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  1. Oh don’t get me wrong, some days I feel like James Hoffman. Other days I get it so wrong, I feel like a GNER trolley pusher from 1998, pouring 85 degree water from a pressurised thermos onto instant granules in a plastic cup that have been kept ‘fresh’ by a flimsy foil lid, serving it up with some UHT as an ageing diesel loco chugs past the Komatsu plant in Birtley. In the smoking carriage. A good workman always thanks his tools. To paraphrase.
  2. Well, after a few weeks of experimenting, I don’t think I will splash out on a distributor just yet. The quality of the Niche grind and the Motta 58.4mm tamper is producing a nice level bed with no channeling and it all seems repeatable. it shouldn’t surprise me the difference that a decent grinder, basket, tamper, set of scales etc. can make to dialling in and producing half decent espresso but it does!
  3. Hi @dfk41 @Craigy_bear Wow. I genuinely never thought the internet could be out to such good community use! My Niche is here and voter a couple of days appears to be in perfect working order so absolutely happy to prep the Brasilia for it’s next temporary home. Good reason to hurry me up and get it out of the house. Keeps my better half happy! Feel free to DM me for contact details etc.
  4. Now that is what I like to call - the dream. Just parked my Niche (arrived yesterday) up against my £30 used Gaggia New Baby. Showing your pic to my wife so she knows what the counters will look like by the end of the year. 🙂
  5. I have been fortunate enough to borrow a Brasilia RR55 for 4 months which was already a big (n size as well as quality) step up but this is.....as good as advertised.
  6. Man it took me a second go to nail it! Couldn’t agree more though - what a glorious thing it is. So much quieter than I was expecting! Just a joy to use. 6 months ago I had a DeLonghi KG79 and I feel like I have achieved enlightenment. I have no idea if the Specialita I was considering would have felt equally wonderful but I have ‘Zero’ regrets about the money spent.
  7. Thanks! Niche arrives today just as I finished some maintenance on the Gaggia meaning it doesn’t leak steam when brewing! Couple of new gaskets and bolts (£8 total) and it’s now running better than ever. Going to work on my workflow with the new grinder including tamping with a new 58.4mm tamper and see how things go before deciding on a distributor.
  8. Well, I finally got round to testing the Gaggia tonight (I had an email saying the Niche would arrive tomorrow so felt I had to put work aside and get it done) and fortunately there was no steam coming out of either the boiler or my ears! A big thank you to all who have contributed to getting this £30 machine up and running like new. @allikat @HDAV @Uncletits @Craigy_bear @dfk41 @Chriss29 @El carajillo - legends one and all. I swear the cream looked better when I did the test. Logic tells me that the pressure will have been greater because half of it wasn’t leaking out of the side!
  9. Super. Will try that later for final confirmation. Thanks!
  10. Well, we’re done. Put it all back together last night, plugged it in this evening, ran a tank of water through it, then a tank with Puly Calc and then another tank. I tested the steam wand in the first tank. Outcome is that the water seems come to through the shower screen much more evenly, the steam wand works fine and I can’t see any drips on the side of the group body as happened before. Now, do do I assume that I have done everything up tight enough and it’s all good in there behind the casing or should I open her up after I run another tank through tomorrow a
  11. Great. I guess I'll have a go later and let you know how I get on!
  12. Yes - I got new bolts. I’ve clean the threads they’ll screw onto as well. There is no way to truly check the seal until everything is back in the machine and fired up is there?
  13. Right, I have had a bit of clean up and used 600 grit on the base of the boiler assembly. It now feels very smooth. It doesn’t look super clean but if it is smooth - is that enough? a small concern is that the o-ring doesn’t look big enough. It doesn’t fill the gap in the group body though it does stick up further than the old one did. I assume it will squish down and this will create the seal? Does it look big enough? I have removed and cleaned the shower holder plate, cleaned the base of the group body and replaced the filter holder gasket. I am tempted now to screw
  14. Thanks @allikat I think I am going to have to do some reading on water. Not sure whether to buy bottled or do a filter that sits in the fridge. That’s a whole other post though!
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