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  1. The issue decent had from this video (timestamped): https://youtu.be/tGwC_P1nrdY?t=79 was that the accuracy wasn't good enough, +/- 15% so they use a physics model based on pump strokes that is +/- 3% accurate. I think getting accurate real time changes in flow rate so the pressure can be adjusted for flow profiles is important. I guess it also relies on how fast you can change the pressure that is being applied, if it will also be in the thousands of times per second that the decent manages The machine would probably have to be less than 2k for sure, probably less for kickstarter backers
  2. The flow meter is an interesting part, especially as decent removed their flow meter because they couldn't find one that was accurate enough without being far too expensive. I do hope they can get the prototype into some other peoples hands maybe at some events when things are more relaxed, because kickstarter is always big risk especially when dealing with expensive products like this. As far as looks go it is a prototype so I don't mind the price, performance and reliability I would say are going to be key to how well it performs. It is an interesting idea, still a bit rough aroun
  3. The P-100 is interesting because it does claim to improve on some things compared to the competition. The big one for me would be workflow, if the smart purge on the P-100 doesn't require a bellows, or brushing the chute or a bean knocker and blind basket to reach retention levels similar to the other big three grinders that would be great. Also the 'permanent alignment' they mention is interesting so that it can be deep cleaned without realignment being needed. I think the main focus is on availability and price in comparison to the competition, it will be interesting to see if they can
  4. From the website it looks like they add strips of banana to the fermentation tank, so probably similar to the cinnamon fermentation. It would be interesting to see how much the banana flavour comes through, and how it impacts the profile overall. I think it would be nice if there could be a side by side with and without this fermentation step to look at the impact, and to also see the quality of the original beans. But for 90 quid a kilo I don't think I can justify it for myself
  5. Tonic water contains an acidulant as part of it's flavour. If you look at the ingredients of most tonic water, they contain lime juice or citric acid. You could probably just add the citric acid to the syrup, I think keeping them seperate is because originally in the dave arnold recipe he uses clarified lime juice and the flavour of fresh lime degrades over time so it isn't mixed with the syrup beforehand, unless you are using it on the day, in which case he says it is fine to do. Keeping the acidulant seperate would also allow you to control the recipe a bit better because you can change
  6. Thought I would start using the classic for milk drinks again
  7. I haven't seen many beans that are recommended with milk or without but I know a few cafes like brew lab in edinburgh that have 2 different beans on offer, one for milk drinks and one for without. It definitely depends on the beans you have and what you look for in an espresso, because some flavour notes may not mix as well with milk. I do prefer smaller milk drinks, usually 5-7oz so I can usually find the right ratio by adjusting my milk quantity for different beans
  8. You would usually have to pay at the till, they usually have the option even on self service checkouts. I don't think you can pay for the express machines with the app, so probably just for mobile ordering
  9. So these photos are from mountain hut and limini's websites and they are the same photo just cropped. Also the bag labels are just photoshopped images. Also the address on the website is just a house on google maps, not sure how you would fit a full scale roastery in there. Finally they sell the same single origins and blends in both stores
  10. Good point, definitely not a beginner feature. But I do like seeing them before I buy the beans so I can have a better idea which ones will fit the bill for my tastes before i order. It is a hard task to work out what information is useful and what is unnecessary. I don't really know which roaster does it best, I guess each roaster has a slightly different style that might suit their customer base
  11. I like those, found a different one on artisan roast as well, don't know if it is needed but I do like to see them. Also they give different tasting notes for their brew methods which I do enjoy like this one for the coffee below: https://shop.artisanroast.co.uk/products/brazil-sul-de-minas-natual?variant=35457496264
  12. I always go by getting the best tasting espresso I can then adding the milk. Flat whites can have more or less coffee in them it really just depends on what beans you are using, and how they taste best. It isn't a lot of milk which makes it hard to start with, because it always feels like you are done almost instantly after you start pouring. Depending where you get them from, flat whites might just be miniature lattes, the rules aren't all that rigid You could always try messaging on social media some of the places you have had good flat whites from before and they will probably
  13. It depends if they can fix the problem, but if they can fix it easily then they won't send you a replacement unit. Reconditioning won't effect how the machine functions, maybe resale value in the future. The warranty won't cover replacements in most circumstances, especially if they are just a reseller of someone else's product
  14. If the company is offering to repair it for free that is the best they can do really, without sending out a replacement unit Products fail for a variety of reasons and that is what the warranty is for, it is annoying when something you buy new breaks but there is always a chance that anything can break But I do understand your frustration at a problem like this
  15. From what I can see the v2 is 25lbs: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Calibrated-Espresso-Tamper-self-Leveling-v2/dp/B07NHZKZXR You can also buy replacement springs, maybe taking the tamper apart you might be able to see which one it has
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