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  1. From my experience I've only ever get smoke out of the back vents if I don't open up SD at all. So beginning of roast when SD is closed, if I don't open it up early enough smoke will appear, but as soon as SD goes to 1 it disappears. Makes me think as @RDC8 and @DavecUK mentions above I would do a complete maintenance on the roaster. When was the last time you performed a complete maintenance. Take all pipes off and clean, clean fan (which if caked with coffee will reduce air flow), clean pipework to the outside. Make sure there are no obstructions. Just wondering have you lubricated the spindle and drum recently - is it rotating fast enough? On a side note does this happen on all beans or are a particular one? Some beans smoke more than others so have you tried opening SD / close CA dampers right at the end to help remove excess smoke?
  2. Yes seen that - will ship out over the weekend. Any feedback / problems just give me a message.
  3. @HBLPI have a Ethiopian Natural Organic Wosasa - send me a message and I'll see if I can post you a sample. I enjoy it , but do find people are not so keen. For people doesn't taste like coffee. The notes are "Jasmine floral, dark cherry, blueberry rhubarb, milk chocolate and roasted almonds, fruity and boozy"". From my experience not your coffee to get up in the morning, but once you're awake and want something relaxing.
  4. Think @Coffee by the Casualsand @RDC8 have covered the main points. Also make sure electrics are man enough to cope. All depends on the roaster you are wanting to use - do you require 3 phase power. If electrics to the garage are they on a separate circuit to the rest of the house and are they up to the latest standards. Last thing you want is accidentally tripping the circuits. Insurance is required esp for home use. Yes to contacting the EHO - I'm still awaiting my initial visit from my local council, but with the pandemic all been delayed. They have recently contacted me, but I am deemed low risk. Regards
  5. Thanks @RDC8 - need to drop some coffee in the post office so might pick up a new "unused" brush for that sole purpose :). I also take care on the fan unit and use a toothbrush to help get in between the vanes. It did seem a bit caked on there. Yes the pipework has been removed and cleaned as with the cyclone. I took an image of the current ducting and shown below. Thanks @BlackCatCoffee - Didn't realise Urnex / Puly did roaster specific items. Will take a look. Like the idea of a brush and drill - saves effort :).
  6. Evening All, I have a general query about the maintenance of the Dalian although this can be applied generically to most roasters. Just undertaken maintenance on the roaster and the fan and other bits are fine. The fan and top of the cyclone I do try and get really clean. Just curious about the main cyclone body, pipework and the ducting and how clean do people get it. Attached 2 images of the cyclone - one before cleaning and the next after a good hoover. I do the same for the pipework. If people get their roaster cleaner than this what do you use to remove the coffee? For the ducting is it possible to get it cleaned at all except put the hoover inside it. Guess with too much rubbing and scraping the duct would just break. Thanks Phil.
  7. Also did you grease the front bearings and has it been correctly set back in. Heard mentioned if not replaced the same way it went it then might not sit correctly?
  8. Evening All, I was wondering do people read the exhaust temperature on the Dalian? I was thinking of a temperature strip or maybe drilling a small hole in exhaust pipe and adding a thermocouple to display in Artisan. Just doing some general reading and it cropped up. Thanks Phil.
  9. Not sure about advice, but just saying that's an impressive setup for the Gene.
  10. Excellent news. Yes I found that out that people want strong coffee. Think they are so used to shop bought, which always seem over-roasted and strong. I've found it is only people who know about the flavours and experience prefer lighter roasts. So your "coffee to go" - was that £1 a cup or something different?
  11. Hi @RDC8, Hope it went well on Saturday. Phil.
  12. Weather certainly dodgy down here. Raining cats and dogs with a yellow wind weather warning. Hope it goes well.
  13. Hi @RDC8 - have you still got your farmer's market this Saturday? Hope it goes well. Did you sort out the electrics in the end? Phil.
  14. I asked Falcon Coffee about sample roasters couple days ago since been pondering them myself and they pointed me towards the Ikawa.
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