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  1. I got my Sage BE from John Lewis last Black Friday for £375. They're probably a good bet for Sage stuff on sale this BF. Maybe somewhere like AO.com or Lakeland too.
  2. Very tidy, nice bit of latte art too. Welcome!
  3. Sent. The super ebony Ethiopian per chance? Thinking of getting that one myself.
  4. I did laugh but feel bad leaving a 'haha' or a like! Hope you get it sorted.
  5. Assume you're looking for pandemic buyers? I was just before that, not pandemic related. I can do if you want but that might not fit your criteria.
  6. Agree with this in principle but there's a lot of hindsight here. It's absolutely a hobby for the first couple of months. Once you know what you're doing, yes, you just spend the few minutes to make your coffee and it's nice, but getting to that position takes a bit of time and effort. If you're brand new to coffee don't think you'll get an Oracle and day one, press a button and you'll get a nice coffee out of it. It takes a decent amount of time and reading to get to a consistent nice drink.
  7. Thanks for this and your other comments. Very illuminating and really gets the heart of the issue for me.
  8. What does it taste like? Don't worry about pressure, you're getting prefusion right? Water is going into puck, then after 7-10 seconds water start coming out? Taste is king, if you like it then you're good.
  9. Code sent. I liked the Cuban Serrano but you have to phone up to order that. Next time I'll be getting the Malabar Hit or Hill and Valley, those are both popular on here. Or maybe one of the extra dark ebony roasts as I've not tried those before. Either the Italian or Ethiopian. I wish they did 250g bags, 500g is too much when you want to try a few coffees.
  10. Very interested in this too. Looking at getting a Niche but am wondering about compared quality in the cup. I'm expecting better, but it's hard quantify the price-quality ratio. Diminishing returns seems to set in very quickly with coffee. Everyone will say it's relative, is the taste better/worth it for you, which doesn't help much before trying it, but what I don't want (I'll sell it of course but I don't really want that hassle) is to pay £500 for a small bump in flavour. Unfortunately I think the answer is just to buy it and find out.
  11. @MediumRoastSteam said it, adding oil there may make it flip out whilst the pressure is high, don't do that. That makes a huge mess and even worse you risk being hit in the nuts by a flying portafilter! It does need to be pretty stiff, I've noticed it's stiffer putting it in cold first thing in morning than it is putting it in a little later for the second cup, but mine still holds just fine. @woollyhead might be on to something, maybe get a new spring or adjust the one you have (make it larger so fit is tighter). If that fails I'd give Sage a call and see if they have any suggestions.
  12. One of my former residences, 5 years living on St Stephen's Green, then Dame St. That was before I was into coffee though so don't know the coffee shops! Is Fallon and Bryne still there? A decade on and I've yet to find a chocolate chip cookie as good as the ones there. I feel like I'll be walking the earth for the rest of my life in that endeavour. Anyway, welcome!
  13. I like it. Fresh, clean, modern. That union jack with coffee beans and hessian material mast head looks old and tired, new design miles better.
  14. It shouldn't have been. I've asked the mod to ask the question to the sellers via PM. My reply here should push your sale back to where it should be.
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