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  1. Probably poor prep work before the chroming.
  2. Crimping is both practice and tools. Buying a good tool is half the battle to be honest. A cheap crimper is as much a false economy as a cheap grinder. Trouble is, good crimping tools are expensive, and if you're not doing much crimping, it's hard to justify.
  3. Calibrated isn't essential, having a consistent tamp is. It matters less if you tamp at 10 pounds or 35 so long as you do it roughly the same every time. Calibrated tampers do that for you, but a bit of muscle memory is just as good once you get a set technique. I recently picked up a distribution tool and here's what I've found using it. Use the same taps to shake things up before you distribute as you would before tamping. Stir the grounds if you like to do that too. Your last steps are running the distributor and optionally tamping. Some folks set the distributor to run low enough to
  4. Definitely interested here! Good beans are a bit expensive for me.
  5. If it's for the brewing methods you mention, you could consider the Wilfa Svart should you wish to go electric.
  6. Leveler arrived, may thanks @Jackabba fine and upstanding fellow.
  7. A good option there. The Mignon range is a great entry level proper espresso grinder. And for many people, it's enough to be happy for many years.
  8. Yep, whichever one of them comes at the lowest cost to you, they're all good machines. The Classic has the biggest mod community, the Sylvia the next biggest, and the Bezzera Hobby is a new machine to the market, I think it released last year? If you like the idea of modding, then the Gaggia or Rancillio are the way to go. However don't discount the Bezzera Hobby, it's a good solid machine. £200 is going to be tight for a grinder new, but it should be able to pick you up a used Mignon or ex-cafe commercial grinder if your kitchen can cope with one of those monsters.
  9. Be careful with used commercial grinders. If too much is wrong with them, they can turn into a money pit fast. However many people, including myself have had good deals. Do your research on models, several "manufacturers" rebadge machines from other makers. I've seen Compak K6 machines with 4 or 5 different name stickers, Cunill is another manufacturer that does the same.
  10. The extra wattage is, to be honest, a limited benefit.
  11. Eureka has been around for a decent length of time, and they have plenty of dealers. I'd not expect it to be a major step down. You're going from 64mm flats to 50 or 55mm flats depending on version. Personally, I'd say hang the reliability worries and get the specialita, you wanted a nice timed dose, and that's what you get with that model. Electronics that simple are very reliable these days. Unless you are more clumsy than I am (and that's a pretty hefty hurdle to pass) and have a hobby of hosing your kitchen down, it'll be fine. Every report I've read about them says they're solid and
  12. You'll find many pre-modified Classics in the sale section around here. Just hang around and participate actively. Many folks start with Gaggias before upgraditis kicks in hard. Early Classics are insanely simple things, and they're worth fiddling with, and such a start can give you that clue and some confidence.
  13. There's nothing saying you can't offer CBD as an option, just that unless it is one with a nice flavour that compliments the coffee you offer, you won't get much repeat custom for it. Coffeebean will set you right with what most people would initially say was vastly over-rated battery and inverter setup. In such things, it's always better to over-spec than cut corners on the power. Remember batteries are heavy things, and ensure your chosen towing vehicle is up to the job and you're also licensed to pull the total weight. The hot water urn is a must. Even for espresso machines that
  14. Well, if you do decide to upgrade, then sell the Silvia, either here or on fleabay. Someone will want it for spares.
  15. Deal. I'll PM you for details.
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