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  1. Hi there, thank you for replying, yes it is a two group machine with an 11 litre boiler, so not a fully commercial in the way of a 3 group, but small commercial I guess would be a better way to describe it. I certainly will take a look for @DaveC post and recommendations, thank you 👍
  2. Hi all, I have a couple of questions regarding commercial machines and there lack of boiler insulation. Would it be feasible to put insulation on the boiler of a commercial machine in order to try and make it a bit more energy efficient and possibly help them be a bit more cost effective ? Has anybody actually successfully done this for the following reasons at all and if so what insulation did you use or would you recommend using ? Sincere apologies if this has been asked before. Many thanks in advance. Ian
  3. It’s okay, I just found it 👍
  4. Thanks Jony, where do I find report your post please ?
  5. Can you please mark this as “Now Sold” Many thanks. Ian
  6. I would happily accept your offer of £800 Thank you, please feel free to DM me to make collection arrangements. Kind regards Ian
  7. Hi all, I am selling my Rocket Appartamento due to upgrading. The machine is in extremely good condition as it was only purchased in February this year from Bella Barista so it’s still warranted until 26/02/2022 which can be seen on the warranty card in the images. I have only used filtered water in the machine but have ran a descaling cycle every 45 days or so and have backflushed after every brewing session, although once a week with Cafiza tablets. the machine comes in it’s original box with single and double portafilters, rocket tamper, blind basket for backflushing instruction manual and warranty card. Sadly there are a couple of minor scuffs on the top cup warming plate, this was done before finding these forums and finding out about using the black perforated backing trays to protect the metal surface, Hence they have been used ever since and will also come with the machine. Also one of the black stickers has come off on the steam knob. Collection from Derby £825 Ono Thanks for looking.
  8. Fabulous 👍 I’m considering having some flying lessons at some point, and if it’s good for de-stressing then it’s a win win.
  9. Hi all, I am looking to get a valuation for my Rocket Appartamento, it is in extremely good condition. It was purchased from Bella Barista in January this year and still has another 16 months warranty left. I have included a photo in the hope that it may assist in the valuation. The valuation is just for the Rocket Appartamento and nothing else in the image. Many thanks in advance. Ian
  10. Thank you Jony, the kingfisher was taken last autumn (I think 🤔) definitely within the last year. The one of Derwent Dam was taken on my phone and the one of brean sands was taken a couple of years ago on my old Olympus OMD-EM5 😀
  11. I sometimes do a bit of photography from time to time, be it landscapes, seascapes or wildlife 😊
  12. Hi Andy, That’s perfect, thanks very much for the information. it sure will make life easier being able to run the machine from a 13 amp plug or else I would of needed to upgrade my fuse box.
  13. Hi David, Thank you for the information, that makes perfect sense to have it on it’s own circuit or at the very least spurred, I think my neighbour is an electrical engineer so I’ll have a chat with him to see which would be the best way to go. Would it be at all possible to PM me some images of the machine and also the dimensions just so I can be sure it will fit where I have planned. (Thank you) 😊 With regards to price, is that at all flexible slightly ? (I know it is already a very good price, but my budget is between £800-900 with £900 being my ultimate maximum). Alternatively would you possibly consider swapping for a 6 month old rocket apartamento plus cash ? Many thanks for your help. Ian
  14. Hi David, Thank you for your speedy reply, much appreciated indeed. The machine definitely sounds ideal, especially with it being compact etc etc. Price would obviously be a factor and also does it run from a 13 amp plug or would it require hard wiring on a 30 amp fused system ? Many thanks again. Ian
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