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  1. Could you point out where I was wrong? 72 hours isn't a long time. So assuming it takes 3 days to ship back, the last ones will be dying off while the postie brings it to the door. If in doubt, leave it in the box for a day or two before opening.
  2. Viruses don't live too long on hard surfaces. If you're at all worried, get some high proof alcohol wipes to wipe it down with, just do try wiping a hidden corner first to ensure the plastic doesn't react badly (it probably won't, but you can't be too careful).
  3. Mignons are pretty good grinders. It's my next grinder.
  4. allikat


    Steam on for a while isn't an issue if the thermostats are fine, it'll only get so hot if they're in good order. The thermal fuse is the last line of defence, it's made to pop at about 30-40c above the hottest steam thermostat I've seen on a Gaggia (which is the 155c one). The problem here is that a heater wire is coiled up inside it's little channel, and because of that, and the fact some coils will be touching the insulation inside, expansion of the wire can be in pretty much any direction. And that includes making it shorter. The only way to confirm this is the case is to repeated
  5. They're basic little grinders, unless it's pretty well brand new for that price, skip it. There's a lot better out there.
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    The problem with putting a meter across a thermostat is that they're always going to read as a dead short unless they've somehow managed to fail open, which is very very rare. They won't measure anything else unless they get above their rated temperature. You may well have a broken element that's just about making contact when cold, but as heater wire is wont to move when heated and allowed to do so, it could get warm enough to move, then break the circuit. I'd re-test the heater, and then the wires and connectors that go to the heater. Maybe a connector has gone bad on you?
  7. Metal tamper and second portafilter for a Delonghi dedica...
  8. Have you tried different shower screens too? I've had more luck with a clone IMS screen than I have with the real thing.
  9. You may have worn ears or brew group too. Have you another portafilter that you can try with? If it's worn ears or group you will have more play in the group with the portafilter inserted. Things you can try: Paper or plastic shim gaskets behind your gasket, replacement portafilter.
  10. They're not made to be taken apart, and you have to attack it with skill and power tools to convert it to one that can be renovated and rebuilt.
  11. Milk is natural product, and it'll vary depending on what the cows in question are eating. But I don't steam, so can't offer any advice on that. If it tastes good, then the milk is fine, just of a consistency that makes steaming tough. Have you considered mixing it with a dash of a different milk to see if that alters your results? Perhaps a little semi-skimmed will change things?
  12. Don't try to get the aluminium all shiney, the dull coating inside will reform anyway. I'd suggest that all the usual compounds are fine for descaling so long as you rinse it thoroughly afterwards. Did you try the descaler in hot water? The heat helps it all work well. When I descaled my Baby, as part of a full strip down, I put the boiler in a plastic box and added near boiling water and let it sit till cool and all was good. If you're doing it with the machine assembled, then let the descaler sit in the boiler with the power on for at least 5-10 minutes before flushing the system out.
  13. If you want something hooked to the mains water, look at plumbed in BWT filters?
  14. Given the Rocky is a far older design with stepped adjustment... You'll get an improvement just from the stepless adjustment. Add in how easy the thing is to clean, just whip the top off and go to town and you don't lose your setting... The bigger burrs may improve things too. If the expense is a tricky one to justify, you could look at the significantly lower cost Specialita?
  15. If you like single dosing, the Niche is the way to go with your budget, but you need to order from their indigogo page, and wait some time for production to catch up to get yours. However if you'd prefer the idea of having a hopper of beans and getting a push button dose, the options open up a lot. However, most espresso focussed grinders won't be very easy to switch to another brewing method and back again (exceptions exist but you lose out elsewhere usually). The current favourite for hopper fed on demand grinders are Eureka Mignons, from the super-basic Facile, through the Special
  16. Further to that, on the longer time scale, a strip down is worth it every few years, when the o-rings are starting to get a bit flacid. Probably about the time you feel it's worth replacing the brew group gasket. This assumes that you're using good water. If you're insisting on using hard tap water with or without a filter, then more often will be needed. Similarly with descaling, good water lets you push out the descaling to every few months, bad water will need far more attention.
  17. Weekly (or more), pull off the shower screen and clean that, and wipe down the distribution plate. Backflush with clean water daily, or more often if you're constantly getting stuff stuck to the shower screen. If you're doing that, I don't think that the 10 seconds of clean water after every shot is vital, maybe a quick hit to wash off anything loose, but you'll get most of that with the backflush later. Depends how much you use your machine really. The more you use it, the more it needs to be cleaned. In a busy coffee shop you'd backflush it hourly, in a home environment daily is pl
  18. If you can fix the jetting issues with your brass block, then go for it. I think a lot of people's issues come with the fact it doesn't show up in the fixed state from the factory...
  19. You have to hold a bottomless on most forks, because most of them need the spouts to hold it in place for hands free grinding.
  20. If you're diluting your shot for an Americano or similar drink, then do so with water from a kettle, it's much better than trying to do so with the machine itself. Also, try pre-warming your cup to keep temperatures higher. If you're in a rush to make your first coffee, you can pull a blank shot into your chosen cup, which both warms the cup and the portafilter. Tipping out that warming water is your decision to do or not.
  21. Sage (aka Breville in much of the rest of the world) spares are tough to get in the UK. Some folks have had luck with ordering them from the service centre in Australia, but postage will be high and delivery times long.
  22. The 2015-2018 models don't need backflushing. It's fine on the Pro models.
  23. @Gilly is right, but with one proviso: There's overlap between these models. As there's often old parts in the chain which get used in the newer revisions. Please don't fixate on boiler wattage though, as they're all capable enough.
  24. Be very careful with it. You can jam up the motor trying it, but in limited quantities, or even better, mixed with the same coffee in bean form, you should be ok.
  25. If you don't mind pulling levers and a more manual approach, La Pavonnis are a nice little tidy machine. They can steam nicely.
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