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  1. Tried Footprint based on this post. Got the Fforest Draig, Muddy Boots and White Nile. First two were great, last one gets opened tomorrow. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for heads up, I loved that. Just put in another order. Trying the one from Peru too, the profile is a little different from what I normally go for but sounds good without being too fruity or floral.
  3. I thought this might be a Star Wars tamper so I looked it up. It's a £170 tamper. And I thought my PUSH one was too expensive at half price!
  4. May be a difference between used and refurbished in terms of quality/service, but I wouldn't risk it personally. I briefly considered it when buying my Sage but they had a Trustpilot rating of about 2. May have gone up since then but grey sellers...sometimes good, sometimes bad. Problems may get sorted, via Paypal complaint or the like, but as I said, you don't want that. Phone Lakeland or John Lewis they send one out the next day, for me that's worth the extra (if it is extra, I got my BE from John Lewis for £375, I don't keep up with pricing but I think that's still pretty good. Not that tha
  5. Sorry, Didn't want to worry you! They must sell working products that are fine or they wouldn't have lasted as long as they have. I wouldn't worry, if the machine works and you are enjoying your coffee then it's all good.
  6. I'm sure it's goes right half the time, but they don't have a good name on here so I wouldn't risk it. It's like that Coffee Italia, you might get a good deal and be happy, but if not it's a nightmare. Whenever spending hundreds of pounds, personally I'd pay a bit more for a reputable outlet you won't have problems with, for Sage that's Sage themselves, John Lewis, Lakeland, those sort of places.
  7. I don't care about this enough to keep arguing about it, but the home user £3k grinder is not where the growth is. Eureka understand that. I'm sure others will follow.
  8. I think Niche and Solo prove there is a tonne of money to be made single dosing at the 'low end'. Eureka seem to agree as after this post I saw they're about to bring one out, looking to be in the Specialita/Crono sort of family rather than the more expensive end. I think that'll be a sub £500, maybe sub £400 grinder. Pricing is key too, there's so few quality grinders under £500. I'm not saying it'll overtake hopper fed, not even close, but I'm saying SDing is very popular, enough to target the market as many people, especially new people and/or WFH people, are drawn to single dosing, pe
  9. Under no circumstances buy a Sage from XS Items on Ebay! Loads on problems with them have been brought up on this site, it never ends well. If no-one has a spare code I'd say do the Masterclass again, or ask Sage, explain that you had to leave and could they give you a code.
  10. Nice! I like that blue colour. I'd get another tamper if I were you, the Motta ones are cheap but a huge upgrade.
  11. Prefer that shape. Straight sides, same design language as before. Looks narrower too. Throat/collar, dial, better on new one though.
  12. Good find. Ball dropped in the looks department IMO which is a surprise as the Specialita, Manuale etc are lovely. Why do these single dosers all lean forward? Niche and Solo do that too. I assume that's a low retention/functional design thing but I prefer upright designs.
  13. It's just because they sell so many, we hear about it more. Someone posted the failure rate a while back, as a percentage it's extremely low, what you would expect for any machine or consumer product. Spares/repairs out of warranty on the other hand, that's an issue. A Gaggia breaks someone probably wouldn't post about it as they can sort it out more easily, again skews the numbers.
  14. What?! I've just bought a grinder! I didn't even know this was on the horizon! Hopefully it's rubbish 🤣
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