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  1. Still waiting on a new coffee machine and grinder so the Osmio is on tea duties and it's great to use (as long as I have a small flush to warm the machine and cup). Run through several tanks so far. Really love the machine. All good so far. Bit of a taste, but as the water is so different anyway it's hard to tell lol. Not sure if the dogs have drunk from their bowl yet, but they are usually a very good test. They will always prefer rain water over normal tap water. The spare set of filters arrived separately at the end of the day, when the machine was there first thing.
  2. Not sure I've ever seen anything quite so efficient and easy! Many thanks to all involved. Super deal and highly recommended.
  3. Just in case you ever see this.... did you sell your grinder in the end?



  4. Hi all, Just thought I'd put this out there and see if there were any alternative ideas for machines and or grinders. I'm in need of replacing a deceased Sage Oracle and looking very prepared to get more hands on for a better coffee. Settled on an Osmio water thingy ? If we can manage to complete round 3 of the group buy. Pretty settled on a Eureka 65 or 75 grinder on demand. Not really looking to get into single dosing at the moment. The machine will need to be used by someone else who's not so bothered with all the ins and outs. Fortunate on the budget fron
  5. Thanks for the heads up. As a newbie it's very much appreciated. I had in fact called a couple of suppliers about machines and I came to my own conclusion very quickly. This was before I really started delving in here. I still wouldn't have come across those reviews though. The outcome is that Bella Barista seem to be a very good company just by what I picked up over a phone call or two. The 'other one' won't be getting any of my business
  6. As the title says, gauging demand as I'd really like one of these but a bit late to the party...
  7. Definitely an Osmio for me from now on. I was only going by how the kettle faired using the same water during this timeframe. It kept really clean. Unfortunately it seems we learn by expensive errors. I wouldn't have found this out without coming here. Just my experience, not saying anything is right or wrong. But hopefully I've learnt from this ?
  8. This started about 4 years in. I've always used fridge filtered water then put through a Brita filter. I was advised to do the descale routine every month by the repair company, whereas previously I just did it when the machine indicated. Which was about every 6 months. More regular descaling would probably have helped. All machines seen to have issues when you do your research, so I don't think this is really any worse than any other brand. I just don't want to spend more money on it, now that its failed again. Time for a change and an exploration of espresso.
  9. More concerned about 25 posts for group buys. But rules is rules, there for a reason no doubt. Seriously considering a Vesuvius(offer) as the major upgrade. Plus suitable grinder. Get it all done and live happily ever after, browsing the boards for leveling tools, naked porta filters. The deuterium depleted water in the Osmio website is amazing. I've come across this on a completely non coffee related train of thought. And it's not for coffee, but was amazed to see it. Sounds like they really know their onions.
  10. Hello all, Despite diligence with water filters etc or sage oracle has died yet again less than a year after a total refurb and practically all major components replaced at great expense. Enough is enough. So I wound up here ? Excellent place. Spending countless hours researching and reading. But need to get a new setup soon. Something reliable! Would love an Osmio filter this time. Fortunate to have a decent budget and want to get something that will really last. I like the Rockets, but perhaps there are better value for money options around the £2k mark. Ver
  11. Using a new browser that wasn't very UK specific, had to add UK to searches ?
  12. New here too. Sage survivor looking to get a whole new setup. 5 posts for for sale is not too Draconian, but 25 posts for a group buy Osmio Zero? Excellent forum. Spending every hour reading and learning and not really anything to add as yet.
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