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  1. Cast Iron Coffee's (via Black Mocha, Brighton) 'Bukonzo Dream', Ugandan, natural SL14 & SL28. Had high hopes after Horsham's remarkable take on it last year but this is really disappointing. Two weeks old when it reached me and already dull so probably shouldn't have frozen it but already had a bag on the go. No idea what went wrong with this but none of the strawberry blast or sugary finish of Horsham's roast and just a bland, sour brew with the occasional hint of sour peach as it cools. Possibly went just a bit too dark? What a shame. May try it as a shot just for the hell of it.
  2. Skizz

    Manument Leva

    Definitely a hint of 'Dr Schlong's organ-enhancement Coffee Machine' about it
  3. If not for the aesthetic objection the Elizabeth would meet your requirements really well. This is a genuine suggestion: how about adding a wooden portafilter handle and finding a more vintage/retro coffee-related badge to cover up the lelit logo? I've always thought that changing handles, knobs and levers etc. is like changing wheels on a car, i.e. can change the aesthetic impression massively, and often for the better.
  4. A good hand grinder works well for espresso but the key bit of that is 'good'. I use a Feld 47 several times a week for shots from a GC and daily for aeropress and it works really well. Tried using my old Porlex for shots and got through loads of beans without ever really getting it dialled in, and it'll still drift loads and give massive variation in particle size. Closest you'll get are probably the 1Zpresso JX, which @DavecUK reviewed positively but mainly for brewing rather than shots, and MBK's Aergrind, but that's still £120 shipped, though they occasionally sell cosmetic seconds for les
  5. Craft House's 'Hutwe', natural bourbon/rumangabo from DR Congo. Tried previously and wasn't keen but forgot and ordered another bag. Aeropress results just as disappointing as last time, regardless of grind or brew time. Sourness (sour plums, maybe?), with no other discernible notes to tempt development with a different approach. May try as a shot to see if anything happens. Otherwise, one for the book of enemies. EDIT: Just had another glug now it's cooled (to 47C) and there's far less sourness with maybe a hint of the noted nectarine coming through. Still not great though.
  6. Lotta hills round here. Would need a shower after the school/shopping run without the assistance
  7. Couldn't bring myself to fork out for the OEM running boards and deck for our cargo bike and had some 12mm baltic birch ply kicking around so got busy with the routers, including a Katsu for the round-overs @Northern_Monkey 😁. Stop-blocks galore for the slots and copied the second running boards from the first with a guided flush cutter. Three coats of yacht varnish for weather-proofing.
  8. Oooh, bike tarting! Be rude not to: Tripster AT with two wheelsets for road, offroad, allroad, etc. In offroad/allroad mode: And in winter road warrior mode. Super comfortable and keeps up on mid-paced club runs: And the daily runabout, shopping, load lugging e-assist tank (Yuba Mundo with TSDZ2 mid-drive):
  9. Follow them on Instagram as that seems to be how they advertise each drop
  10. CraftHouse's Mexican 'Guadalupe Zaju', washed then barrel-aged in old bourbon casks. 16g aeropress brew this morning was a bit meh, with no detectable influence from the cask finishing. Disappointing first brew from what I hoped would be a tolerably interesting washed bean. Will tweak it and try again but otherwise it'll be back to naturals. At the other end of the funkometer was their Costa Rican 'Don Alfonso' natural that I finished yesterday. Bit of a boozy, liquoricey tia maria thing going on. Was lovely and reminded me of Horsham's El Mirrador from last year (missed this year's) but
  11. The Katsu's an awesome little machine and ridiculously good value for money. I've got two and know a few people with three or four that they keep them permanently set up for chamfering, roundovers etc. Just don't overdo it with a router that small and 1/4" cutters. You'll hear when the cutter starts to chatter and that's your cue to back off, take shallower passes and/or slow your feed-rate. Like @El carajillosays, don't cheap out on the cutters, buy quality and just the ones you need and go from there. The Trend sets can be okay value when on offer but otherwise you're just paying for a load
  12. Similar experience here. Used since late Feb for 7-10 Aeropress brews (16g) and 5-6 shots (17g) a week and been very happy with the performance. Grinds are still consistent, adjustment remains accurate and cleaning is relatively straightforward once you know how. Issues with fit & finish and customer service remain but otherwise very happy. Static in the grounds cup also persists but easily fixed by bashing it with the same wooden pastry brush used for clearance and cleaning. Genuinely don't feel any need for a powered grinder, though that may change if I was pulling more shots.
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