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  1. Good to know it's still going, I loved that place. Expensive but quality stuff. Modding for a single doser is pretty easy but it's only really the Mazzers and Eurekas that people mod I think (certainly in the sub £500 price point). Some people use Eurekas for single dosing as they are, but they're not designed to do that and I read varying results of how successful it is. Mazzers are commercial beasts designed for hopper and heavy workloads/use, but the main two styles of mods are very good at enabling single dosing. Of course you need a good deal on the grinder first, otherwise you're pushing into new DF64, new Niche territory. I would have a read of the grinder forums before deciding which way to go, but rest assured all the options you mention are a nice improvement on the BE grinder.
  2. Hi Conor, welcome! I lived in Dublin for 5 years, this was before I was into coffee but I always enjoyed the coffee at Fallon And Bryne which was round the corner from me (I lived on Dame St, then Eustace St). I've still never found a cookie as good as theirs either, that search may go on the rest of my life. We've similar coffee journeys, I have a BE, coming up to 2 years, and I upgraded the grinder a few months ago. I also single dose but rather than get a new single dosing machine (Niche, DF64, waiting for the Eureka one), I got a large Mazzer flat burr and modified it for single dosing. The difference over the BE grinder is very noticeable, so much that I don't feel the need to upgrade the machine yet. Classifieds on this site are an option if you are also considering second hand, better than buying off a random on ebay. Maybe keep an eye on them, good grinder deals are always popping up.
  3. Welcome! Lots of info in the Sage forum. Read the sticky, ask about anything you don't understand.
  4. Thanks for the write up, I enjoyed reading that. Hopefully I'll go next year.
  5. First thing is to read the Sage sticky in the Sage forum if you have not. Once you've implemented all those tips (using 18g is the standard, try that and go up/down from there), you may want to think about changing the top burr setting in the grinder. The thread here discusses that along with some other pointers.
  6. Not always the case, depends on the coffee. I got 4 coffees from Teeside Coffee Company recently, each one I struggled to get much more than 16g/16.5g in the pf, they just took up too much room. They were all darker roasts, I don't know enough about it to say that's the reason, but the medium roast I'm using now is the standard 18g. @Coffeenewboy try using less coffee? I used to just press the button with my finger, let the beans grind into a small glass. Then I'd swirl about a bit or WDT, then transfer into the pf. If doing this you will need a portafilter dosing ring. They're cheap to get on Amazon. If you do get one, make sure you get one that sits on top of the pf, not the kind that 'inserts' into it. Mine is the same or very similar to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Iycorish-Ring,Espresso-Anti-Flying-Accessories-Portafilter/dp/B08CB7K6QS/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=dosing+ring&qid=1632058761&sr=8-5
  7. I hadn't heard of them but these sort of brands are becoming very popular. I have some Allbirds, they're so comfortable, like Adidas Bounce, I love them. https://www.allbirds.com/
  8. Well done for paying attention to this issue. Personally I will not buy from a roaster that uses excessive packaging, I just blacklist them. Crafthouse for instance, it's ridiculous and irresponsible. Non-recyclable/decomposable is also a black mark. I don't buy the argument about reduced freshness, I can't name the brands right now but I've had the 'veg-bags' and fully recyclable bags, there's no issue, it's not an either/or choice. Sure, those ''just plain paper' ones aren't good but there's no excuse for not using recyclable/decomposable unless there's some fiduciary/availability element. There's too much focus on presentation and image. I get that's important to market to a certain demographic, I understand your point about shiny v shonky but shonky does not have to be a choice. And if you want to look to the future, that demographic is shrinking, mine is expanding. Why the box? Just use the bag.
  9. Another example of brilliant customer service from BlackCat this week - I bought 3 coffees, they were sent 1 Sept and after a week, they had not arrived. BlackCat had the tracking number, turns out they were delivered, just not to me, they were lost. I was going to order them again but before I could, David replied and sent out a replacement 3 bags free of charge, they came today. He even gave me the most backdated roast he had (8th) so I don't have to rest as long before opening (which I appreciate as it doesn't mess up my 'coffee schedule'). He didn't need to do that, the fault was Royal Mail's, they just delivered to the wrong address. Just a nice thing to do. Support all our sponsors and give BlackCat a try if you have not!
  10. I had this problem when I got my BE, I could not grind fine enough no matter what bean I used, what weight or strength of tamp, it always came out too fast. So I adjusted the top burr. This involves removing the hopper and lifting out the top burr of the grinder. It has markings on it (1-6 I think), I put it down to 3 or 4, I can't remember which exactly). Whichever yours is on, put it down one, try that, if it's not fine enough, try the next one. There's a video in the main main Sage sticky thread of how to do it. This meant my outer dial (the one with 1-16 on it) was re-calibrated. Number 5 (well, all numbers of course) was now a much finer grind that it had been previously. All my coffees were ground in a small range from then on, I think it was 2-5. (I have a new grinder now). It's been said on this forum you're not supposed to do this, I don't understand that point. The machine is designed to that, there's accessibility and markings on the machine itself (inside there the burr is, red markings) for that very reason. Make sure you hoover out the grinder so no beans/detritus are lodged in there when you turn it back on, like any adjustments of something mechanical if you don't put it back together properly, it won't work or could even damage the machine. If you are not entirely comfortable with the process *do not do it*. As I said, others have said don't do this, so you have to choose for yourself. Call Sage, mention this, ask them what to do, see what they say. Watch the video and decide if it's something you want to try.
  11. I know the impulse is to go cheap but there is kind of a minimum you have to spend on a grinder, a 'cheap cheap' one just won't work well for espresso. There's a couple of Eureka ones at the low end (around £200/£250) that people use, ask BlackCat Coffee on this forum about those. There's the Sage Grinder Pro which isn't bad but is inconsistent from what I've read on here (it's a suped up version of what's in the BE and Barista Pro). I was reasonably happy with the BE grinder for the most part, it is what it is, a half decent starter. I think for that money most people would say go secondhand, maybe a cheap Mazzer, although you'd need to research the foibles of something like a SuperJolly or Major.
  12. Others have offered points re: the business idea, I would just say on the above point, I have a Barista Express, similar to the Pro, and the inconsistency is down to the grinder. You can fix this issue by buying a decent grinder. I suggest second hand, though this forum if you can, some great deals to be had. The Mazzers are a popular choice if you can deal with the size but they are great bang for buck and all models can be got for under a few hundred (my Royal for £250 for instance). My drinks now using the BE are extremely consistent. Mignons are another popular option at the lower end price wise.
  13. Sorry to hear that, hope you're better soon.
  14. You're welcome! Set up look brilliant, very neat and tidy. Nice finish on the grinder, matches the machine.
  15. Use the forum sponsors, they have discounts (check that section). I recommend: Crown and Canvas - First Light Altitude - Captain's Roast BlackCat Coffee - Chocolate Point Blend Coffee By The Casuals - Bom Jesus.
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