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  1. Thanks Mr slim. I think I owe stephen another order of beans for all his help so will include a bag of these and let you know. cheers Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  2. Morning !!! A little update. Had a response from Baratza asking me for a little more information and they've kindly given me guide saying that the adjustement ring may be compromised and losing contact with the micro safety switch - this kinda makes sense. However, I've also had a phone call from Anthony at Marco beverage Systems who is arranging for the grinder to be picked up tomorrow and will dispatch a new one from a new batch today - he did mention that they'd had a few with problems from a recent batch. Needless to say i'm delighted with the level of service from Bar
  3. I'm sure it will. Cheers for your help and you to Gary.
  4. Well I've e-mailed Baratza with details and await their response. Also e-mailed Steve who has contacted the importers and came back to inform me that they will arrange pick up. Not sure when or if a replacement will be brought but at least on the surface something may happen. Arrived home and ground some black chough without any problems except that even on the finest setting its still pouring fast - so something is definitely not correct. I see there's details on the Baratza webpage on how to recalibrate but wouldn't have thought it necessary 6 weeks after purchase cheer
  5. Thanks for the reply Mr Slim I guess I best go register the grinder then - have to say that If I'd known that failure rate prior to purchase I wouldn't have bought it..... I've never seen this mentioned before and I did a lot of reading and research prior to purchase. However, whats done is done and I couldn't live without it now You should have seen the state I was in at 11 O'clock yesterday morning when I feared I wouldn't get another brew......looking around the kitchen in desperation at my options and finding nothing that didn't require a grinder - except - 1 Jar of freez
  6. Hi bit of a strange problem here. I got two bags of these beans from hasbean couple of weeks back. 1st bag I used immediately and it was okay - always poured too fast which I put down to them being fresh. Opened the second bag yesterday and set the preciso to it's finest setting, pressed the pulse button to grind and it stopped after about 2 seconds. Thought it was just a stuck bean, so stripped it out, cleaned and ran two caps of Grindz through it mixed with some black chough beans to finish - tried again at a higher grind setting and the same thing happened - after about two
  7. ripley


    Thanks guys I'll try about 8 and take it from there. Cheers Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk
  8. ripley


    Hiya, Finally got around to unboxing the aero press and will looking to use it when my beans arrive from hands on. Appreciate all grinders are different but roughly what number should I be grinding at for this ? Cheers Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  9. Black chough from hands on. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk
  10. LOL can you give me the link to the original question? I need to check the answer....
  11. WOW- if you bought from Amazon then you have time to adjust your frothing technique - I'd stick with it , play with it, then if you decide that it isn't for you and you can't get the foam you require, then fill in the returns. I think you have 30 days from date of purchase.
  12. yes I seem to get quite a good result - you are right though, the machine does need time to heat up properly. I don't notice this time any more as I have that timer - but on checking it, I do have it set to switch on 30 minutes before I get up and same again for coming home in the evening. Making a coffee is the first thing I do each morning, I'd be washed, dressed and out the door before the machine had time to reach temp half the time and going to work without a lusty glaze is my idea of hell hehe
  13. Hi sorry I never made that clear - the 180 degrees is not directly from the group head but through the portafilter and basket Phewww
  14. I had a longer reply typed out but lost it when I hit submit, so this is the shorter version Pulled my first shot this morning and it was 180 degrees.This includes steaming about 50 ml of milk. Pulled an empty shot about 4 minutes later and it was 180 degrees. break for about 25 minutes. Made another drink 180 degrees again steaming about 50 ml of milk. pulled an empty shot this time immediately after - 180 degrees. Pulled another empty and it was only on this one where the temp dial slowed down before reaching 180 degrees. I used to have a problem with drin
  15. A 7 day electronic timer Got fed up waiting on the machine heating up so now I have this set to switch on 20 minutes before I wake up and 20 minutes before I come home in the evening - I need coffee on demand Probably one of the best things I've got yet...... meant to say Amazon sell them. Don't let the 3 stars out of 5 fool you - this is great. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Masterplug-TE7-MP-24-Hour-Programmable-Electronic/dp/B004I5BQA6/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8&qid=1331839473&sr=8-21
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