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  1. Thanks to all the guests - I can confirm I have received all payments and have noted your PMs with address details. Enjoy the coffee
  2. Payment details have been sent. Please note the short payment timescales on this one. @jlarkin - your bro is more than welcome. PM me his name and address and we will do the rest 👍
  3. Not long now till the guest list closes, be quick peeps
  4. Reminder - this closes Monday... Get in quick!!
  5. Hmmmm.... tempting.... Watching with interest
  6. It's tough times for our roasters, let's show them our support - (White Star are showing us their support with the price on this one) Get on board for the absolute bargain!!
  7. Thank you to everyone that has paid so promptly. If you have expressed interest and are yet to pay, we will be placing the order tonight - you only have a few hours left. Don't miss out!
  8. Glad you got there in the end Urbs [emoji1360]
  9. @Inspector No... We can accommodate 20 so add your name on the list [emoji1360]
  10. Don't use this bean as a bench mark for lighter roasted beans - without giving the game away, these are slightly unusual [emoji6]
  11. If it's for 58mm I'll take it please at asking price [emoji1360]
  12. WTF! Gifting coffee! Have you gone mad? [emoji2957]
  13. For those not familiar with LSOL - you'll get a single origin Light roasted bean suitable for both brewing and espresso At £16 for 500g delivered you'd be crazy not too get involved in this... even more so knowing you're on for a sure fire winner as it's Rave! Put your name down!
  14. That is a thing of beauty! Outstanding.
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