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  1. Yes, whatever you do and even if you clean it regularly eventually after 2-3 months there will be mold on the outer valve of the brewing unit
  2. The REAL problem with these fully automated machines is cleaning the brewing unit. Since Jura is very secretive, has secure screws to prevent you from opening the machine, you will eventually have to get your machine for official service “cleaning” and that does not come cheap. I was a user of a Jura j5 for about 8 years and I had to learn how to take it apart and clean it. Believe me it’s not an easy task. So my advice, if you want a fully automatic machine, go for a philips/saeco witch at least have a removable easy to clean brewing unit. OR go for a semi automatic machine witch will give you a better coffee, like Gaggia Classic
  3. Yes I’m waiting for MrShades to assemble his opv kit, I’ll get it instantly!
  4. Yes mine too has one tube
  5. So, if you’re planning on manually switching off the Gaggia when you’re finished, there is no need for a smart plug am I right? Only the sonoff mini switch, you press on, then off and when you’re done brewing, just hit the off switch on the machine.
  6. Hi mrshades, count me in for your new mod! I have the new one with the one tube and I noticed the water tank empty very very quickly. All this water to the drip tray... such a waste!
  7. Yeah take your time. I’m sure very interested about your pid and timer mod. I’ll wait
  8. Ok, I spoke to a authorized technician, and told me that the stiffness is normal, as long as there is no leaking when I make a shot. He also told me that, by time, the portafilter will be easier to close because the metals wear out. So I’ll have to wait a little and see. I have a full two year warranty so no reason to hurry.
  9. Yes, exactly that! I want to put it on a WiFi smart plug to easily power it on before I wake up! Is that possible you think?
  10. So, a quick question: if I disable the timer and set the machine to on, and then unplug the machine from the mains and then plug it back in, should it return to ON status or OFF?
  11. Hi since this is my first semi automatic machine I m having some issues. First, I couldn’t lock the portafilter into position, even empty. Now, after a couple of shots and a night left on the machine, the portafilter locks much easier, BUT if I get coffee in it (pressurized basket ~16grams of coffee) I have trouble again. Is this normal? I must use a lot of force to lock it into position. I also noticed that I have a little water (couple of drops) from the steam wand. I haven’t used steam yet. Is this normal too? Sorry for my bad English!
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