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  1. Mpbradford


    Looks awesome and ready for the Yemen coffee - yum
  2. Light vs dark is a topic of perception and many variables. Dark for filter, can be light for espresso. You can have dark on the outside, light on the inside of a bean. There is also the origin/altitude/varietal that determines where might be "best" to roast a particular coffee. Some combinations of previous factors might not work as a light roast. The definition of dark is another topic. You can have dark roasted before and after 2nd crack in the roasting process (with/without a lot of oil on the surface). Personally I have only tasted one bean (Malabar) that I would consider tasted bet
  3. I have moved this to selling on eBay. I can’t remove the listing, but it’s no longer available for sale here. Thanks for the interest shown.
  4. Will leave it here for another couple of days. Great set up and don’t want to split @foxybut thanks for the interest
  5. Sage Duo temp pro, Eureka Mignon Manuale 50. Retailing at £624 at the moment, this is a great set up that has served me very well since I bought it from John Lewis (Sage) and Bella Barista (Mignon) in January 2020. Recently descaled and cleaned the machine is working really well. Grinder in perfect condition and a great match for this machine. I will chuck in the Motta 53mm tamper and 250g coffee to get started with. Original boxes and manuals included for shipping. Will be overboxed. Postage via Hermes, full cost payable (~£15) by purchaser for 2-3 day service or collection from nea
  6. @Rumpelstiltskini bought it second hand from our community Facebook site. £5 so doubt it’s anything fancy - I like it though.
  7. Just running the first shots, but already very impressed with this set up. The Niche purchase had its uncertainty, but in the end they delivered. Mara X so good when paired up with a WiFi plug.
  8. @KTD That sounds like a great idea. Less than 10k apart - delivery/collection by bike😉
  9. I took the leap of faith in November and handed over my £500 with an anticipated delivery date of 21/01/21. This is the latest communication from Niche. I’m not nervous at this time - but the experience does create fulfilment/arrival anxiety. Importing my Bullet roaster from Taiwan had more certainty. IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR EARLY 2021 ORDERS Due to the current situation, we are anticipating delays due to Brexit and Coronavirus which are issues out of our control. We apologise in adavance if there are any delays. We are working hard to mitigate the impact on any orders due for e
  10. I guess it would also impact the whole kinetics of the roast, no cracks, breaking the structure down could also make it highly sensitive to control.
  11. Good point on min order quantity John - worth checking with SBR. If it’s 5kg could work with freezing, but any more than that could be problematic
  12. Economics Malabar green is £8/kg, you will lose 16% of weight so that gets you to £9.5/kg. you are paying £30/kg, so economically it easily makes sense Typically roasting makes sense to try stuff. If you are an exclusive Malabar drinker and like roasted beyond 2nd crack, I might not be worth the 300-3000 quid to get a roaster. Dark roast will generate a lot of smoke, so you will need extraction. Small batch roasting for green beans. Or to get beans cheaper - but green from SBR and get them contract roasted to your spec for 1.80/kg Hope this helps and answers you
  13. Hi Phil, Thanks for sharing the data so far. Will be be taking the development % up past 25% to see how it fairs with a darker roast? cheers Mark
  14. Ah ok. I would have thought 30kg could go in a box and be at £15 per delivery. If it’s pallets only - probably best to stay where I am. Thanks for the info
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