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  1. @RDC8 - did 2 tests. One was 17 and the other 18. Medium seems to be my standard roast level,
  2. Hi @Rob1 and @Beeroclock - just been looking at the soaking method. Think I might have mis-understood it or couldn't see how it worked with the roaster taking a long time to heat up so didn't bother. @Rob1 may I ask what is your charge temperature and is this on Artisan or Dalian? Currently charge 195/200 on Artisan (approx 170 on Dalian). I guess I was thinking having no power (or little just say 1000W), will badly affect my roast time. Even now my FC is around 10mins. Not having initial power will put the FC back quite I would suspect unless I have a higher charge temp. If anyone has any pr
  3. @Rob1 - Ok an amazon. Must admit I've never tried such a small batch weight. Surely that would create a faster roast time. Do you use Artisan or are you reading direct from the Amazon unit? From personal experience I found that the unit displays is a good 20c below the actual reading from the 3mm probe I added. I've also not tried the soak method. Not sure if it would work on the Amazon due to the lagging in the heat elements. From what I read it needs that instant heat, which cannot exist with electric roasters. @RDC8 - Not yet. I will do it since need to get ready for the market. Wi
  4. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Spoke to my local environmental health and organiser and there is a local fridge I could use. Also I could keep milk in a cooler box as long as kept below 8c, which I would need to check regularly. @Stevebee Thanks about Oatly Barista - didn't see it in Asda , but the wife today picked up some Minor Figures oak meal - is this the same one that you were thinking about? Quite interesting this must be quite new to the market since I had an email from Brewed By Hand about Minor Figures, which they are now stocking. Need to do Risk Assessment before I go
  5. Regarding an El Salvador I've attached a roast profile I did on Tuesday for the farmers market next week. Not sure if it's the same as yours "El Salvador - Finca El Diamante" from the Pacas and Pacamara variety. Hope it helps. Is it me or from my limited experience the El Salvador is the most chaffy coffee I've roasted. I could not believe the amount of chaff that came off - thought Brazil was bad. Cupped it today and tasted good.
  6. Sorry for the delay in posting - just been a touch busy. I tried 4 roasts where I set the power to a consistent 2400W and kept CA at a consistent 9. All I did was adjust the SD. Must admit I didn't close the SD during FC. Tried turning power off before FC, but maybe not long enough before, Had rise, crash and flick. If I had closed SD that might have helped during FC, but I'm not sure how much it would have helped. Know people will disagree with this, but In those 4 roasts must admit didn't feel like I was have a great control over the roast and the I can make changes mid-roast. I might chang
  7. So @DavecUK what you are trying to say is stop fecking 😄. Well good timing as my neighbour has moved her clothes inside so good time for some testing. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks
  8. Thanks - both fair comments. I will speak to the event organizers and see if they have an opinion.
  9. Thanks everyone. Interesting thoughts, but how do you control the ROR? If CA is fully open and during FC you open SD (if I'm reading correctly) are you not causing a crash since you are allowing too much heat to escape? The thinking of opening CA during FC is that it draws more air through the cooling tray and so stops heat loss in the chamber. Since at present I am adjusting the power through the dimmer by the time it hits FC I have reduced it to around 1100/1300W. I can try some experimenting keeping power at 2400/2500W all the way through to FC and turn off just be FC, but would need t
  10. Thanks - my wife did suggest get a cooler box with those blocks and keep milk in it to keep cool. Not heard of Oatly Barista, but am popping to Asda later so will see what they've got. Thanks Dave will take a look at amazon for sugar sticks.
  11. HI @RDC8 and @CJV8, Thanks. Right I have a Moccamaster to make drinks with. Seems to work well. Planning to roast this Tuesday / Wednesday ready for the market 24th April. Gives a good 10 days so coffee is at the prime. Still not fully sure about quantity to roast. Might do 3 or 4 coffee and just over 2kgs of each. For drinks may I enquire what you did about milk / sugar. Did you purchase a load of sugar sachets: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silverspoon-Sugar-Sachets/273059409020?hash=item3f939bec7c:g:ZmYAAOSwKNhaoS0x&var=572307822025 and milk portions: https://www.ebay.co.
  12. @Johnny Ess Take a look at this profile I did a few weeks back. Not sure how good it is. I find air flow settings around FC interesting since I tend to open CD during FC to help reduce the air flow out of roaster through thr SD to help keep heat in and prevent the crash. Not sure if this is correct and an area I am still working on. Hope it helps. Phil.
  13. Hi @Rob1, I bought one of these from screwfix and puf the roaster plug on the side socket so freeing the power metre display. It is also surge protected so thought another layer of protection. I don't have any other devices attached to the other sockets. Guess you could buy a cheap one, but I went for the additional protection. https://www.screwfix.com/p/masterplug-13a-fused-3-way-surge-protected-multi-way-plug-adaptor/79089 What is your wattage at 100% power? Phil.
  14. That was very kind of you. They sell for a lot of money on eBay,
  15. Hi, What type of coffee are you wanting to brew. If your prepared to buy second hand then it gives more opportunities. Recently watched this by James Hoffman as a Espresso set-up for under £250 although looking at recent prices for Gaggia Classic you wouldn't get that for the price he got it for.
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