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  1. Thanks for that. Strangely it has started working again now. Guessing it's a dodgy connection like you say.
  2. Hello, The green LED on the front of my Mozzafiato has stopped working. It seems to be just the LED as the machine is still working fine and the PID screen still lights up as normal. It's not flashing as if the water tank is empty either (it's fully topped up!) Any idea? Thanks!
  3. Chris!

    Collecting labels

    Looks great! I've collected a load of coffee bags and have been wondering what to do with them, thanks for the inspiration. There quite a few I recognise in there. What was your favourite?
  4. Got mine yesterday and pulled a few shots this morning. Didn't realise it was roasted in March until I saw the bag yesterday. To be fair it still tastes okay, but not amazing.
  5. I've ordered a kilo of the Mettricks blend to try. Cant argue at £15.10 with postage!
  6. I came across DT coffee whilst on the look out for some more beans. They have some cracking deals on 1kg bags https://dtcoffee.co.uk Hopefully they taste good!
  7. I've got an Appartamento coming next month - would love to hear your tips!
  8. I've subscribed to Dog & Hat after seeing the recommendations. Can't wait to receive my beans in the next few days!
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