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  1. Ordered from there - thanks for the recommendation
  2. They’re really expensive and I think there’s been a run on them since lockdown as they’re harder to find for a decent price. Would make a great group buy.
  3. That’s the really decent one right?
  4. I went for this in the end. https://www.johnlewis.com/samsung-qe49q60r-(2019-qled-hdr-4k-ultra-hd-smart-tv-49-inch-with-tvplus-freesat-hd-apple-tv-app-charcoal-black/p4045762
  5. Whenever I open the steam valve, I have water leaking out of the end of the valve at the point shown on the photo below. I’ve tried replacing my valve with another second hand one but have the same problem. The water then collects on the floor of the casing and drips scalding water out of the hole that the steam wand comes out of. Is the remedy simply a new steam valve or is there anything else I need to check? I noticed on a related issue that the metal insert/ spring bit in the steam knob has pretty much rusted.. is that something I need to replace
  6. Thanks all. I ended up getting a bit carried away and went for a 49 inch Samsung at £549 (a 2019 QLED), not exactly in line with my brief!
  7. I know.. you’re right, I will do. Here’s the block I have. Should that fit an IMS screen? https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/gb/Gaggia-Brass-Shower-Plate-Holder-ø-57x14mm---WGA16G1002/m-m-1976.aspx
  8. No it looked ok without the portafilter as I recall - I’ll have another look if I put the brass block back in. Thanks for help
  9. Here’s what my screen looks like (and it was like this when I got it). I was too keen to get on with servicing my machine so I didn’t send it back but I should have done tbh as it’s really scratched up. I suspect there’s some slight discrepancy between the screen and brass plate that’s causing my issue. Not sure whether the brass plate is a good use of £20 tbh..
  10. Thanks all. I’m using 9 bar. I think I’m a bit closer to getting to the bottom of this though I tried replacing the brass dispersion plate with the original Gaggia plate and that seems to have improved it - two shots since with no problem. Whether that singles out the dispersion plate or the shower screen as the problem I’m not sure. One thing I noticed when I got that shower screen (part of the service kit from Espresso shop) was that it was pretty scratched up - so I wonder if it’s a bit out of shape and the brass plate isn’t quite so tolerant of this as the old dispersion plate. i think as my next move I may buy a new screen and try it with both dispersion plates to test. Do you think the IMS screen is worth trying?
  11. Here is the latest..
  12. Thanks both. I’ve cleaned it.. but no improvement. If anything the hole has moved around a little but still on the right side of the puck. I’m wondering if it’s down to the shower screen which I don’t think sits quite as neatly as it should on the dispersion block.
  13. This is driving me mad.. I’m consistently getting a large hole at the edge of my puck in the exact same spot - 4 o’clock on the clock face (see pic). I’ve checked my preparation carefully and even turned the basket 180 degrees after tamping to see if it makes a difference - but it unfailingly appears after every shot.. any ideas? It’s a Gaggia classic, double basket in a bottomless holder. any ideas please??
  14. Hi all, I’m after a new TV and wondered if anyone had any recommendations or advice. Probably after a 43” screen.. under £400. Replacing a 7yr old Samsung 32”. thanks!
  15. JonnyA

    Gaggia Classic

    Would you be OK posting it? I’ll check with my brother but that sounds v fair.
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