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  1. Admin please move to sold.
  2. Hes put in the listing he may consider splitting if lack of interest, so why not ask!?
  3. Payment recieved will post to you monday, thanks.
  4. @jymbob I've sent you 2 PM not sure you have got them?
  5. No problem let's more to PM and arrange.
  6. £20 is a bit to low, it will cost £5 to post and it is brand new, cost me £39.99.
  7. I have the Q2 which i got of @Jony and ive found it very good for the money, i can confirm it isnt a duff one and find the quality very good. But then ive not had any of the other grinders talked about so cant compare.
  8. Dalerst

    Cheap Scales

    May be worth a quick message to see when he has stock arriving.
  9. Just had my first chocolate point, very nice loads of fudge notes coming through. Cant wait to try the Honduras. Thanks for the discount @BlackCatCoffee
  10. Will take £25 Inc postage
  11. I had the same problem with my touch, taking the temp from the cup, having invested in a decent thermapen and taken the temp from the portafilter it is actually delivering the shot at 87c and 89c on the second shot. Measuring the same shot in the cup and the reading is 71c and 74c. These machines do need you to get the extraction right to deliver the correct temperature, as they use a thermojet system and not a boiler. If the shot doesn't do a pre infusion of at least 7 seconds the thermojet doesn't get up to temp and will produce a colder shot.
  12. I picked us some modern standards from sainsburys, again in desperation whilst waiting for my order from black cat coffee. https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/coffee-44/modern-standard-momentum-blend-whole-coffee-beans-227g In all honesty they weren't to bad, managed to find some that was roasted 2 weeks ago. Got a decent extraction from the 19g in 38g out in 28 seconds.
  13. Brand new Rhinowares tall hand grinder, taken out the box to to photograph only. I have a 1zpresso so never used the Rhino. Looking for £30 posted.
  14. Dalerst

    Cheap Scales

    @BlackCatCoffee sells a nice set for £17, i have them and for the money you cannt go wrong. https://www.blackcatcoffee.co.uk/collections/eqipment/products/copy-of-hario-temperature-conrol-buono-electric-kettle-1
  15. Most retailers will only deal with faulty items for the first 28 day, after that its a return to base warranty claim. Shops are just box shifters these days with very little customer service.
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