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  1. Have you tried a bit coarser? I've not got mine open yet but is there a chance it's channelling and that's why it's watery? Will try going coarser thanks
  2. how are you getting on with the North Star? Would be good to get some tips on espresso extraction for this one! Thanks
  3. Great delivery from Dog & Hat this month, got the dialled in darker espressos heres the thing, I’m not getting a good result with North Star’s The Docks House Blend: ~18g in, ~2x out Going finer on the Niche and pulling shots which have a little too much acidity, no milk chocolate but above all, even on my third extraction all of these are thin/watery So anyone who’s had this blend before, can give me a pointer in the right direction pls? Temperature wise I’ve also gone from 92 to 94c on the Bianca and that hasn’t seemed to help much
  4. Seriously bright haha, it’s only 200g so I’ll wait a few more days before dialling in again
  5. @josephgoodsell I wondered that, i never check if their coffees are espresso/filter but will do. It’s rested 3 days, i’ll come back to it mid week thanks!
  6. 20g in, 42g out - 18seconds way too quick, need to go finer on the Niche (I used my setting of 14 which may differ to your setting of 14)
  7. Heavily inspired by DaveCUk’s idea...keeping a note of your ideal grind sizes by region (in the video below) I’ve taken these grind sizes directly from the YouTube video (sorry!), but will def be tweaking the regions and grind sizes myself based on how the niche behaves I got the board online and it comes with tonnes of letters and shapes Also included a cheat sheet on how to adjust if too sour or too bitter Then a section at the bottom for my current coffee of the moment. oh and had to include the bar towel as always got many ideas for this quick project from other pe
  8. This is my favourite thing to see! Makes me glad I logged on to the forum today Slightly unrelated, for a few weeks when I first moved from Nespresso to my Bianca I would have done anything to recreate a Kazaar in whole beans with the Bianca. Tried a few 70/30 arabica/robustas and gave up - they didn’t have the same vibe. Then I tried Kazaar for the first time in 5 months - I’ve lost the need to recreate it..but still curious. If anyone does a Kazaar copy let me know
  9. Give them a whirl 3-5 days after roasting, then decide if they need a couple more days to rest. By Day 7 you should be able to start enjoying, for the next few weeks you might get different flavours turning up. Depending on the bean, 6 weeks after roasting they are still drinkable
  10. san fermin was a great find. i couldn’t get red brick to work for me but am open to trying it again - have you seen their blog post on freshness? https://www.squaremileblog.com/2020/02/21/red-brick-and-freshness/
  11. looking forward to the next delivery!
  12. I just brushed (albeit a good brushing) the outer burr is there something else I should have done?
  13. Will use it for the thread which goes around the Niche’s silver bean cup
  14. Perfect thanks! Was just curious which vid you thought was helpful. I’ve committed DaveCs vid to memory months ago but haven’t taken the plunge yet. also waiting for my Molykote 111 to arrive
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