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  1. Payment deets sent everyone. Looking forward to this "juicy banger"!
  2. Cult Coffee, definitely the best place in the Southend/Leigh area currently. https://g.co/kgs/8o9Tup Harris and Hoole are surprisingly good (In the Tesco Superstore) I'd give Utopia a miss now... It's not what it used to be since the new ownership and staff - shame
  3. Head up everyone - please check for stones before filling your grinders. I've just found one - easy to spot as very light in colour.
  4. Sorry Eric, hopefully catch you next time
  5. Yes - sorry... It appears to be one of the new features introduced after the forum 'upgrade'.... I'm not sure how to stop it happening so please do not send anything confidential in that message thread. If you need to send me your address please do it by direct message to me.
  6. Sorry for the delay guys.... message sent 🥳
  7. I'll be finalising the guest slots this evening at 8pm - get in quick to avoid disappointment. Payment details will be going out to people on the list after that (if you have been a previous guest, payment details remain the same - feel free to crack on [emoji3]) Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  8. @Bainbridge - sent you a PM
  9. I've got a friend who is very interested. Can you tell me what it comes with please and can he view the machine? (He's in Essex and not a million miles away)
  10. A big thank you to all the guests - I have received all your payments (sorry if I haven't messaged you direct).
  11. Thats all folks - guest slots now finished. Payment details on their way.
  12. Final chance to get on board - we will be closing down the guest slots this evening and payment instructions will be sent to those lucky enough to have got on the list. Get your name down quickly if you want in on the action.
  13. Any more takers? It's a stonker!!
  14. That will be me! (you will also need a glass tube under the aeropress hopper into the throat of grinder.... (I'm happy to post up a pic if needed - makes more sense I suspect)
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