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  1. Thanks. I wasn't too sure what it was for, or given the software could I design labels for what I wanted. It is selling for only £150 so thought wasn't too bad cost-wise. @johnealey - thanks will take a look at the device. @Tsangpa - I had thought about this, but I'm guessing my design would be fluid for a while till I'm happy so wasn't sure about getting a load of labels till a solid design.
  2. Evening All, I'm gradually trying to start a coffee roasting business and I've come across a link to someone is selling a "Data max Nova 4 thermal label printer". The idea is that on the degassing bags I can print a label to put on the bags. I've seen this one for sell and was wondering would it be any good for myself. Looking online and trying to find more information about it. Has anyone any experience of this or recommend a label printer that would print well for bags. Many thanks Phil.
  3. Tsangpa - thanks for the thoughts. I do have @coffeechap supplying me one when it's ready.
  4. Ah thought it was your listing. Yes my roaster is still in crate - came few weeks back, but needing to get electrics done and other bits before getting out.
  5. Thanks - and also your help on eBay as well.
  6. Hi, Has anyone got experience of the Mahlkonig Tanzania grinder. See one selling, but it needs "Missing tray and small crack to hopper base". They state easy to replace / repair, but I'm having a quick online to see and cannot readily see anything. Are these good commercial grinders (noting I only have a 1kg roaster at present) and are spares easily available? Thanks Phil.
  7. Now I see this - my new one came last week. How have you found it? I see you are selling your Ditting grinder as well. Shame I'm in the opposite end of the country.
  8. Both - Hippo Enterprises and his selling of coffee beans and your comment about companies house.
  9. Dartmoor Coffee


    The one from Gene Café themselves - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0958/8450/files/CBR_101_Manual_English_ver_03___2015_Feb_f85ca87f-e7bb-492d-9665-83b45aada9b3.pdf?3968263662365538123 I think is the manual. Page 18.
  10. Hi Hippo - thanks will take a look. Hi Filthynines - not me gov. Not sure who you found, but ain't me. Phil.
  11. Dartmoor Coffee


    I've got a Gene Café for testing on - don't follow the guide in the manual for roasting times. I did and my first batch I offered the wife burnt offerings :). I don't find it a bad little roaster for the home use.
  12. Thanks for all your help - no doubt I will return with questions...
  13. Ok I have bitten the bullet and bought it. Hope it works well 😀. Got quote for Probat as well and it is over £9K more expensive. If business takes off and I need a larger roaster I might treat myself to a P5 or P12 then 😉.
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