR 101. Got fed up of not getting the crema in my espresso using my all-in-one coffee machine so bought a Signature Flair Pro to make my espresso, in order to really taste my home roasted coffee. I then realised that my conical grinder wasn't up to the job and espresso out of the Flair was either super bitter or super sour and would spurt out in 10 seconds. Online i bought a second hand Mazzer Mini and now i'm in heave
  2. I went through this dilemma recently and after lots of research I bought the Signature Flair Pro for around £200. My thoughts with this purchase were that it looks like it makes fantastic coffee, would be entertaining to friends, looks fantastic enough to keep on the counter, takes up very little room and I can take it on holiday without worrying about space or an electric adapter. Unfortunately my research didn't let me know how fine the grind has to be to get any kind of shot from the Flair. Fortunately i managed to source a second hand Mazzer Mini online and eureka (after some bitter/sour a
  3. After 4 months of Lockdown a friends invitation to his place near Bergerac in SW France, with a pool and aircon was jumped at. Unfortunately my wife had to work so my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old dog loaded up the car and set off for France. Suncream - check, sunglasses - check, passport - check, tablet filled with kids movie downloads for the journey - check check, dog lead - check, Freshly roasted Guatemala Antigua finely ground on my Mazzer Luigi - check Flair Signature Pro packed into its very nice case - check. Since roasting for myself and friends for the past year, i've gone
  4. Just replied to him but thanks for the heads up.
  5. Morning All, Perfected my roasting on my CBR 101 and now orders are getting big enough to justify a 1kg load. I need a new machine and a Gene Cafe CBR 1200 is what i'm after if anyone knows of one going for sale. All the best Gary
  6. Hi Filthynines, just enquiring if your brother's Gene Cafe 1200 is available or gone? Got a Gene Cafe CBR 101 and looking to upgrade to the 1200.

    All the best


    1. filthynines


      Hi Gary - yes it is. Here's the for sale ad: 


  7. Good evening do you still have the CBR for sale and if so how much? ATB Gary
  8. Hi Mark i know one a mazzer mini grinder which grinds perfectly for my Flair Signature Pro. The reason I’m looking at espresso is that I’ve tried all other brew methods and my home roast tastes great. Now I want to know if it tastes great as an espresso. the Mazzer grinds create the correct pressure, I’m using the correct temp, got the shot to 35 seconds but no matter how I adjust the ramp or the weight of coffee it’s coming out bitter. It doesn’t matter whether I’m using my roasted beans or those which cane with the machine. Lots of practice needed with this little sod ?
  9. So far the feedback on my roasts using the gene cafe 101 and the dualit E60 grinder have been great. So at the moment while the majority of my capital is tied up elsewhere, I just need a simple very good value grinder either electric or manual to use the Flair. This is another lesson I’m learning in my journey and while I don’t like cutting corners I’m not in the professional realm yet so really don’t want to go into expensive equipment if I don’t need to.
  10. I’m going to explain to a wholesaler that I am a complete novice in tasting though have the raw bean contact in Asia. I don’t want to be dismissed out of hand or played. I have enough samples so that they can cup and grade as would be expected. Got to start somewhere and the growers have already been approached and dismissed Starbucks and Nero as they don’t want the growing community raped and pillaged.
  11. I started out for personal reasons but I’m enjoying the journey. I’m doing a lot of reading into the pros and cons and working out how much competition in my area I would have to deal with. I bought the Flair to get a really good idea how my roasts were and the fact that it’s fully portable was a huge bonus. I’m considering the 1kg machine to learn then if good enough to go small commercial. I’m also considering importing some Indonesian using a mate in Malaysia and where they don’t currently export to the uk. Cupping a sample of that in next few days and will need to find
  12. That price works for me, very high hundreds doesn’t. The dualit has been great with my roasted beans for filter and espresso on a Krups home machine. It just doesn’t seem to work with the Flair. Some posts say very fine almost Turkish grind for the flair and others say a course type grind is needed. Very confusing. I’ve also tried with some Indonesian beans I’m sampling and got the same sour result. what would you suggest for sub £200 grinder?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Any suggestions on another grinder? I’m. It running a coffee business......yet, so cost is key at the moment and I have already earmarked a few £k for a 1kg roaster I may buy tomorrow.
  14. Newbie to this forum so please be gentle :). My first hand pull espresso machine arrived today, the Flair Signature Pro, and though I read it can be a bit of a pain I never imagined it would bring so much heartache. I pulled so many shots though will be able to sleep as each shot was spat out quickly due to awful sour taste. There was also very little pressure. When I did get it up to the 6bar line it would spurt out in all directions. I’m roasting my own Colombian green beans and grinding on an old dualit E60. I have tried the finest grind settings and up to middle with same sou
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