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  1. I have followed the instruction manual, but I have my doubts. Someone who has it can tell me in what number does the millimeter wheel have to make a good espresso, it is only for compare. Thanks
  2. Could someone with the E10 help me to know how to calibrate it well? I bought it second hand and cleaned it and I don't think I know how to do it. Since when placing it according to the manual I think that it generally grinds finer than it should even putting the grinding at point 85 (max).
  3. Finally E10. From 2016
  4. Any recommendation or tutorial to dismantle the grinder? I am noob and this grinder was 4 years in a coffee I would like to clean it well well thoroughly. Thanks
  5. In a future i thinking to buy a Niche
  6. I have finally found an E10 for a similar price from 2016. I think I'll stay better with the E10, right?
  7. Do you think E8 its a good purchase for 200€? It would be my first grinder. Im waiting for a ACS MINIMA, it will be my first machine.
  8. The grinder gots high retention? U know aprox how much? Thank You man!
  9. Year 4/2016. Im thinking to buy Red Speed Burrs. You know the retention of this grinder Jony? Thank You!
  10. About 220€ in Spain. The grinder comes from a coffee bar.
  11. Hey Folks, I'm thinking of buying a second-hand Compak E8 at a great price. My question is if anyone knows the approximate retention of this grinder, it is something that I would like to consider before buying it. Many thanks!
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