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  1. We always save the best till last [emoji39]
  2. Payment instructions should be with you all now. If you have already paid - thank you (and feel free to delete my message)
  3. Wowser! That was quick!! I will be sending out payment instructions once I get home from work later today. Payment instructions remain unchanged from previous LSOLs - if you have the details from last time please feel free to make your payment now.
  4. Who's gonna take the last slot then?
  5. Only 2 spaces left... Get in quick!!
  6. Are you using the LSOL beans?? If not the recipe will be different?
  7. No problem - completely understand. Thanks for letting us know.... Maybe next month 🤞
  8. Payment details should be with you now. No need to confirm payment on here (or by PM). I'll contact you to chase if I need to (and send round my henchmen!)
  9. Closing this off soon - don't miss out!
  10. If you paid by PayPal then you should get an email to the email account associated to your PayPal account (the mac.com one in your case). It is a big order so it's possible it may take the roaster a few days
  11. It's looking good for delivery tomorrow - UPS [emoji322]
  12. Payment deets should be with you now. If you haven't received a PM please let me know. We are hoping to place the order no later than Monday - so hopeful of a delivery next next week, however we will keep you updated on this thread.
  13. I'm slightly behind, sorry... You get a massage in your inbox lunchtime
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