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  1. Yeah I got the bug I'm currently doing research on nice fresh beans no point having invested in good machines to put them to no good use using old beans I have found out. Thanks pal
  2. Looking for a good roaster in Staffordshire or west Birmingham area. I have started my journey recently and first beans were starbucks then I went on to Taylor's 😳 then I got some grumpy mule (couldn't dial it in as well) and now I am currently using lavazza I know all supermarket beans are not fresh but for me it has been a learning curve as I have only used pod machines till recently and now I have seen the light. So using lavazza beans i can make a good 2:1 double shot not great crema but ok for supermarket beans I guess. And still beats any Cafe drink like Costa for me so I'm still relatively happy. But reading the forum I have learned there is no substitute for fresh roasted beans. And since I have 2 set ups for home and work and have invested about £1000 in my sage set ups I should also be using the best beans I can get to really make the most of what I have invested in. I am now only using non pressurised baskets (something I didnt know from the off) So yeah I need good beans hopefully from somewhere local. I have spoke to hasbean but would like somewhere I can go and get a feel for what is what as I'm a little overwhelmed with selection from there website. And to be honest I'm not sure what coffee would suit me as till now it's always been supermarket beans or pods or illy ground in the past for a press. Now I can't believe I actually ever fell for the whole pod thing. We live and learn. Anyway any advice much appreciated.
  3. Yeah that's what I do on my sgp if I needed to brind for my work aeropress I always go past where I need then back same for swapping back to expresso I go finer than I need then back seems to work well.
  4. Such good advice on here I'm so stoked to give some of this a go tomorrow.
  5. I can't wait to try this having just got the same machine. Great help
  6. 3 month lurked on what is the best encyclopedia for everything I have needed to know.
  7. Wrinklyninja


    Just joined myself what machine have you got to start your home brewing. Best of luck
  8. I have not so much experience and even less in hand grinders but the smart grinder pro by sage I have started with seems a fantastic bit of kit but that is obviously a electronic grinder so the opposite of what your looking for really but it is a consistent burr grinder for a good price and comes with not only portafilter cradle but a nice little seal jar to do larger amounts. Best of luck with you hunt for a new grinder and I am jealous of you local amenitys as I have not many good supply around me.
  9. Hi all I'm from staffs, I have been using the sage bambino and smart grinder pro for a few months now and really want to up my game (its give me the bug) I have just got a second machine a barista express for home so the bambino and smart grinder pro are going work with me. Since I kicked the instant I have really got into home brewing and want to hone my skills especially milk texture as the bambino kind of takes the skill away from it. Looking forward to reading all the input on here and furthering myself on the coffee journey.
  10. Ah ok I thought they were different thank you I'll give that a go in the mean time till I can source the proper one. Kind regards
  11. Hi all I'm new here I have used the forum for a while as a guest. I have been using the sage bambino plus and the smart grinder pro for some time and as a entry level machine I have loved it but wanted to be more hands on to get my milk technique better etc. Anyway i have just got the barista express as a gift off a friend but it is missing the portafilter (he lost it moving house) so wondered if there is anyway i can get one or if someone has any for sale. I have looked everywhere and contacted sage direct but they have no stock for the next month. Thanks for any help in advance
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