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  1. For a cheap but good quality bread knife, I would definitely recommend this mercer knife: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000PS1HS6/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_sdWtEb05HFM6F Also the mercer genesis series of knives are good, reasonably priced entry level knives
  2. You can make good latte art with both types of milk. For me full fat is easier, but not by that much. It also depends on how important slightly better latte art when compared to taste or calories. It might be worth experimenting with full fat and seeing which you prefer.
  3. How much does something like enterprise car club cost for a daily commute purpose? Obviously the cost would be reduced as it is expanded upon and used more frequently. And how viable is it in smaller towns or with multiple family members that commute to different locations? If expanded upon it could work especially with automation allowing cars to park in multi storey car parks or other large car parks when not in use, and to then be dispatched when needed which would alleviate their presence on the roadside at least.
  4. I would hope autonomous cars would have cameras inside so they could stop people doing anything too crazy in them, or so they could go and get themselves cleaned. Maybe with fines for the passenger in the same way uber has that system. Cameras constantly monitoring all passengers does lead to a problem with surveillance and a reduction in privacy. I could see a shared vehicle between family members working, but if the cost of autonomous vehicles is still high it may not be as financially viable.
  5. One of the few public transport systems I have can remember taking dogs is the tram in Edinburgh, and that has it's own problems. Most cities lack the infrastructure and even cities that spend a lot of money on infrastructure still have problems with reliability and ease of access. At least from looking at those statistics, car numbers have increased but mileage has decreased. This means that since 2002 there has only been a 1% increase in total miles traveled (from those numbers), which is interesting at least.
  6. I always used to take a v60 brew in a thermos and that would last me until lunch. I then moved on to taking my v60 to the office, I found it preferable to using an aeropress in the office.
  7. Cappuccino foam can definitely work, but it is more foam than you need for better latte art. 20% foam isn't a terrible ratio. As a quick check my 350ml jug goes from 200ml to roughly 230-240ml after foaming. The way you texture the milk and the milk you use can also have a big effect on latte art. For instance how do you make your milk for a latte?
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