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  1. If you paid by PayPal then you should get an email to the email account associated to your PayPal account (the mac.com one in your case). It is a big order so it's possible it may take the roaster a few days
  2. It's looking good for delivery tomorrow - UPS [emoji322]
  3. Payment deets should be with you now. If you haven't received a PM please let me know. We are hoping to place the order no later than Monday - so hopeful of a delivery next next week, however we will keep you updated on this thread.
  4. I'm slightly behind, sorry... You get a massage in your inbox lunchtime
  5. I'll sneak you in, add yourself to the list above - we always welcome new guests.
  6. Payment instructions going out later tonight everyone [emoji1360]
  7. As your name mate... We'll sort it out.
  8. Daren

    Any bikers

    @hotmetal - I bet the Vespa was still the most fun!
  9. I think it's a natural Arctic grown at sea level by a small Eskimo family
  10. LSOL is a voluntary run non profit making subscription club that has approximately 40 subscribers. Coffee from different roasters is selected each month and we keep the origin and tasting notes a secret so you can have a guess at what you think it is. We reveal what you've got a few weeks after delivery. The coffee is often exclusive to us and not on sale to the public. Sometimes it will be new to the roaster and they look to us for comments. It will always be great value and (if available to the public) will be cheaper than your can get on their site. In addition regular 40 subscribers we invite guests each month... 22 this month. Looking forward to what you think it is!
  11. Daren

    Hi from Essex

    Essex - the only way (I'm allowed to say that)
  12. Daren

    Any bikers

    My bike history started with a Lambretta Golden Special then/and Vespa PX200, another Vespa PX200... And another Vespa PX200 Now on a Triumph Tiger 800xrt (fast, comfortable, efficient - but never as cool as my old Lambretta)
  13. No need mate, I worked it out. Thanks for the prompt payment
  14. Payment deets going out soon... Get your name on the list if you don't want to miss out!
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