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  1. Minimum is 5mm as well but that works perfectly with my portafilter.
  2. Dalerst


    Welcome to the fun, ive had my machine 6 weeks and already thinking of an upgrade, i defo have the bug. Get my beans from a local roaster to me, couldn't believe the difference from off the shelf beans.
  3. Welcome to the fun, my wife thought i was mad spending a lot on a coffee machine, but now she cant drink instant or even most coffee shop coffee's without complaining how bad they are.
  4. I would also like one if you know where to get them..
  5. love it, I've always been a bit thick lol
  6. I've just been on the website and it works, also had some coffee from them last week.
  7. I Have been looking at the Osmio Zero, I'm struggling to understand how you get the water from that in to the tank of you machine, from what I have seen they are a filter which is designed to filter and pump hot/cold water in small amounts i.e. cup Small water bottle at a time? or Am I missing something. That's what I thought. I will start with the Tesco water and see how I get on.
  8. Just a quick one on the water and descaling of my machines, after reading a lot of info on this, in the forum, I've decided to change over to bottled water (Tesco Askbeck) on my machine, it only 6 weeks old and on first setup my water was reading 3 for hardness. Before I move to the bottled water is it worth me doing a descale or the fact its only 6 weeks in will it be OK? it's a Sage Barista Touch. I've read a lot of stuff saying that a descale can actually start problems off? I will be changing the filter when the new one arrives. Cheers
  9. Thats a bargain for someone local, as above I would of had it for that price.
  10. I'm hoping to go and have a look round, just dependent on work commitments at the time.
  11. Mine seem to be going the other way. The more I try the worse they look lol
  12. Dalerst

    BT Backflush

    That explains it then, I did wonder why the try was full, I just thought I'd not emptied it from the late few coffees. I've been watching old videos.
  13. finally got to give it a try and loving it, getting a very nutty, with hint of caramel and chocolate from it. 18g in with 55g out on a 25 second shot, I'm going to try reducing the 55g out but keep the shot time the same. My only problem is, the wife also loves it so not sure how long its going to last 😫
  14. Dalerst

    BT Backflush

    I've just done a backflush on my touch as it asked on the display, not sure I did it correctly though as I didn't get any water out via the portafilter. I set the machine to go with the cleaning disc and tablet in the double shot portafilter basket, it purged on and off for around 5 minutes then said cleaning finished, when I removed the filter I still had half the tablet left and Like I said got no water from the filter in to the container. from the videos I've watched on the internet they all get a good amount of water out? what could I have done wrong?
  15. Dalerst

    BE Results

    I need to get hold of a bottomless portafilter, just need to find one. keep us posted on your results.
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