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  1. @stevebee many thanks for the offer. I got desperate (with actual withdrawal headaches!) and had a ride around, today. Found a little cafe not 5 minutes from me in East Finchley that roasts its own beans. I grabbed a couple of bags of filter and a bag of espresso to keep me going. But I'll make a note to check out your stall soon, though. It looks fantastic!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, both. James Gourmet looks very tasty- I’ll definitely give it a try via mail order. @Stevebee, I might take you up on that offer. I’ll take my bike out around the centre, tomorrow and let you know afterwards if I’m still in need of some light roast. I’m thinking perhaps one of Workshop’s cafes is open.
  3. Grateful for any recommendations for cafes/ shops in central London that are a) open and b) sell light to medium roast beans for V60/ pour over. I’ve been crazy busy at work these past few weeks and haven’t kept on top of my coffee habit. Down to my last 10g. I’m in Finchley (south side) so anywhere north of the river is an option. Ginger and White is close but limited to espresso (Redbrick) 🧊 🦃
  4. Excuse the levity, but your options appear to me to be either buy a Niche or drink more coffee. Win / win!
  5. No I didn't do anything specific, not to the grinder at least. Within a few days I was able to reduce my dose to 14g (in a 51mm La Pav/ IMS basket). Still grinding at 0. I assume the change was a result of all the nooks and crannies filling again with compacted fines (and, once filled, allowing more fines out of the grinder and into my basket). There were other factors, too. I stripped the La Pavoni and retightened everything on the inside (including piston) to try and create a more forgiving shower (hitting the puck). I also replaced some plastic parts with brass (the La Pavoni sleeve and bo
  6. Hi Tambu. It's fair to say I found shimming harder than expected. I imagine that, if one is trying to fix large inconsistencies, it's actually quite straight forward. With smaller inconsistencies, say a variance of 0 to 30 microns, there is a lot of trial and error involved. One reason for this is that the variance is caused in part by the grind chamber and in part by the burr (I am told that, these days, the EK43S burr chamber (stationary) is close to perfect). The alignment gauge however can only measure the variance from the installed burr; it is not possible to measure the chamber itself a
  7. Another fan of Cravendale, here. It tastes good enough and I find it’s so much easier to steam than the other creamy alternatives near me.
  8. Yeah it bugs me a bit, but it’s definitely grinding fine enough for even the finest V60, so I don’t think it’s too much of an issue. And as long as I slow things down, it tastes really good. It might be more my technique, which may have developed bad habits from my conical days. And I do try to get 50% of the water in the v60 in the first minute, which certainly speeds things up.
  9. I have a tendency to fixate, but yes, sometimes I have to (try to) walk away. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop me going over and over things in my head; sometimes it’s preferable to keep going with the tools until I find a resolution (or at least a path to one) rather than worry about something for days or weeks after. I have to choose my hobbies carefully! Espresso was always an unwise one for me! The coffee burrs are so good for pour over. I have never had a pour over from a cafe (specialty ones like Association, Notes, New Black etc) that came close to pour overs from the EK43S w
  10. @flufflesI haven’t, simply because it is very unlikely that the issue is the new carrier. There’s also a lot of work involved in swapping out carriers to make sure all surfaces are spotless before reassembly, so it’s a morning’s work, and as it’s the least likely of the causes, it is the one I’ll look at last (if at all). The memory’s a bit vague now, but I think the issues started when I discovered and tightened a loose screw on the front plate (one of the two main ones holding the face plate on). That might have impacted the grind, albeit positively in terms of uniformity.
  11. @Northern_Monkey It was certainly a long day! And I’d commandeered the kitchen to fettle the EK, so when I was still going 6 hours later, I had to treat the family to a takeaway on account of the kitchen looking like a workshop. I had planned to measure the EK without burr and use that as a baseline to shim both bottom and rotating burrs, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that with the Titus tool, so I just measured each burr three times, rotating the burr anti-clockwise for each new measurement. With the rotating burr, it was never more than 10 microns lower than the high point so I f
  12. Yeah I pulled it apart on Friday and spotted the issue almost straight away. The piston had come loose and was sitting perhaps 1 mm lower than it should. At the same time, I fitted a new brass boiler pipe connector (I managed to shred the threads on my old plastics one) and a brass piston sleeve. It worked like a treat for one day. Sadly I now have a spongy pull problem. No idea what’s causing it. But today I focussed on the EK43S, so i will worry about the La Pav another day. I checked the alignment of my burrs today using the Titus tool. The bottom burr was pretty good, within 20 m
  13. Ouch - as a cyclist I felt every one of those falls! It's the reason I quit amateur racing. Still got the scars.
  14. I had another go at fitting the Titus burr carrier, today. Stripped and cleaned everything, including with alcohol on all the contact faces, which I made sure were spotless. All burr screws were evenly torqued (to 2nm this time), as were the front plate screws (to 3nm). I’ve definitely lost some espresso range, which was the opposite of my intention. I’ll see how I get on for a few weeks, and I’ll consider switching back to the original burr carrier then.
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