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  1. I use the old feldgrind for espresso. I would allow a minute for grinding. Give or take. About 120 turns. The feld47 has bigger burrs I think so would be quicker.
  2. I got a used but working classic for just over 100. I replaced seals in it and gave it a service based on YouTube and a couple of online resources. There is probably £20 of parts in the seals and a nominal fee replacement bolts. The work itself isn't difficult and if needed spare parts are readily available, although some parts can be expensive (eg switches). Don't confuse servicing with upgrading, upgrading steam wands and other parts will cost more. For the 100-200 range, I think that these machines are good value. Much more than that, there are possibly better buys. The gaggia
  3. A kg of LSOL plus about £6. So £30 all in.
  4. 22nd Dec to 10th Jan is a bit cheeky really. With that said I have had times when I haven't started a kilo until a month after the roast date and then haven't had freezer space. The last part of that kilo would be almost 2 months from roast date and it has been fine- maybe needs to be ground slightly finer. Maybe my lack of tasting experience, but I have stopped worrying too much about a week here and there. It probably still tastes nicer than Costa 3 months after roasting.
  5. Mine has arrived, in case you are monitoring. Probably wise to avoid royal mail, there is a BBC article today giving the region's where there are still delays.
  6. I have a soft spot for Extract. I have enjoyed several of them that I have tried with a discount code. It enticed me in but I would continue to purchase from them now if the discounts stopped.
  7. @Hairy_Hogg at long last it has arrived. Post marked 2nd, roasted 3rd, arrived 16th. Thanks for sorting.
  8. Post has arrived and alas still no beans! Just FYI @Hairy_Hogg
  9. Post has been today and still nothing. I know that there isn't anything that you can do but thought I would keep you posted. @Hairy_Hogg
  10. When something is described as "boozy", is this descriptive of extremely ripe fruit, just about to turn to over ripe, or is there a better explanation?
  11. I will try that. I have had some very slow shots in the past but no such issue. Easy enough to do though.
  12. it wasnt more than 12 months ago because I bought it and replaced all of the seals in it before using it. it is also a silicone one which apparently shouldn't go hard. there isnt much to these machines though, so what you say is logical. got to be either sudden excess vibration of something with that seal because there is nothing else locking it in place.
  13. I was grinding a little too fine, so I changed my grinder setting slightly. unfortunately it was in the wrong direction and the shot took an age to Coe through. this may be coincidental to the problem which started at the same time. I locked the portafilter into position as usual. part way through the shot it had loosened and came unlocked. I have since backed the grinder to somewhere where it used to be or slightly coarser, and another twice the portafilter has come unlocked. I think that I can actually see the handle moving as the shot progresses. I couldn't lock it any harder at the st
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