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  1. https://www.wonderlandcoffee.co.uk/product-page/winter-wonderland-blend @ooglewoogle appreciate it if you can add to the list for consideration.
  2. Considering all the inputs - very detailed and comprehensive. on my journey, I think Mara x is a great fit. If I find compromises, it sounds like I will find ways to get around them. Option to control flow and at the end of the day sell and upgrade I want to, means it’s a winner. Thanks so much for all the help.
  3. Usually if you make back to back espresso they are within minutes from each other right? Yes within 5 minutes .I don’t think the MaraX fares any different in this category. I really don’t. let me ask you this: is lubricating the E61 every 6 weeks an issue? no Do you care about water wastage? No Do you care about precise temp control? yes Do you care about having the E61 flow control in the future i would add at the appropriate time, but not keen to add too many variables. New roaster, new grinder, new machine is enough!!!
  4. Thanks @kico good to hear the balance of argument, without a bias for what you have. So with WiFi plug I can take away the start up time. Sounds like Elizabeth with strong ability to make back to back espresso might be a good feature. 90% of time I make two at a time. I guess it comes down to the 200 quid premium and if it’s worth it.
  5. I have a compact brewing area in my kitchen, currently using Sage DP and Mignon for size guidance. Im hoping to receive my Niche grinder in Feb 2021. So that is decided. I exclusively drink flat whites and looking for a quick warm up, high quality steam, repeatable machine. About same footprint as Sage DP - max budget 1500 quid. Open to HX and DB - if they fit the size/speed needs. Mara X looks great vs my needs, but wanted to know if there are other options that fit my brief. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi Sean, Likely longer life as Dave suggests by doing that. However, I preferred to emergency stop and dump into 2 colanders to cool and dechaff the beans - while I got the next batch roasting.
  7. @BaristaofBards how were the beans?
  8. You could try your luck with phoning the companies selling roasted and ask for a green price. Coffee compass sometimes does this.
  9. I looked at this on eBay a few times. Many of the listings are vague and you pretty much have to call the company to understand what you are buying. I did not feel welcomed by the marketing. If it were marketed a friendly, cheap supply of quality beans with clear understanding of what you are buying - it could be attractive. “This is why we don't hand roast, it hurts, you end up in A+E!” IF YOU ARE SERIOUS CALL US, IF YOU ARE NOT SEND US AN EMAIL, WE'LL GET BACK TO YOU SUNDAY AFTERNOON. No, its not stolen. However you will be able to make a profit on your product
  10. I’ve done 17 roasts with my new arrival. Took a bit of setting up for the exhaust with 3D printed bits and fans. But it’s amazing. No more worrying about voltage drops like with the old gene cafe. Changing from Gene cafe to Bullet allows me to now translate the theory of roasting, into something practical. Thanks to @Coffeejonfor pushing me in the right direction. Switches from 900g to 200g batch with no issues, the playback mode when you have got your profile is really great for back to back roasting.
  11. Or maybe Falcon read the thread and think about typical distribution margins for repacked goods. 11% for commodity, 25% for speciality.
  12. Not a bad business - buy 60kg at that price and mark up almost 100% for putting it in 5kg bags..... I might start up with more reasonable conditions.
  13. https://www.falcon-micro.com/coffee/p/guatemala-red-de-mujeres-washed-organic https://www.smallbatchroasting.co.uk/product-page/10kg-guatemala-red-de-mujeres-2018 same coffee, same (ish) price. 5kg price vs 1kg price. Same applies to the Honduras with Pennine, same coffee same (ish) price. https://www.falcon-micro.com/coffee/p/honduras-miguel-angel-paz-washed-organic https://www.pennineteaandcoffee.co.uk/collections/green-coffee/products/honduras-arabica-green-coffee-beans-1kg?variant=32185614922
  14. Thanks @Batian Good to see a new entrant in the green beans space. Range looks good, but per kg price is pretty high considering 5kg min batch size. Others are doing similar per kg price and allow 1kg min order size. SBR and Pennine. I would be super interested if 25% lower in price or same price for 1kg batch size.
  15. I have been trying with fruity SO in espresso for a while now. Gone back to blends because 90% disappointed, typically more expensive to boot.
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