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  1. I will be interested to see how it compares with your L1 - a Londinium was my other choice (I've had a de1+ for a month)
  2. on eBay currently going for £150
  3. Bought from Bella Barista about 10 years ago. Fully functional. Clean. Domestic use. New generic / non- OEM SJ style burrs about 3 months ago, original burrs included. Finger guard and anti static screen removed to make it low retention (i brush out the exposed chute). Both also included for reattaching if dedired. Original tall hopper. Selling due to Niche arrival. for now its collection from SW London only. I dont have a box. If it doesn’t sell I will try and sort out postage. £300 Ono
  4. TomR


    I have an ooni koda (heats quickly, easy to manage temperature, smaller size means pizza needs attentive turning during cooking to get it even) and cooking 60 back to back pizzas will be fine from an oven point of view, but managing that much dough / shaping / serving at pace would require a skilled work crew and possible a catering kneading machine / dough mixer - sounds like hard work whatever oven you use
  5. I tried in as an espresso in a robot - pulled long and slow, 17g / 43-45g out over 50 sec inc 20 sec PI, ground very fine - lots of sweetness and fruit, really good however I struggled getting consistent results - mostly lack of skill with the robot probably was an amazing coffee
  6. I like the Colonna capsules, as a dim second best to Real Coffee but convenient for my desk at work; Volcano I found nasty despite high hopes; roast works Espresso and Sumatra I liked as better darker roasts The opal machine that colonna stock gives you rudimentary temperature control which, with a little temp surfing, does make a difference.
  7. thanks I've just built a gaming pc with my son and found it easier than expected so this is very reassuring! it seems that working on the de1+ is often part of the owner experience, but not something to be worried about, and maybe even a source of extra fun
  8. This is such a sensible approach to the situation/ problem described. It was also enough to convince me to finally put my money down on a de1+
  9. sorry - not selling just yet - need to wait for a new machine to arrive
  10. thanks John - very fair indeed, but to avoid hassle I think I will order through the routine process do new customers get basecamp access on ordering or on delivery - I would enjoy filling the weeks waiting exploring the advice there tom
  11. Question for John - for a UK customer (for a DE1+) should I buy now, or is shipping likely to get much cheaper over the next few weeks? thanks for your advice Tom
  12. I possibly have a green one, 4 months old, barista version with Professional basket, to sell (London)
  13. also - do you De1+ owners have any worries about fixing it when it goes wrong I know parts are available, but how tricky / what sort of tools / skills would be needed to fix / replace components? Thanks again for your comments Tom
  14. I sold my (10 yrs old, now unreliable) Duetto and have had a Cafelat Robot for a few months, but whilst I sometimes get great shots, they are few and far between, despite trying to control variables well (dose/yield with scales, water temp with thermapen). I knwo others have acheived consistent great shots with manuals, but I have tried for 4 months and have failed at this, although I have occasionally had amazing shots that make me happy all morning I am very interested in the DE1+ for "playing" but also for easy shot consistency compared with e61 dual boilers (and like the rapid heat up - I'm uncomofratble with the energy needed to heat 15kg of brass and steel every time I want a cup of coffee, aside from the inconvenience) In what ways have you found DE1+ better than a good E61, and what do you miss about E61 machines? Thanks Tom
  15. I have a robot, and have had a DB E61 (Duetto) The robot can make shots as good and even better than the E61 BUT I persoannly have (over 4 months) really struggled with consistency / repeatability (especially medium to lighter beans) Sometimes the robot makes a shot better than anything I have tasted in years. I try to repeat it (scales, thermapen, Mazzer Mini with SJ burrs) and the next 10 shots are not-great to average - I'm getting a little frustrated, although I have learned a lot more about puck prep I'm thinking about a Londinium or a DE1+ to try and get the great shots more often
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