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  1. Yep it's water pressure on one side and steam on the other
  2. Ah ok so no gauge does not return to zero when cold, so I'm guessing it's stuck and needs a new one. Quick question, if the it is the gauge then I'm guessing it isn't actually going to 13bar and is safe to run a little just to check if everything else is fine? I'd rather order a load of parts than one at a time!
  3. Thank you, I'll have a look tomorrow, never occurred to me someone might have removed it! Not sure I can leave it going long enough to get a shot out, it got to 13/14 bar within under 10 mins. But of course the gauge on the front may be faulty, I did wonder. And my brain couldn't remember if it was supposed to go right back to zero when cold. Again I'll check.
  4. Hi, I've just got a second hand fracino bambino 2 group automatic. I have had a single group tank fill in the past so thought I knew what I was doing. On setting it up (after sourcing a new inlet hose) turned on (opened steam wand and boiling water because the manual said to) and water pressure slowly climbed. Machine began to heat and group heads became hot. Steam pressure remained zero. Water pressure climbed, and climbed, went past 12bar into the red zone. I chickened out as it continued to climb in the red zone. (One of the fracinos in an old job used to sit in the red zone sometimes so I didn't panic straight away, but this was just going up) I'm wondering if the pressure release valve (is that the correct term?) Is stuck? Or something else??? I've looked all over and can't find much info on pressure too high. So any help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you
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