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  1. As a (certified beekeeper - they are honey bees, chances are there was a swarm nearby and they were trying to find somewhere to settle. Most bees are pretty harmless but i wouldn't want honeybees nesting anywhere in your house, the heat they let of is one thing but more importantly the honey can cause real damp issues and is a serious pain to clean up when its in your chimney! The whole Einstein thing is generally agreed to be false, we'd end up with alot less choice of crops but theres plenty of things bees can't and won't pollinate such as tomatoes. Wasps however are a pain, they
  2. Its a shame he didn't seem to do as much work on this as he did the grinders, you'd imagine people are much more likely to pay out for a £1500 machine than a £1500 grinder.... With regards to the pressure question whats happening here? Is his idea of having the pump at 9bar and the group head lower correct & is the scace the right way to measure this? Would a e61 pressure gauge give a more accurate reading when a puck is in place?
  3. Tucking in this morning and tasting good so far but no where near dialed in & properly rested. Looking forward to what its like when spot on! - thanks all
  4. 1. ratty 2. Siliconslave 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  5. siliconslave

    Mara X

    Think the pressure ramps up around the 10 second mark which suggests its running a 10second pre-infusion, as such the 'standard' timing would make it 35seconds in total. As with all things espresso thats just a starting point, if your getting better results at 30 then great in-fact I might have a go with a faster extraction...
  6. I'd be inclided to say its because they don't want you to know it - its not like its not common for coffee (even in supermarkets now) to include the roast date...
  7. just had our kitchen redone - if I cause the machine to dump water everywhere i'm going to be in serious trouble
  8. parts on order - although even with £6 of parts its going to take a while to break even on re-mineralised water... will save emptying the drip tray so much at least
  9. Took a little longer than i'd have liked, wife had some holiday so I didn't have any spare time to play with stuff I decided to go with a Raspberry Pi zero - partly for the size but also for the price, £12 for wireless version with headers The only downside with this is that the architecture and power doesn't support the fancy dashboards detailed on reddit (i found after bashing my head against docker for a few hours) But who wants pretty graphs (grr) we can still do some neat stuff so: Step Two - setting up the pi Setup and image the Pi with some sort of OS (detai
  10. Controversial in some circles, but personally I love a dashboard so i'm building a temperature monitor dashboard using the instructions on reddit / github. Figured i'd put the progress on here as help to others that may want to try. Credit to reddit & reddit for instructions & thanks to @Willem for his Starter Kit thread, without which i'd never be able to find anything. Step one is to connect to the MaraX and make sure the cable works, you'll need the following: MaraX Serial to USB Debug cable - using the PL2303TA chip (https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N4X3
  11. Got a slim knock box, bottomless PF and a new kitchen for the machine to sit in
  12. I've been very happy with my upgrade from a pid'd classic to a maraX - Temp stability on a HX isn't a problem no brew temp priority.
  13. siliconslave

    Mara X

    These bits turned up today so monitoring build begins, although its not going to be quick, got a lot of python etc to learn Aim is for an automatic shot timer and a phone alert that tells me when its warmed up, possibly even one that tells me i've forgotten to turn it off (which is usually achieved by the pump clearing the heat tube, or the wife, making a load of noise)
  14. agreed - love this approach and would like to support & get involved but i'm not sure I can justify the outlay (for now)
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