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  1. That's great thanks for the info. I have a BE and am looking to buy a new machine and grinder later this year when we move house. But moving house seems to be getting more and more expensive and there's tens of thousands to spend once we get in it. A compromise is to buy a new grinder now, either the grinder I'll use with the new machine, or maybe something cheaper that I will move on like the Crono. I single dose (my girlfriend doesn't drink coffee) and am interested if it'll be a worth while upgrade over the BE grinder, this will help me decide. Thanks for your input.
  2. Does the Crono feel like a decent upgrade for espresso? (If you consider it an upgrade?)
  3. I'm not certain on this but I think the design is quite generic. Maybe they're all the same and just branded differently, but personally I'd go for the BriFit ones just to be sure.
  4. Will be a nice set up. Mara X is a known quantity and early impressions of the Solo are positive. As an early adopter I'm sure people would like to hear your impressions of this grinder. Personally I'd like to hear them as you're going from a BE, I'd like to know what you think of the difference if you fancy posting your thoughts once you'd had time to get used to it.
  5. I have these and they're brilliant. https://www.amazon.co.uk/High-precision-Back-Lit-Features-Stainless-Batteries/dp/B01JKX4QAC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=brifit+scales&qid=1614846138&sr=8-3 I had the Yagua ones, I sent them back. They're fine but you have to push the buttons hard and it's very 'clicky', they don't feel good. They feel cheap which I didn't like. Also they're 0.1g, I like 0.01g which is totally unnecessary but now I've got used to that I cant go back.
  6. Welcome! Any direction you're thinking of going in? Machine or grinder-wise. New or second hand?
  7. Cautiously decided to try branching out from glassware. Got one of these: https://www.royaldoulton.com/en-gb/collections/a-to-z/coffee-studio/coffee-studio-mug-grande-40032916 If you drink longer drinks I recommend them. Well made, nice finish, robust but thinner than usual mugs.
  8. 14 months in and I'm yet to descale my BE 😬 I use Lockhills and the Sage filters. This thread has reminded me, I'll do it tomorrow!
  9. I think the money went into other things rather than design with these two products, usually the way. Congratulations! Look forward to hearing your thoughts if you fancy posting them.
  10. Eu plug one for £944 on Ebay. These things are as bad as GPUs atm.
  11. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/blogs/articles/6488493-how-has-bean-began That's an entry with the story you recount in it, is there more?
  12. I use these, they're perfect. if they broke I would buy the same ones again. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Precision-Kitchen-Function-Stainless-Included/dp/B07S5JS4YG/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=brifit+jewel+scales&qid=1614275708&sr=8-7
  13. Happened to me twice, both times because I didn't lock the pf in place. The mess is crazy.
  14. The coffee is excellent, really enjoying it. Recommend to all of the forum, give Altitude a go, (especially as a sponsor!), you won't be disappointed. Captain's Roast is strong, dark roast, chocolate and nuts flavour., good place to start. I will be getting more for sure. Appreciate you want the product to be safe, of course so do customers, but that card was so thick and glue so strong I had to use large scissors to cut it open! (I'm a younger-side, fit guy). There might be a more environmentally friendly solution, particularly if it's cheaper for you and improved your bottom line, it wo
  15. Thanks for looking. I have the Amazon Randwyck ones on a watchlist but they've been unavailable for a while. The other ones you linked are perfect, apart from them being 1cm too tall! I have some very similar I got just to find out, but 12cm won't fit under the Sage BE unfortunately.
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