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  1. Drive past Gilmore's recently. Will need to try The new mamadukes on Eccy road is very fancy. I think they're using Ozone for beans but not sure (only going off taste ... Very similar to Hodson/Tamper that Ozone do)
  2. 170ml tulip is a bit over a flat white size right? Thought 150ml was flat white
  3. Hey all. Recently bought some acme cappuccino comes from someone on here recently which I love and I was wanting some flat white cups to complement them. Ideally want 2, and without saucers is fine. Willing to pay same as I did for cappuccino cups which was £15 for the Pair. Thanks
  4. Could I have 2 cappuccino cups please
  5. Lisboa Decent coffee. Enjoyed their Galoa coffee. And yes their pastel me natas are great. Hopper Very good vibes. I like their current takeout arrangement and set up. Loved their halloumi burger. Great raspberry browny. Nonna's Had to go try the cappuccino after the comments left here. Yh it's legit Italian style cappuccino. Enjoyed it. Noticed Whaletown are using the Eagle one coffee machine. Some proper coffee nerds in there, love it. And yup I still maintain its probably the best place for a cup of coffee in Sheffield.
  6. You willing to take £15 for the VST basket. Already have a 18g IMS basket but might want to explore differences between them. And is it deffo ridgeless?
  7. Glad you mentioned Nonna's. My brother absolutely loves the place but I've not had the privilege yet. It is packed usually.
  8. Lisboa Patisserie, I'll have to try it! On Eccy road, if your feeling a hot chocolate at all, chocoa wonderland does an amazing one
  9. Forget to add Tamper in town (near Hallam uni) Tamper Sellers Wheel/Tamper coffee: New Zealand inspired. Very trendy sitting in area and hip brunches; quite like their version of eggs Benedict/royale. Good vibes overall. Again lighter roast; though I've only been once.
  10. So I've seen a few seperate threads re: cafes in Sheffield. And I apologize if I am repeating known knowledge or if this is a repeat thread (did do a search). Crookes Dana cafe: serve coffee from Forge coffee roasters. Consistent quality and i think they use the Invicta blend. Good snacks and atmosphere. Whaletown coffee company: My current new favourite. Coffee quality comes first here before anything else. Baristas are very well informed. I believe they use a number of different blends and single origin beans from Cuppers Choice. Adola in particular was excellent....strong tastes of tangerine and strawberry to finish. A section for breads and pastries in the back. Great espresso brownie. Aesthete Coffee: We buy our birthday cakes from here; best in town imo. Great brunch for eating (Greek/Cypriot) inspiration is heavy (and I love it). Broomhill Cawa coffee: Very popular coffee joint. Great selection of breads and snacks. I'm not sure which beans they're using but it's a tasty medium roast. Nam Song/Previously 5 rivers coffee: Vietnamese inspired place with floor and chair seating. Good atmosphere. Food is far east inspired. You have your standard coffee as well as the quite tasty Vietnamese egg coffee. Upshot espresso: Now closed but I believe maybe returning as Elm 2.0. Shame. Often felt they delivered the best tasting coffee of all the cafes. Division Street Steam yard: Another favourite of mine. I believe they previous used square mile coffee beans but now forge. Again consistent with their coffee but excellent snacks. Good sitting in area (when that returns). Cawa: Recently opened a hole in the wall type joint on the street. 200 degrees coffee: Not a fan of their beans. But the actual cafe is great. I love the sitting in set up. Knowledgeable baristas and an area set up with a grinder to give advice how best to grind their beans for different drink types. Town/City centre Albie's: A nice little cafe in Sheffield's (imo) dying city centre. Decent bagels. Mixture of beans. Cuppers Choice. Dark Arts. Chakra lounge: Sorta South Asian inspired. Good coffee, interesting lattes on offer. South Asian inspired meals. Kelham Foundry Coffee Roasters: I believe they still have a cafe based at the Cutlery works. Need no introduction really. Rocko mountain appears to be a fave here and they have some excellent baristas working for them. Workshop coffee company is new. Based in Steelyard (again new/work in progress). Good brownies, maybe I caught the barista on the wrong day, shot was overexpressed and milk underdone. The missus said it wasnt the norm for them; so I'll give them another try. Grind Cafe: A kelham favourite. Known for their brunches. Great salads I must add. Decent coffee as well. Depot Bakery: Sourdough everywhere. Bread and pastry specialist. Again good coffee and brunch options. Eccelsall/Sharrowvale (Generally a must visit area of Sheffield for lovers of ... Well anything really). Coffika (another branch in Meadowhall). Relaxed atmosphere for sitting in. Big indoor and some outdoor seating. Again, brunch options here are excellent. They tend to use a lighter roast for their coffee and I like their filter coffee. Poms Kitchen: Vegan cafe. Extremely popular; mainly students. But good coffee options. Though, I wasn't so keen on the biscoffee latte. Jaffles, salads and brunches are excellent. Made By Jonty: Love the brunch here. Good Veggie butty. Again consistent and good coffee. Eve's kitchen/Handmade doughnuts: Best doughnuts in town and they just happen to do good coffee too. Elly Joy/Olive and Joy: didn't realise Vegan doughnuts could be so good. In the summer, this place is killing it with its Froconut (coconut ice-cream); and to top it off, they add scoop sitting a top a doughnut sitting atop an iced latte. Hopper: A new joint, open until late hours, I think there's a bar upstairs. I've heard some good things but haven't been yet. Nam Song (they have another branch here; near Elly Joy in Dyson Place off Sharrowvale) Abbeydale/Netheredge: Braggazzi's: Sorta legendary really, especially in Sheffield coffee culture. Italian roast, Italian brunch, even sell Italian goods. Forge Bakehouse: Massive fan of this place. Similar to Depot Bakery, with bread, pastries and brunch. Again the coffee is excellent. Again many apologies if a thread exists. These are just my experiences and I'm happy to update as I go along.
  11. Sorry I'm aware this is delayed. But having got back from a job in Jersey in October. I've got to agree with this. Dandy is by far the best coffee shop. Also add Lockes and Cargo to the list. As I was leaving, the owners of cargo had also opened The yard. Again good coffee. Bean around the world had the quality of a costa or Starbucks unfortunately.
  12. Amongst my favourite beans are forge coffee roasters Ruskin blend. It's a 16g in 34g recipe. I've tried to increase the dose and less fine grind size but struggled to match the initial recipe in taste
  13. Just a general question about VSTs. Dosing at 16g, would you guys recommend the 18g or 15g basket. Already have a 18g barista pro basket, but that appears to be too big.
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