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  1. Hi @DavecUK, Yours would be that way since you wrote the guide 😀. For my logical mind your way is correct in terms off it acts in the same way as our UK sockets. When up it is off, and when we click down it turns it on. I wouldn't want to turn them around at the moment due to warranty. Hi @CJV8, Thanks did you find it OK when first using? I'm logically minded so I read instructions to point switch towards "Main Fan On" to turn it on, and in effect I've turned it off. I was mentioning to Martin that surely logical you are pointing to text, that is what you are expecting to happen. The switch is pointing to Chaff Removal so you would expect it to go into that mode when in fact it is the opposite. Since my first commercial machine I was like this doesn't seem right. The beans were roasting far too quick. The entire documentation needs to be revamped. Thanks
  2. Evening All, Could I ask a favour and request those who have a Dalian 1kg roaster, could you post an image of the panel with the 4 red switches visible please. I think mine one has been wired the wrong way around, and have been in discussion with Martin from BB, but I'm curious what others are looking like so I can compare. Many thanks Phil.
  3. This is the burr grinder I use - actually clicked on the link and I purchased it on the 10 Aug 2016 😀. Been a good grinder although since I am looking to go commercial I have upgraded to commercial grinders. Compared to them it is slow and noisy, but works well.
  4. It will be a 20 amp radial. The radial will only go into that 1 room and will have 2 sockets located in different areas within the room. One set for roaster / lights, and the other plug for grinders when required, etc. Believe roaster is about 8.5 amps so gives plenty of room to run a grinder when required. Phil.
  5. Hi @johnealey John, Thanks for your thoughts. It does work on a 13a plug, but the issue for me personally is that the electrics in my house are exceptionally old (back 1990's), old fuse box with a fixed on MCB plate. In addition the socket for the roaster is on the ground floor that includes kitchen (microwave, kettle), utility (washing machine, dryer), and so on, so I was concerned that tripping could easily happen. BB recommends a separate circuit for the roaster, which I agree with. I was at a point of asking the wife to keep all appliances off while I test for an hour at a time, but after having a word with the original electrician who understands the situation, I have found another electrician who will get me fully up to the latest electric regs so by next weekend I can start testing and using it safely. I will be using @DaveC guide that came with the roaster. Thanks Phil.
  6. Just your usual everyday delivery then 😀.
  7. And since this is about BB from my first experience of lack of emails / replies to now they have not showed themselves a fantastic company. That's my opinion and my experience.
  8. Hi Davec, I know it's not their problem, but I just hoped in these exceptional circumstances they might have showed a bit of flexibility. I had the electrician all arranged / booked in after I purchased the roaster, but lockdown happened just before he could come out.
  9. Personally I'm not too impressed with BB. When I was looking for a 1kg roaster the lack of response from them regarding the Dalian 1kg was shocking. Seemed to show no interest in selling it at all. Whereas the UK Probat and Toper dealers were helpful gave me all the information. Only reason I went for Dalian in the end is because DaveC suggested I have another look at it, and since I am starting up a business it was cheaper. Then in the last few weeks I emailed Claudette and asked about my warranty for the Dalian since the electrician I had booked to do the electrics to make sure my house is up to latest regs before using it, had to cancel due to coronavirus lockdown and his wife is under the sheltered umbrella, and could I have an allowance on the warranty. I said it's not used and still on pallet. Her response was it should be used and commercial license so you only get 180 days. It needs to be used and I can only give you 2 weeks extra. Accepted the 2 weeks, but not helpful. So my experience of them is not great. Phil.
  10. Afternoon all, Bit of a strange request, but my Dalian that I bought a few months back has been stuck in crate due to covid and my electrician not being able to come out. Just trying to sort it out now, but I am looking at purchasing a trolley / cart on wheels for the roaster to sit on so was wondering if people could advise the length and width of their Dalian setup (including the chaff collector) so I can get the right size cart. I can work out size of roaster, but don't know how much additional space required for the chaff collector due to pipe. Many thanks Phil.
  11. Many thanks I will take a look and you answered my other query, which I hadn't asked yet, and that does Artisan allow manual inputs :-).
  12. Many thanks for the thoughts and ideas - I will take a look at them. For these devices is there any guide where best to place the probes and would it break warranty?
  13. Afternoon all, A lot of the commercial roasters allows you to connect to profiling software to record temperatures, etc. The Dalian (from Bella Barista) doesn't have from what I can tell such facilities so I was wondering is it possible to either add additional probes or can we manually add the temperatures to a profiling software. I've seen in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLCuXoVv6qo the Wolff college of coffee mention - see around 2:15 onwards about adding additional probes. In addition what is a good profiling software - cropster, artisan? Thanks Phil.
  14. Thanks. I wasn't too sure what it was for, or given the software could I design labels for what I wanted. It is selling for only £150 so thought wasn't too bad cost-wise. @johnealey - thanks will take a look at the device. @Tsangpa - I had thought about this, but I'm guessing my design would be fluid for a while till I'm happy so wasn't sure about getting a load of labels till a solid design.
  15. Evening All, I'm gradually trying to start a coffee roasting business and I've come across a link to someone is selling a "Data max Nova 4 thermal label printer". The idea is that on the degassing bags I can print a label to put on the bags. I've seen this one for sell and was wondering would it be any good for myself. Looking online and trying to find more information about it. Has anyone any experience of this or recommend a label printer that would print well for bags. Many thanks Phil.
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