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  1. You would usually have to pay at the till, they usually have the option even on self service checkouts. I don't think you can pay for the express machines with the app, so probably just for mobile ordering
  2. So these photos are from mountain hut and limini's websites and they are the same photo just cropped. Also the bag labels are just photoshopped images. Also the address on the website is just a house on google maps, not sure how you would fit a full scale roastery in there. Finally they sell the same single origins and blends in both stores
  3. Good point, definitely not a beginner feature. But I do like seeing them before I buy the beans so I can have a better idea which ones will fit the bill for my tastes before i order. It is a hard task to work out what information is useful and what is unnecessary. I don't really know which roaster does it best, I guess each roaster has a slightly different style that might suit their customer base
  4. I like those, found a different one on artisan roast as well, don't know if it is needed but I do like to see them. Also they give different tasting notes for their brew methods which I do enjoy like this one for the coffee below: https://shop.artisanroast.co.uk/products/brazil-sul-de-minas-natual?variant=35457496264
  5. I always go by getting the best tasting espresso I can then adding the milk. Flat whites can have more or less coffee in them it really just depends on what beans you are using, and how they taste best. It isn't a lot of milk which makes it hard to start with, because it always feels like you are done almost instantly after you start pouring. Depending where you get them from, flat whites might just be miniature lattes, the rules aren't all that rigid You could always try messaging on social media some of the places you have had good flat whites from before and they will probably
  6. It depends if they can fix the problem, but if they can fix it easily then they won't send you a replacement unit. Reconditioning won't effect how the machine functions, maybe resale value in the future. The warranty won't cover replacements in most circumstances, especially if they are just a reseller of someone else's product
  7. If the company is offering to repair it for free that is the best they can do really, without sending out a replacement unit Products fail for a variety of reasons and that is what the warranty is for, it is annoying when something you buy new breaks but there is always a chance that anything can break But I do understand your frustration at a problem like this
  8. From what I can see the v2 is 25lbs: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Calibrated-Espresso-Tamper-self-Leveling-v2/dp/B07NHZKZXR You can also buy replacement springs, maybe taking the tamper apart you might be able to see which one it has
  9. I thought the spring was calibrated to a certain force so if you have a 15lb spring like in the v3 you would be applying 15lb of force to compress the puck then the spring would compress if more force is applied stopping the puck from compressing further. So the tamper can only apply a fixed maximum force, the distance changes depending on when that limit is reached. If you wanted more force you could buy a different spring
  10. Until the takeover by Coca Cola, it seems like Costa was paying marginally above the corporation tax rate: https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/costa-starbuck-coffee-tax-143723 But as a general rule if a large corporation like Amazon can legally save money by reducing their corporation tax they will. As far as VAT and cash in hand businesses go it is very much up to the businesses. Places like hairdressers have been known to not disclose payments for tax purposes but as a customer you wouldn't know that
  11. Hello from edinburgh as well and welcome to the forum, As far as edinburgh based roasters: artisan roast, machina and obadiah are a few to check out although there are plenty more in the area. Also don't forget to look at the forum advertisers because you can get great deals from those roasters like black cat, coffee by the casuals, crown & canvas and others. It really depends on what sort of espresso you enjoy, whether you drink milk drinks and lots of other factors. What are the beans you have enjoyed the most so far?
  12. This is the video explaining why just for any further clarification:
  13. Have you tried taking the grinder apart as if you were celaning the burrs and checking that there isn't anything inside the grinder from shipping? I guess also making sure the flap is fully open and that the burrs are actually spinning if that is possible. Although they are lots of simple things, sometimes it can be something that is easily missed I have done the same more times than i shoould admit to
  14. After you turn on the machine, how long are you letting the machine heat up for in minutes? It should be at least 15-30 so that the temperature of the water can fully stabilise
  15. The review was interesting enough, but it doesn't really show any evidence of these actual health effects and really only highlights the possible need for more research. The cancer links especially those with regards to the GCC data are also linked to many other factors like longer life expectancy, changing diets and lack of screening which would be factors that seem to be more important. And the cancer patient data mentions that a lot of ther drugs, treatments and types of cancer may be responsible not the water I couldn't draw any good conclusions from their observations that didn't req
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