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  1. Thanks all. All cups sold and will soon be on their way.
  2. Hi All, I’m happy to split into pairs given the interest. How about £20 each including postage. Obviously, priority goes to three members above that made the request. Cheers.
  3. Here you go, let me know what you think...
  4. A set of six cups that I bought just before my wife change colour schemes in the kitchen...😐 Barely used as a result. Asking £50 plus postage.
  5. I have cappuccino and espresso in red/rata
  6. No, just cups in this case. I have some Acme Evo cups with saucers that I'm going to list this weekend if that helps...
  7. Cup clearout! 4 Black Barista brand tulip cups. These are 175ml so small latte size (for me anyway!). Approximately 80x75mm £12 including UK postage
  8. Thanks everyone for your input. The conversation pretty much sums up how I feel about eBay. I've been getting quite a few of those £1 offers recently so will probably list on eBay soon. I'll also put it for sale here, once I figure out what to do about finding myself in the new tier 4. Has anyone got tips on posting the machine? I have the original box and packing but wondering if there are any gotchas to look out for. Thanks again
  9. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice. I guess I’ll be off to eBay then... Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. On average, I make three drinks a day, every day. I backflush with water every few days, remove the screen and wipe remaining residues. I backflush with Puly Caf as part of my monthly routine. The manual recommends a regular prophylactic descaling but doesn't indicate frequency. I took this to mean every month and decided to be cautious. I use a citric acid descaler from Bella Barista, using mixing guidelines they supplied. After all that, yes, I lube the cam with some Molykote 111 that I bought on this forum. I used Volvic for the fi
  11. Hi All, I'm selling my current espresso set up and would appreciate some help on setting a price. I'm planning on three separate listings, the machine, the flow control kit and the temp sensor. I bought the Mechanika new from Bella Barista in March (the week before the lockdown!) so it is still under warranty. I installed a silicon gasket and IMS shower screen which I plan to include. The machine undergoes monthly cleaning/descaling and I've only run it on bottled or filtered water. I have included some photos but basically it just has the usual wear on the cup warmer and drip tray.
  12. Tupple

    UK Based Roasters

    I see Alchemy is on the list but the link might need updating as they recently relaunched their web site: Alchemy Coffee They are based in SW London and a good choice for those of us 'enjoying' London water. I find the tasting notes more accurate in terms of what I can achieve at home.
  13. It was good to meet you too Nick. I’ll probably experiment more but for now I’ve settled on the small brass one. It makes it seem like a whole different machine.
  14. I was about to start a new thread but I guess I'll just chip in here... I spent my weekend experimenting with these beauties from @Nicknak: I highly recommend the steam tips. The funnel is fantastic too. I grind from my Niche straight into the portafilter and the size and shape are perfect. @MartinB, Nick is a true craftsman. And a very nice guy too...! @Nicknak, I didn't realise the stainless steel would be such a pain. Thanks for persisting.
  15. Thanks everyone for the observations/pointers. I've got the washing up liquid out and I'm practising. It will take some time to do things in a systematic way but I'll come back to this thread when I've managed to get somewhere. @TomHughes, I agree that getting to know my machine a bit better is a big factor. I also watched countless YouTube videos of people blasting a pitcher of milk with a Linea Mini, which while pretty amazing, didn't really teach me anything. In the mean time, just in case here's my contribution of videos that I have found useful: This is how I test for textur
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