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  1. regarding the large boiler on the Alex Izzo Leva - and I have one on order - my understanding is that boiler size is not a major determinant of overall heat up / readiness time ( a kettle can boil a litre of water in a small number of minutes,) which is determined by passive group heating, conceivably faster with a larger thermal mass of water heating the group. The actively heated group on the Vostok is the feature that nearly turned me in this direction. Many home espresso machines have brew boilers that mean water will be hanging around for at least a good few days with light dom
  2. Izzo Alex Leva ordered from black cat i like the look of the san marco group more than the bosco type one plus wanted maximal simplicity im using a cafelat robot in the mean time. After all ive learned from a year of De1+ analysis im actually making better espresso than ever before makes me wonder why i want a big machine at all i nearly hung on for the legendary londinium compact. Maybe for work... have you gone for the Vostok?
  3. TomR

    DE1+ v1.3 for sale

    SOLD at asking price. Collected and paid for transfer of warranty and Diaspora membership transferred by Decent customer service
  4. TomR

    DE1+ v1.3 for sale

    Yes. Im probably going to get an Alex Leva from Black Cat. Simplicity, Romance, looks, not too innovative and untested, silent Vostok is very appealing & intriguing, especially the cartridge heated group for faster heat up plus extraction control/ consistency. Its lovely to see the thought and practical expertise go into refining such ancient tech in the era of software and micro sensors. But also more complexity for maintenance and more variables to get lost in whilst making a cup of coffee. appreciate anyone’s thoughts on the matter
  5. TomR

    DE1+ v1.3 for sale

    So true. I sold all my espresso stuff on this basis and lived the Simple Life of the french press. then i got a Robot, seemed like a sensible approach for home espresso- just to try then i decided i needed a de1 and realised i was again Lost Stanissari and i have agreed terms now i am on the important question of which big Lever i Need thanks all
  6. TomR

    DE1+ v1.3 for sale

    I too clearly read the above exchange as first serious offer from stanissari, with cappuccino clearly agreeing they are second in the queue based on the content of their post. "I am interested at asking price " is clearly an offer to purchase couched in casual language do any of the interested parties or spectators disagree?
  7. TomR

    DE1+ v1.3 for sale

    Im SW11 I’m not sure what the etiquette is next but I’m happy for you to DM me Thanks
  8. TomR

    DE1+ v1.3 for sale

    I am putting my DE1+ up for sale, bought June 2020, domestic use 2-4 coffees per day, used with Ashbeck water only No damage / issues EXCEPT the wooden portafilter handle has some paint chips / slight dings from over-enthusiastic knocking out of pucks. I have a plastic shower screen spacer fitter currently - said to improve body/ mouth feel and drier pucks with the decent machines - cost about £50 (3d printed by a Decent Diaspora member in USA). This is easily removed during standard shower screen cleaning. I have spoken to Decent who agree that the remaining two year warrant
  9. Thanks agsin Daniel sounds like we making a similar decision im looking for simplicity and longevity re vostok. Im not sure the DB will make the group temp any more stable than single boiler dippers , although heating cartridges MIGHT, and rapid heat up is a big plus. Plus all those versuvius electronics. Seems intriguing but too much unknown lr24 also has a lot of electronics and is a lot more money. Interesting intelligence re price increase but sorting a good quality mains water feed in london seems harder than id hoped there seems a possible view that the
  10. Thanks both its the Izzo alex leva not the LM im looking at! Pretty simple dipper design the easy access / reiss-guided servicing of londoniums is attractive. Its the compressa im most interested in if i can make the plumbing work ( low ish water pressure here - 2 bars - plus london hard water)
  11. I’m thinking about getting a lever machine. (Profitec/Leva/Vostock/londinium) & Keen to try and do some of the maintenance/repairs myself as needed but would like to know if there was a bail out option. Having had huge problems and expense shipping a duetto dual boiler machine out for repair I would be keen to find out if there were any local options? previous experience was that nobody is interested in servicing domestic machines as their focus is commercial machines
  12. thanks - I will have a look, and am also reading the coffeetime Vostok thread the fast heat up of Vostok looks great - probably what I would miss most after a Decent I am actually looking for fewer variables to control (easily confused and baffled) and less electronics, and ability to fix it myself (I got into difficulty shipping a duetto back and forth for service-repair, got expensive and annoying ) , and will plumb either way, so a leaning towards an Alex Leva Who were you going to buy Leva from? Black Cat? They seem like good people to do business with from past experience
  13. thanks Dave - now about that Vostok...
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