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  1. Starting to get into pour over, was wondering if anyone had a decent second hand gooseneck kettle for v60 I could buy
  2. £100 Collection only from Middlesbrough, can deliver for petrol. New thread as I didnt want the price in the title and Ive taken much better pictures! Cunill Tranquilo Doserless Espresso Grinder without electronic dose lid. Condition is Used. Rebadged to Fracino. 2 years of use. Was used 1y 10m commercially and then 2 months in the house for 1-2 espressos a day. Works great. Cosmetically, the plastic piece is coming off slightly as can be seen in the picture, this doesn't affect performance and can be fixed easily. Burrs are in good condition a
  3. You were a friendly and responsive buyer!! Enjoy!
  4. No worries, my bad, i thought the traveller was more similar to the phoenix!
  5. Sold to this user
  6. I’d buy it straight it away if it was £150, good luck with your sale 👍
  7. Bump - want it gone, price reduction, now £120
  8. Well no, the article says that at best, they do kill viruses. Depends on the type of disinfectant within the product. Good read however, thank you!
  9. Used for 2 months No issues at all. Selling as I am upgrading to a Tidaka tamper. Will be wiped with antibacterial wipes before sending. £20 delivered.
  10. Please let me know if theres anything else I can do! Havent sold a grinder before so I maybe a little bit naive as to what people are looking for
  11. Not an issue, will be cleaned before buyer picks up! pictures were to show burr condition more than anything. Will be in use till its bought.
  12. Also willing to trade for a Kinu m47 hand grinder
  13. Sorry! Should have added: Pickup from Middlesbrough area and can deliver for petrol cost no shipping
  14. Rebadged, no box. Grinder works great. Great for a first espresso grinder! Looking for £150 Slight cosmetic damage. As you can see in the picture, plastic piece on right hand side (grinder side) falling off, can be fixed easily or taken off completely, does not alter function in any way. Used for 2 years. 1 year 10 months in a commercial setting (bought from someone else initially). 2 months in the home setting (1-2 espressos a day). Selling as wanting to go in the single dosing route to reduce coffee wastage, especially as I have now bought parts f
  15. Devon coffee company have been great!
  16. Until I needed some help, so about 2 months!
  17. Hi MrShades, tried to message you but couldnt find the button. Ive got a gaggia classic 2008 and I wanna buy a PID kit, could you let me know how?
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