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  1. Can I ask why it needs my location in the permission settings?
  2. I think it's pretty obvious to all why they were removed. Surely can't be coincidence - the only way show an opinion on a locked thread gets removed? Hopefully I'll be proved wrong and this will be rectified so we can all show how we really feel.
  3. We are taking LSOL elsewhere - you are welcome to come along. We had plans to approach you as a roaster so it would be great if you came.
  4. This is not true. We did engage - we asked to fulfill our commitments for the next quarter (as we had already agreed terms with the roasters) and we would seek to agree an amicable solution thereafter. We were denied this hence our current position. The offer above was not tabled to us - we had 3 months to come up with a solution between us, instead the forum demanded the money from March onwards. Please don't put spin on this to say we would not negotiate. It's simply untrue. I could share copies of our negotiating attempts, but that would be unfair on you.
  5. I do question why we were not given any time to find an amicable solution. By imposing the impossible deadline, the cynic in me wonders if the management expected us to simply role over and pay the ransom. If nobody had complained why impose an unachievable deadline?
  6. LSOL generates traffic and click through - without it nobody sees the paid adverts. There's no point paying for an advert on a forum with little click through.
  7. Sorry - we have always been a non profit set up. If we accrued profit we gave it back to the forum as a donation. Charging our subscribers extra to make enough profit to pay for an advert we don't need doesn't fit. We cannot guarantee how many subscribers or guests we get so we would personally shoulder the risk of a forced advertising debt running the LSOL. We do this for free for forum members.
  8. This is not true. The forum told us their terms - they were to start from our March roaster onwards. We appealed to finish our commitments for the next quarter that had been agreed months ago with our roasters. The forums management were not prepared to give us time so we could reach a compromise. We tried..... shame they wouldn't.
  9. @GCGlasgow - I will get an update from the roaster today and confirm on the other thread (but I believe we are looking at roasting and posting this week)
  10. No [email protected] Just keep your eye out for that months thread and add your name to the list
  11. I've just sent the roaster a special note about your [email protected] [emoji57]
  12. I'm really happy to report everyone has paid! A massive thank you to you all for being so quick. It really does make it easier for us.
  13. No problem - I'll message you before the next one starts with details
  14. Payment instructions should be in your inboxes now (unless you have already paid - thank you).
  15. Not yet... I'll update here once sent (I've got 2 excitable kids to put to bed first)
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