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  1. Morning All, I was looking for some advice if people could give it. I've got 4 different types of beans I need to create profiles for (2 Guat, 1 Peru and a el Salvador), there maybe a Brazilian in the future. On the Dalian I was wondering if people had any hints / tips to creating a good roast profile? Do you roast a very small batch say (200g), or do you just roast at your full capacity and make tweaks during multiple roasts? Had spoken to someone and they were trying the soak method with 100g of coffee to get sample roasts from it. Not heard back how well it went. Or is i
  2. Hi @filthynines, Can't recollect hearing of olams before. Just had a quick look online. Are they any good?
  3. Thanks - when beans are required I shall look around for quotes.
  4. So we have Falcon and DR Wakefield. Any other wholesalers still in the UK? Think people / companies use Brexit as an excuse to do things like this. Got an email from Falcon recently and think they are more concerned about covid-19.
  5. @Aquila - not sure why people use k-types instead of pt-100. You only need BT to get the ROR line, but AT (I presume is the same as ET) can be useful. I just connected the pre-installed AT at the front of the Dalian. It is 5mm and temp lags, but when it fails I will get a 3mm version. @CarloScarito - when you bend it I was advised to bend it around a cylinder object like a pen just to help get a nice curve.
  6. For the power mod you can download the pdf here: http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/amazon-dalian-roaster-power-control-mod. I'm not an expert with electrics, but the guide is clear and I just took my time. It says 30 mins to do, but I took a lot longer. I also kept the original wire (without clippng) so if I want to remove the power mod I can just wire it as original and all you have is a hole in the back panel. I also bought some heat protected sleeving so that internally the cable is protected from heat. Phil.
  7. Correct. Geordi told Scotty he couldn't do something, but Scotty turned around and said I wrote it and was being conservative on paper...
  8. Thanks @DavecUK. Was confirming since couldn't see an issue with the roaster at approx 2500W. Kettles are normally greater than that, but no one complains. As long as you don't overload the socket, which is the main concern. Yes you do have to be careful what you put on paper in today's world. Bit randomly it does remind me of an episode from Star Trek - The Next Generation and Scotty, but that's a different story. The laptop will be connected to AC although I could disconnect while actual roasting. Thanks Phil.
  9. Evening, I was wondering about the safety of running the Dalian Amazon roaster off an extension lead. The cable is a single gang 2m length and will only have the roaster attached. The cable was bought from Toolstation so hoping quality is good. The reason being is so I can move the energy saving unit next to the voltage dial so to getting a good view of the watts being used. Currently I'm having to look under the table and it is a bit awkward 😂. On a side note sure I read somewhere that you shouldn't connect a laptop to the same circuit as the roaster. Is th
  10. Thanks @CJV8 and @BlackCatCoffee. Heard back from DR and they charge £120 for a pallet of up to 10 bags.
  11. Welcome - I've just used minilabel to print some circular labels for my bags. Competitively priced. My parents used to use them when they have a printing business. Don't think they print directly onto bags, but can do labels. Phil.
  12. Evening All, At some point soon hopefully I will need my first large quantity of coffee beans. At the beginning I used Nordic Approach to get 2 bags, but they have closed their London warehouse. The other 2 companies I have contacted are Falcon and DR Wakefield. I was wondering if people have any experience of either and what do you recommend. My first impression is that Falcon are far more responsive to emails and have provided me basic dispatch costs and answered questions quickly. They don't have a minimum order (whereas DR is 5 bags), but for Falcon a half palette would be 5
  13. All sounds good although the one slight concerning me is the need to calibrate the thermocouple, which I didn't do. @CJV8 did you calibrate your thermocouple before inserting? Makes me wonder if I need to remove and calibrate? I didn't receive any documentation about calibrating. @RDC8 - I do have a spare hollow screw bought from China drilled out to 2.5mm. It is easy to drill out to 3mm if you need.
  14. Hi @RDC8, Found artisan and the phidgets very easy to connect. Are you connecting additional thermocouples as well? Phil.
  15. On that note do you have people who turn around and ask for coffee black so they can appreciate the flavours whereas before they had it with milk?
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