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  1. Just waiting on a couple of guests to read their payment instruction PMs before we can place the order.... We'll keep you updated once we know the expected posting date (not long I hope).
  2. Payment instructions sent peeps (Thanks to the lightning fast payers who have paid before I managed to update here! You make my job sooooo much easier!!)
  3. A first for me as well - and I loved it, especially as a macchiato. I'll be buying this again
  4. Totes agree. I've changed down to a 15g basket and am dosing about 14.5g which seems to be hitting the sweet spot for me
  5. Always on holiday! Thanks for the update
  6. Any sign yet?? (Pretty sure the posties passport is still in date)
  7. The order is being made in the next couple of days. For those yet to pay - payments need to be in by Monday 16th evening please otherwise you'll miss out.
  8. Tick tock.... Get your name quick
  9. Daren

    LSOL Announcements

    Invites for this quarter have been sent - limited numbers only so please respond quickly to avoid disappointment. @Jon_Foster @Rom @MediumRoastSteam @Deeez Nuuutz @ATZ @igm45 @Bacms Anyone else reading this - If you want in on the LSOL action please PM me and hopefully we can squeeze you in. We don't open up invites very often and will close applications very soon - so be quick!!! (In case you have been living under a rock - LSOL (Lighter side of life) is a non profit subscription service offering lighter roast coffee delivered to your door on a monthly basis. It is run by volunteers. Each month we bring you the best coffee from different roasters. Coffee is delivered without the origin details being revealed so you can join in the threads guessing where its from. We reveal the origin towards the end of the month so you can see how good your taste senses are! Coffee is priced at £73 for 1kilo of LSOL delivered to your door each month for 3 months..... so that's 3 x 1kg)
  10. Daren

    LSOL Announcements

    This quarters renewal PM's should be with subscribers now - if I've missed you please PM me. Ta
  11. Filter shmilter.... Spo's the way to go [emoji16]
  12. Payment deets sent everyone. Looking forward to this "juicy banger"!
  13. Cult Coffee, definitely the best place in the Southend/Leigh area currently. https://g.co/kgs/8o9Tup Harris and Hoole are surprisingly good (In the Tesco Superstore) I'd give Utopia a miss now... It's not what it used to be since the new ownership and staff - shame
  14. Head up everyone - please check for stones before filling your grinders. I've just found one - easy to spot as very light in colour.
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