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  1. I got this some time around 2008 and its done me proud to date - but apparently it won't work in our new kitchen so its time to upgrade Its totally stock with the original burrs so 'only' 80kg (approx) through it but still going strong! Timer and grind adjustment work perfectly. so... whats it worth?
  2. not very helpful but was about to ask about espresso ratios on these beans as well Just got it this morning (roasted on the 11th) so not rested but still very bright and flavoursome. Tried 1:2 on 19g and 20g in 35seconds (long pre-infusion on my MaraX) so far but not quite there... may have to let it rest a little more.
  3. Will have to hold onto my purse strings in that case 🙂
  4. I'm looking for 'something' at the moment - pretty much a Niche but in a case that complements a modern machine, for under 1k I guess theres a market for both single does and on demand grinders so maybe the option of each setup - one with timer & hopper and one with some sort of single dose funnel & weight/nfc disk.
  5. Yes, sold and completed I'm afraid, sad to see it go tbh.
  6. Thats pretty much what i took away as well, i'm not certain a good thing though. I get where he's coming from and appreciate his commitment to both openness and not abusing his position for personal gain. The problem i do however have is the lack of opinion that implies - I sell stuff (software) professionally and were always trying to put a spin on things, its just the way sales work. We're honest about what our software does however I'm always going to talk about it in a generally positive light. An independent 3rd party review should be able to be honest about the positives and negatives of a product. One of the nice things about James' reviews in the past have been his appreciation of aesthetic and functionality - for example how excited he got about using the Olympia Cremina - will he lose that by trying to be more objective?
  7. Being a bit of a techie i do like the idea of the Decent & the design of the EG-1 onyx but can't really justify the cost of either let alone both There is a part of me that would love one of the stupidly large bronze Elektra daleks, but not sure I could swing getting a chunk of the kitchen cut out to fit it
  8. don't think you'll ever get that, but if its wet you need to add browns: Corn cobs and stalks. Eggs shells - crush then up to help distribute them. Feathers. Cardboard Cereal and egg boxes Corrugated cardboard packing Newspapers - but not glossy magazines. Toilet and kitchen roll tubes. Tissues, paper towelling and napkins providing they are not contaminated with meat, fats, oils or disease. Natural fibre string. Shredded plain paper. (tear paper stuff into pieces or screw up and then make sure that they are well mixed with other types of material.)
  9. Machina have one up here: https://machina-coffee.com/collections/domestic-knock-boxes/products/eureka-mignon-knockbox-drawer for £156 😳 - expecting them at the end of the month apparently. Now looking for other options as that seems silly expensive for what it is...
  10. thanks David, i'll see if i can find one in stock somewhere then
  11. a tamped down basket should have about a 5p coins worth of space between it and the shower screen. If not you need less coffee or a bigger basket. weigh & grind your coffee, add to basket, tamp down, put a 5p coin on the top and put the portafilter in place. Don't pull a coffee but take the PF out again. Gently remove the 5p and you shouldn't have an indent in the coffee
  12. have you been wetting the beans? can really bind things up if you put too much water in (sometimes recommended to avoid static)
  13. any chance your getting the chrome Specialita in at all?
  14. thank you, and good luck finding one
  15. Hi, if your happy to take it for £225 cash on collection then great - sorry VHD i'd rather not post i'm afraid.
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