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  1. @arellim ,@gravelmonkey ,@viridianpulse ,@GlenW (and others listed above) - your interest is noted - thank you [emoji1303]. I'll PM you when the regular subscribers quarterly renewals are due - not long now.
  2. I'm still waiting as well [emoji51]
  3. Still waiting on mine also - no need to panic just yet [emoji1303]
  4. Yep - you are definitely in! Can't forget you mate!! [emoji16]
  5. @Xabi17 - send your payment over to me mate and I'll squeeze you in. We need to wrap this up today so be quick [emoji1303]. PM me if you need payment instructions.
  6. Payment details should be with the first 25 lucky people now (sorry for the delay). We still have a few more slots available if you want to get involved with this... add your name to list! 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
  7. Yes - payment instructions remain the same as previous LSOLs. Feel free to pay now if you wish, I'll be sending out instruction tonight though (and a mop up towards the end of the week)
  8. It's a Tapatalk setting
  9. Not so sure if I'm honest... If you use dark mode on your device it's quite hard to see
  10. Couldn't be happier for you Boots! In about 10 years he will be bossing you around and you'll be happy to take it.
  11. Happy Birthday Chap [emoji512] - you'd best be on guard... High risk group now mate
  12. I've got 3 baskets... all marked with the size. If I remember correctly they each came in a box with a quality check certificate and date of manufacture
  13. That's worth fighting over though...
  14. One of my all time favorite threads!! [emoji38]
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