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  1. They have a coating which makes it easy to remove stuff from the surface of the basket. I've had stock baskets with blocked holes after repeated flushes and scrubbings, but my VST made baskets remain clear with just a rinse.
  2. If you own a La Marzocco machine, then there is zero difference, their stock baskets are made by VST. Do note the LM stock baskets are the lowest rung of VST's line, they don't get the precision coatings or measurements. I run LM stock baskets in my Gaggia, and I love the coffee that comes out. On the shower screen front, I use a clone IMS screen as I prefer it to the real IMS one I have on a shelf.
  3. I'd say say initially it's guesswork. With some of your regular V60 grind to hand, loosen until you get something similar? Then dial it in. The Crono is a good grinder, I'm really enjoying mine.
  4. Nice. I'm currently enjoying the Ueshima Fuji Mountain... yeah it's a commercial blend made in the EU to a Japanese spec. It's a decent brew for something off the shelves if you like dark roasts. I got it as it was on discount for £3 a bag and I saw it while I was picking up more brew water in Waitrose.
  5. Since the Mignon Facile and Manuale use the same size burrs and are espresso grinders, just pretend you have one of those when ordering burrs.
  6. If the boiler did hit 180c and pop the thermal fuse, then I'd replace any electronics installed anywhere close to the boiler, which could include your PID if it's fitted internally. 180c is well over the safe working levels for pretty well everything.
  7. With soft water, your issues with limescale are going to be limited. If your kettle has been getting daily use for years and it's not showing significant scale, then neither will your espresso machine. An annual treatment will be plenty.
  8. I just like the idea of having both the timer and a manual push. Example: When you've changed beans/grind and the timer has delivered just a little bit under what I want. It's also useful for purges. The problem with turning the dial to get that is that it's near impossible to set it back where it was. Yes, I do appreciate the annoyances with the crono could have been easily solved by buying a different model, but I couldn't afford that option. Maybe there's a way to mod in such a button when the warranty expires.
  9. My cup is not gonna excite too many people here, but heck... Lavazza rosso. I like my Italian blends.
  10. Skip the Rocky grinder, it's not a good option these days. I just got a Eureka Mignon Crono and I love it. Under 200 quid new. Just be sure to buy the 2020 model with espresso burrs, not the 2021 filter only model unless you fancy changing burrs. The Sylvia and Gaggia Classic are very similar machines. Single boiler and in need of a PID to work at their best.
  11. Yeah, a fake SSR is a dodgy thing, you can't be sure of the voltage or current ratings, and who knows what damage it could do when it fails.
  12. Having come to the conclusion my old Compak grinder deserved to be retired just before its' 20th birthday, I scraped together enough for a Mignon Crono. The whole box for the Mignon is smaller than my current grinder. It was a pleasure to put together, I did pop the top off to check burr alignment, which was incredibly easy to do. It was nice to find the burrs were both the right ones and close enough to aligned I didn't bother to fiddle with it, and the newer, larger 310w motor was nice to see too. It took me a few shots to dial it in, but I got there remarkably quickly. Now I'm wondering if the side control for the Silenzio is easy to find, so I could add the manual mode button.
  13. There's quite a few bargain basement machines around, usually delonghi or sage built (or clones thereof). Wouldn't call them good for espresso, but they'd probably do a decent job with milk.
  14. There will be folks who will buy your Gaggia, so you can make some money back there. And the key here is : You love the coffee, that's a win. Looks nice and neat too.
  15. I just got a Crono with espresso burrs, and it is a 310w model. Seems like there may be overlap.
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