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  1. My wife is a decaf drinker and loves the decaf from Caravan. In a similar vein to @Kjk's advice, I think it's a great coffee to start out with. It's very forgiving and handled all of my newbie mistakes when I was getting to grips with consistency and good technique.
  2. I’ll take that at asking. Happy to pick up or meet up too, if we can agree on arrangements.
  3. Can I ask why you changed the screws?
  4. If you're not too far away, I'd be happy to meet up (when the situation allows) and try a taste test, if you're still looking at the Niche at that point...
  5. I used the image from Amazon as I had it in my basket. Thanks for the link though @Rob1, silly of me not to think of it. It turns out that my machine isn't compatible. That saved me some trouble...
  6. I’ve noticed that a few on the forum are using this device the clean their machines: I’m always keen to find quick and effective ways to keep my machine clean. Are there any users out there with thoughts and experience to share on this? How do you use it? How does it fit into your routine? Is it effective? ...
  7. Interesting. I’ve been going through a similar debate with myself recently. I have a niche and have been very interested in the P64 but have only ever owned conicals. The impact on taste was mentioned a few times but I’m curious to know if there’s a consensus on flat vs conical?
  8. Good stuff. I’ll send you a PM with details in the morning.
  9. Very nice! Glad they made it safe and sound.
  10. Thanks all. All cups sold and will soon be on their way.
  11. Hi All, I’m happy to split into pairs given the interest. How about £20 each including postage. Obviously, priority goes to three members above that made the request. Cheers.
  12. Here you go, let me know what you think...
  13. A set of six cups that I bought just before my wife change colour schemes in the kitchen...😐 Barely used as a result. Asking £50 plus postage.
  14. I have cappuccino and espresso in red/rata
  15. No, just cups in this case. I have some Acme Evo cups with saucers that I'm going to list this weekend if that helps...
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