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  1. No idea but that is not what I would call a machining mark.
  2. My storage is already full! Dreading next LSOL and having to buy a fresh turkey this year because there is no freezer space!
  3. what is the delivery timescale on this batch? just trying to work out what to defrost between now and then...
  4. I was the same so I routinely buy the LSOL slot each month which covers about half my monthly usage and refuse to buy any others until my freezer runs low. There will always be interesting beans available and different offers on.
  5. It doesn't take long to fill the guest slots!
  6. 1. MinesAbeer 2. Jason11 3. nicd 4. Akp 5. ArkellvsPressdram 6. Jackabb 7. Lionheart 8.Mark70 9. Earthflattener 10. higbert 11. Stu Beck 12. steffanjtaylor 13. jazzersi 14. salty 15. MWJB 16. Marcros 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  7. Honestly, in my opinion only, the only essential is a decent tamper because the plastic thing is useless. 2nd would be a naked portafilter so you can see what is happening. Everything else is optional, certainly not essential. I don't drink milk drinks so can't comment on the milk jug (or potential wand upgrade). I would get your machine and enjoy using it until you reach its limits. Then look at upgrades. You don't say if it is new or used, but when I got mine the baskets and shower screen were manky so I did upgrade those rather than buying a new standard version. The cheap 58mm Mo
  8. This one for me really improved in the last week. It almost dialled itself in to my grinder setting, which previously was almost there but can't quite have been.
  9. As context, I am 12 months in to my coffee enjoyment. I am starting to know what flavours I like and what flavours tempt me to buy, I am less familiar with what flavours come from where. I do shop around for something that tempts me and am happy to buy a kg. I would like to see the tasting notes on your pages with the flags so that I can look at whether I want to look further at descriptions. It is hard work to click through them all, looking for jammy biscuit flavours, then remember what is on the shortlist before making a selection. Was it this one or that one that looked good...?
  10. I would go for the little katsu laminate trimmer. Sounds ideal for the lightweight tasks you have in mind and is cheap. I have one with the fixed base but you may want to add the plunge base too. Aim tools are out if stock but they may be available elsewhere.
  11. Daren, I declined the last time because I had a backlog of beans. I would like to be on the next list of possible. Cheers
  12. Mine arrived, thanks. Haven't tried it yet so will ignore this thread for a day or two. Probably just about rested now.
  13. Are they coming by post or courier? No sign of mine yet.
  14. Should be about ready to try when they get here then. Nothing through my letterbox today so I expect tomorrow/Thurs.
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